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New Year in Sochi in 2020

Every year, New Year's events are held in the city with loud music and bright fireworks. In addition, tourists can visit the mysterious places of the city and stay in comfortable hotels. Learn how to celebrate New Year in Sochi in 2020. New Year in Sochi in 2020: the program of events for the main holiday The city is preparing for the New Year holidays from mid-December.

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Volkswagen lineup update in 2020

A couple of years ago, Volkswagen, with the thoroughness characteristic of this German brand, assured the global auto community that it had prepared a global development strategy until 2025. In it, in particular, it is envisaged to create three dozen fully electric models, all the others in the proposals will be made with plug-in hybrid modifications, completely disown the scandal with the diesel gate and will invest a lot of money in the development of autopilot technologies, programmable safety, as well as other related electronics.

Horoscope by Pavel Globa for 2020

Among modern people, it is unlikely that there will be those who are not interested in the events of the future. Many are specifically looking for detailed horoscopes compiled by experienced astrologers. With their help, you can very easily and simply look into the coming days, draw up a rough plan of action. Today, Pavel Globa is considered the most famous and true predictor.

Parent's Day (Radonitsa) in 2020

Parent days (Radonitsy) or the days of remembrance of all the dead are the most important days for Christians, especially for deeply religious people. At this time, the holy church calls upon the Orthodox to recall their relatives and friends who have gone into the world of another. There are several such days in one year. Some of the holidays are not rolling, that is, their dates do not change.

Reduction of civil servants in 2020

Growing robotics and competent optimization of production are increasingly depriving people of their jobs. Usually this applies to persons of specialties working with hands. Recently, optimization began to concern the management team of various companies, including state ones. This leads to a decrease in the number of jobs.

Deferral of online cash registers until 2020

The introduction of online cash registers was designed to reduce the severity of the shadow sector, putting some entrepreneurs in the category of law-abiding taxpayers. Some traders of various sizes managed to safely acquire new equipment and even receive the due tax compensation for it. They did not know that a probable delay in online cash registers for entrepreneurs was planned until 2020.

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Gold Price Forecast by 2020

Gold is a precious metal that has always been considered one of the most profitable and reliable investment instruments. The price of gold never stands still, it is constantly changing and depends on the global geopolitical situation, the volume of supplies in the precious metals market and changes in the currency market.

Ford Explorer update 2020

Soon, the Ford workers will start accepting orders for the new Explorer, announced as the 2020 model. He was awaited for the sixth generation, not much - no less, almost ten years. The changes made cannot be called evolutionary or expected and predictable - absolutely everything has changed in the car. So, you have to get to know her in a new way.

Minimum age for alcohol sales will increase in 2020

The culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages as appetizers, the traditional way to celebrate a holiday, an outstanding event, and just enjoy the excellent quality and pleasant taste in most countries of the world is taken for granted. Naturally, in our country, this culture is very developed.

Metro map of St. Petersburg in 2020: new stations

In the northern capital, the metro is the most popular urban transport, as it allows you to get to most points of the city with minimal time consumption. The metropolis continues its development, and with it the subway. According to the state planning program from 2011 to 2020, 13 new stations and 2 depots are expected to appear on the metro map of St. Petersburg.

Snacks for the New Year 2020

It is impossible to imagine a festive feast without snacks. With their help, you can dull the feeling of hunger, and if you approach their design with imagination, they will become an excellent decoration of the table. Vegetable, meat, with seafood - a variety of snacks for the New Year 2020 is simply amazing. You will surely find one that will appeal to you, household members and guests.

Cottages for the New Year 2020 in the Leningrad Region

To spend the New Year 2020 in a cottage in a recreation center in the Leningrad Region is a great alternative to other ways of celebrating this wonderful holiday! A real Russian winter awaits its guests, a wide selection of entertainments, a new, cozy atmosphere and only its circle of friends and relatives. Such a vacation will be an excellent choice for families with children, as clean air and winter games will contribute to better health and an interesting time.

Horoscope for Taurus men and women for 2020

Astrology is a very useful thing. No one will deny this. After all, who else will be able to describe in such detailed and practical terms to us what awaits us in the near future, and who else in this world should be trusted if not to eternal stars? Of course, skeptics and snobs will now notice that the stars are not eternal at all, and the future is just a random sample of probabilities.

How to Meet 2020 the Metal Rat

In preparation for the New Year's Eve, many people prefer to carefully consider the holiday menu, or be puzzled by design issues. This is a wonderful desire, but it will not be superfluous to know in advance what character the patron of the coming year has. Since in 2020 the White Metal Rat will lead everything, it is necessary to get acquainted with its personal characteristics.

Horoscope for 2020 for the Goat: women and men

Well, to whom the stars promise peace and quiet in 2020, it’s Kozam! A period of emotional balance and creation awaits them, filled with harmonious communication with relatives. Friends and household will show incredible sincerity, because they are very impressed with the positive and the ability to be irreplaceable. Open and purposeful - Goat, as the heroine of this eastern horoscope for 2020, is never alone for a long time.

Fashion pants 2019-2020

Pants have long ceased to be an attribute of a business female image, turning into a must-have item for every day. Modern fashionistas try to purchase several models at once in order to make up a harmonious comfortable ensemble for all occasions. Fashionable women's trousers 2019-2020 allow you to create at least three diverse images - classic, casual and glamor.

Movie Wii 3: Travel to India (2020)

This mystical fantasy will spawn the Sino-Russian-Hindu community. Moreover, the film promises to be, if not too exciting in its plot, then at least to surprise the selection of actors (more on this sensation in more detail later!), As well as the expected good 3D effects. The tape is destined to continue the cross-national franchise "Wii", which began with the continuation of the classic picture of 1967 with Natalia Varley and Leonid Kuravlev.

Unemployment in 2020 in Russia

Regions of the North Caucasus - unemployment in 2020 in Russia will grow there. Experts are sure that the situation with a lack of work is not new - this is a historically established tradition associated not only with inaccessibility, remoteness or isolation, but also with the lack of human capital, so attractive to potential investors.