Penalty for driving without insurance in 2020

Today, motorists who have an expired OSAGO insurance policy or do not have it at all are punished with a fine of 500 and 800 rubles. respectively. Plus, there is the possibility of paying only 50% of the amount if you pay the amount within 20 days after drawing up the offense report. According to official sources, no major changes to existing legislation are expected next year. However, many are interested in the question: how much will you have to pay for driving without insurance in 2020 if there are rumors about an increase in fines to 5,000 rubles?

New bill

The State Duma is actually considering a bill under which the penalty for driving without an insurance policy will be much more serious. So it is planned to increase the fine to 5,000 rubles, and if the motorist commits a second violation, then he can be deprived of his driver’s license for up to 6 months. However, this law has been considered for a long time and in the light of recent innovations it no longer seems promising.

Video Recording Cameras

Soon, on the roads of the country, they can begin to mass-install video recording cameras. This will happen after upgrading and updating the software of existing cameras, as well as their subsequent adaptation, which will allow to record violators who do not have a motor citizen. Theoretically, such measures look much more effective than raising penalties, because drivers will receive a fine for driving without insurance in 2020 literally every time they get into the camera’s lens.

Driving a car without insurance

The vehicle can be driven without CTP, but only in the following cases:

  • travel speed less than 20 km / h;
  • the car owner has a "green card", the car is bought and registered abroad;
  • trailer;
  • military equipment.

In any case, the decision can be appealed by going to court. The cost of compulsory motor third-party liability insurance is constantly increasing, and this despite numerous complaints by motorists about insurance companies (reluctance to insure old cars, lack of blanks, problems with receiving monetary compensation, and much more), and therefore many prefer to pay 500-800 rubles than to contact insurers. But as practice shows, it is more profitable to purchase an insurance policy, and in order to receive it, you will need to go through the technical inspection of the vehicle.

Insurance fines

The CTP system has been operating in the Russian Federation for over 16 years. The principle is that the culprit of an accident, in the presence of an insurance policy, can compensate the injured party at the expense of the insurance company. Today, the limit of payments exceeds 400 000 rubles. If the driver does not have a car citizen, the traffic police inspector can write him a fine an unlimited number of times.

When driving a vehicle by a person to whom the vehicle does not belong, the latter must also be included in the policy. The penalty for driving without compulsory motor third-party liability insurance in 2020 is not the only form of punishment related to car insurance. Various measures are provided for other violations:

  • the policy is overdue (even for a day);
  • document issued for another car;
  • fake
  • the driver is not entered.

In real situations, much depends on the loyal attitude of the traffic police inspector. Often there are cases when violators get off with a warning, for example, they forgot a policy at home. The reason is common and if desired, traffic police officers do not need to check the car at the base and find out if the driver has insurance or not.

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