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Library work plan for 2019-2020

The work of each educational institution can be clearly planned. The structure is necessary for a correct understanding of future events and the possibility of timely and high-quality preparation for them. Library activity is no exception. A library work plan for 2020 is being compiled directly by the librarian.

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What to wear in the winter of 2019-2020

Updating the wardrobe in anticipation of the onset of the new season is considered a good form. And since the fashion show marathon has been successfully completed, it's time to talk about what to wear in the fall and winter of 2019-2020, which will be fashionable and stylish according to fashion lawmakers, what things should be spent on and how to create bright modules for a variety of bows from the available hand clothes.

Minions 2 - 2020 cartoon

For the first time, the viewer met mysterious yellow creatures back in 2010, when they showed the premiere of a cartoon called Despicable Me on the big screen. The film was so fond of it that the second part followed, and in 2015 a new cartoon called “Minions” was released. The cartoon was a great success, which could not stop the scriptwriters, so Minions 2 is the cartoon of 2020, which is expected not only by children, but also by adults.

Winter holidays 2019-2020 academic year

Rest from school for students of all countries is a welcome time. Even school-loving children rejoice at the opportunity to relax, play and not do their homework for some time. At the same time, during the school year, the duration of the holidays is not so long, although thanks to the presidential decrees for the New Year you can relax normally.

How to decorate an office for the New Year 2020

New Year is a unique holiday of its kind, because it is celebrated absolutely everywhere: at home, at school, at the institute and at the workplace. The spirit of the festive celebration should be felt everywhere, only in this case we can safely count on the appearance of real miracles and the fulfillment of all innermost desires.

Manchester United uniform for 2019-2020 season

Officially, the Manchester United uniform for the 2019/2020 season will be presented in May 2019. However, the network has so far several photos of the prototype home and spare T-shirts of the team, based on which you can make an idea about the future appearance of the Red Devils uniforms. Home equipment In early April, there was a leak of information and a photo of the new Manchester United 2019/2020 form from Adidas appeared on the Internet.

Fashionable coats fall-winter 2019-2020

A stylish coat is one of the most sought-after wardrobe elements of a modern woman and we offer to find out what fashion models famous designers offer for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season. Autumn weather in most regions of Russia is very changeable, therefore, every fashionable woman in her wardrobe can have several coat models at once, which can be changed, creating spectacular images.

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Euro 2020 qualification draw

The upcoming continental championship will already be special in two facts. Euro 2020 will be a celebration of the unity of the entire European football family. In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the first European Championships, the UEFA Executive Committee decided to hold the tournament not in a single country, two states, but in different cities of the Old World.

Wanga Predictions for 2020

For several decades, the name of the Bulgarian seer has not been misled by people from different countries. The prophecies of a blinded woman led someone into a stupor, someone showed a new life path, and someone remained incomprehensible. The seers have long been gone with us, but Vanga’s predictions for 2020 for Russia and the world are still relevant.

The first working day in January 2020: when to go to work

In recent years, Russians who are engaged in professional activities in state institutions, in January were lucky enough to rest for 8 or even 10 days, but there are rumors that there will be no more such happiness. How long will the holidays last in 2020, and what will be the first working day? Plan for 2020. Next year, vacations will begin on Wednesday, January 1.

Seeing off winter in 2020

Snow lies even in most of the country, huge snowdrifts lined up along the roads, prevent people from entering the forest, but something elusive in the air gives a feeling of spring. Indeed, the day is getting longer, the sun is shining brighter. Maslenitsa is celebrated these days - one of the brightest, most fun folk holidays, which is based on farewell to winter, the expectation of warmth and the flourishing of nature.

Ruble exchange rate forecast for 2020

Experts disagreed about what the forecast for the ruble exchange rate for 2020 will be like - some predict a fall in Russian money, others, on the contrary, believe that the “wooden” will be able to strengthen, and the dollar will face devaluation. Latest news about currency quotes and the value of the dual-currency basket The Russian ruble continues to fluctuate.

Mandatory subjects of the exam in 2020

Unified state certification of schoolchildren annually causes a lot of controversy. It is already obvious to everyone that exams of this format force children to learn at least somehow, and the all-Russian type of knowledge test reduces the level of school corruption, but they are still not satisfied. At the same time, there have been many reasons for discontent lately.

Cartoon Croods Family 2 (2020)

A funny interpretation of the DreamWorks Animation of the prehistoric pictures of the life of our ancestors managed to charm both children and adults, settling in their hearts for a long time and demanding regular continuation in the audience’s meetings with their heroes. The first picture saw its premiere back in 2013. And even then it was announced that they would definitely remove the sequel, tentatively, by 2018.

DIY Christmas crafts for 2020

An important part of preparing for the New Year holidays in 2020 is the manufacture of various crafts and souvenirs with children, both depicting an animal - a symbol of the Rat year, and related to other characters and images. Such crafts not only decorate the Christmas tree and the room, but also help to tune in a solemn manner, and for children additionally serve as a means of aesthetic education.

Student Day 2020

Every year on student day, thousands of university students celebrate a "professional" holiday. Funny faces, parties filled with noise, din, laughter, expanse and freedom - all this has been accompanying this holiday for over a decade. In Russia, it goes back to the 18th century, associated with the glorious traditions of Moscow State University.

The draw for the Euro 2020 football

2020 European Football Championship is a unique tournament. The selection for Euro 2020 will take place de facto during two tournaments: the classic qualifying round, which will begin in 2019, and the playoff rounds of the divisions of the League of Nations, which ended at the end of November this year. In addition, the UEFA Executive Committee has made some changes to the regulations of the tournament itself, which will be held in 12 cities across Europe instead of one or two countries.

Old New Year 2020

It is difficult to find a person who would not know when the Old New Year will be in 2020. This holiday is so popular in Russia that it knows about it both small and old. The tradition of celebrating the New Year twice appeared a century ago, but today it has not lost its relevance. When is Traditionally the Old New Year people will celebrate exactly 2 weeks after the New Year's Eve.

Import Substitution Program in Russia until 2020

The production of high value-added products, technological and competitive products is the key to a successful future state, and the import substitution program in Russia until 2020 is one of the important measures to diversify the country's economy and the right step on the way to Industry 4.0, which will help our country get rid of oil and gas addiction.