The Last Knight: The Root of Evil - 2020 movie

The promising end of the first film left no doubt that the audience will continue the adventures of the last hero, in which the heroes will have to find the root of evil. The picture will appear on the screens in 2020. With an impressive budget of 650 million rubles, the authors have the opportunity to show imagination and pamper fans with spectacular scenes and vivid characters.

World premiere: 2020 year

Premiere in Russia: December 24, 2020

Country of Origin: Russia

Genre: Adventure

Directors: Dmitry Dyachenko

Cast: Victor Khorinyak, Mila Sivatskaya, Ekaterina Vilkova, Elena Yakovleva, Konstantin Lavronenko, Evgeny Dyatlov, Timofey Tribuntsev

New roles for favorite actors

The project attracted attention not only with a fascinating plot, but also with unusual images of long-known actors. In the continuation, which is called "The Last Athlete. The Root of Evil", the main role will be played by Viktor Khorinyak, who starred in the famous TV shows:

  • "Kitchen";
  • "Hotel Eleon";
  • "Grand" and many other paintings.

An ordinary guy who finds himself in a fairy-tale world, tries to resist reality and demands to send him back. In modern reality, he is a petty swindler and completely unprepared for heroic deeds.

In the role of Vasilisa the Wise - Mila Sivatskaya. It is her character who instructs the magician Svetozar, under whose name Ivan Naydenov stands in the ordinary world, on the true path.

It’s not without difficulty that the heroes will be able to find a common language and speak out against the evil sorceress Barbara (Ekaterina Vilkova).

Computer graphics helped create an amazing creature - Vodyany, in which it is very difficult to recognize Sergey Burunov. He takes the side of a descendant of Ilya Muromets and is ready to sacrifice his life for new friends.

A good fellow does not realize that he will have to save the Earth and change its past and future. The 2020 film will tell about further adventures in which Ivan, wise by experience, will fight with evil forces. They are very close, so there is no danger.

Interesting information! The authors thoroughly approached the study of the details of the epic history, organizing several expeditions to the Urals and the Krasnodar Territory. Filming will be carried out in special pavilions with amazing scenery. According to the schedule, the process is in full swing since July 2019.

Interesting Facts:

  • "The Last Bogatyr" was an incredible success at the box office, every third Russian saw the picture;
  • the film raised 2 billion rubles;
  • in the sequel there will be a mass of new characters and an alternative version of the famous fairy tale "Kolobok" will appear, with the protagonist being on the side of dark forces;
  • the world of the White Mountains will sparkle with new colors and special details; it took five hours to make up Baba Yaga;
  • the young performer of the role of Vasilisa the Wise, Mila Sivatskaya at the time of filming was 18 years old;
  • to create a swamp, decorators spent two hundred tons of water.

Interest is growing, but responsibility is also

The trailer for the picture "The Last Athlete 2", which will be released in 2020, has already appeared. In the cinematic news, you can notice individual shots in which actors in makeup and without tell about a new experience. Tales that are familiar from childhood have to be implemented with special diligence, but the work is a real pleasure.

The authors of the fairy tale have a difficult task. After reviewing the events of the first part and falling in love with the heroes, the viewer will not accept trash. Often, sequels are evaluated more strictly and compared with impressive paintings very meticulously. It is necessary to surpass the original, to surprise fans who are looking forward to 2020 and are looking forward to another immersion in a fantasy world.

We all come from childhood

"The last hero 2" will surely appeal to the audience, because there are a lot of points for this. Actors act in film with pleasure, charging the atmosphere with positive energy. Russian fantasy has a right to exist, especially since its heroes do not need to be invented, creating a new world. They live in fairy tales and traditions, come to visit as a child in order to influence their future life and prove that good always conquers evil.

Ivan will have a hard time, but he has worthy helpers who are ready to fight the dark forces and take responsibility for the existence of the world. How many of us will be able to fulfill a similar mission if it is in a different reality? This is worth considering.

In anticipation of the official trailer, which should be released before the beginning of 2020, we offer to see how the shooting of the film “The Last Knight: The Root of Evil” began:

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