Poems Happy New Year 2020

We need creative ideas on how to congratulate friends, family and friends on the New Year of 2020 - we offer to pick up short New Year poems for SMS and beautiful congratulatory poems with warm wishes, as well as download digital postcards that will be relevant in the year of the Rat.

In this collection you will find: short quatrains for congratulations via SMS, beautiful rhymed wishes for family, friends, loved ones, as well as beautiful New Year poems that will decorate corporate parties or home celebrations.

Short Christmas poems

New Year's quatrains are a great idea for congratulating friends, acquaintances and colleagues on the New Year 2020. Such a poem can be sent to SMS, as well as sent via popular instant messengers or by e-mail, supplemented with a mini-card or an image of a cute rat (mouse) - a symbol of the year to come.

We offer you exclusive poems about winter and New Year, written specifically for winter 2020.

In the New Year, everywhere, everywhere it blows miracles,

In the New Year, anyone will believe only in good.

All that you dream about today, wish for yourself -

Even the most cherished must be fulfilled!

A blizzard blows outside the window, quietly bringing the house.

The tree is standing by the window, the house is quiet, a wonderful view!

New Year is at the doorstep, I wish everyone a little:

So that happiness blossoms, so that trouble will not know the way for you!

Outside the window, winter is coming, with it is the New Year,

He carries a big box to all of us with gifts.

In it - love, fun, laughter, happiness, joy and summer

Lovely, large and wonderful bouquets!

There is a holiday-fairy tale - New Year,

What will he bring to us, two thousand and twenty?

Knowing the future is not given to all people,

But let it be happy for you!

New Year's Eve - Blizzard Wonderful Daughter

Exactly fulfill our cherished desires.

I wish with all my heart, quietly and very, very:

May your desires come true!

Let a snowstorm sweep outside the window - this is not a problem at all!

We are sitting, celebrating the New Year, my friends, cheers!

We sit and believe in a miracle, waiting for him now,

I sincerely wish from the heart that everything will be fulfilled with us!

Wishes in Quatrains

A beautiful addition to congratulations in prose can also be short rhymed wishes of happiness, love, success and fulfillment of desires.

A fabulous holiday - two friendly twenty

What New Year to you, my friends, wish?

Life will be very kind and sweet

And all that you can dream of will come true!

Happiness, joy, love, success, miracle -

I won’t wish anything more in the New Year!

Two twenty will bring

Happiness to the soul, but comfort to the house!

Two twenty is a significant date,

Well, let the years fly somewhere,

Well, let! I wish you a miracle

Happiness, joy, love and forget-me-nots!

Congratulations on New Year's magic,

Congratulations on this snow tale!

Let only happiness fill the house

May the snowdrop always bloom in your soul!

New Year is a magical holiday

Twenty to twenty is a round number!

I wish that everything is fulfilled,

So that everything was fun and good!

New Year's Eve fills the world with magic,

Happiness and miracles will come to our home.

I wish it all worked out

Any desire suddenly took - and come true!

Beautiful greetings in verses

Do you think that short verses “Happy New Year 2020” are too easy for congratulations - catch beautiful New Year’s poems, which you can use as decorating exclusive postcards in the Year of the Rat, or simply congratulating your colleagues or friends on the upcoming (or already coming) New Year.

Happy New Year,

I hug you tight

I sincerely wish you:

Be happy dear!

Happy New Year, I heartily congratulate you

Well then, let time be fleeting

I wish you only happiness now -

So that the merry twinkle in the eyes does not go out!

Honey, I wish you a Happy New Year,

I will not pronounce big words.

I will only say: I am happy to be with you

We decided to spend last year today!

New Year, is it really a wonderful holiday?

We meet him with a Christmas tree, with splendor, with a song.

We meet him, quietly believing in a miracle,

And again, alas, I will not be original.

I wish with all my heart this night

To be loved very, very,

To fill my heart with happiness

So that dreams are taken - and fulfilled!

Twenty, twenty - what a miracle? It's the new Year.

We open the heart of the fairy tale, wait, opening our mouth:

Chimes, congratulations, bright gifts,

Maybe even Santa Claus will come to us for a holiday?

Well, let's not wait for him - I will congratulate you!

I wish from the heart, without any embellishment:

Happiness, joy, health, only bright days,

So that everything in life turns out better and kinder!

Quietly, a path spreads out the window,

The wind is blowing, the stars are shining, the snow is falling a little.

A year goes by, and after him minutes run into the distance,

Soon the chimes will suddenly hit - and a miracle will come to us!

I sincerely wish you guys now

All that I once wished for myself:

Happiness, joy, good luck, peace and goodness,

So that troubles do not go into your house ever!

I wish you love, laughter and fun

Well, so that your dreams come true soon.

I wish you all replenishment:

Baby, maybe salary increase!

Happy New Year, I want to say to you now:

I sincerely wish you all never to lose heart!

May dreams come true, may eyes burn

Let everything be awesome, what else to say?

I wish that the salary increased at times,

To make everything beautiful, without rain-thunder,

So that you radiate happiness and do not know troubles,

So that all sorrows are forgotten: there were - and suddenly not!

And I wish that love bloomed

So that you discover happiness again, and again, and again,

So that desires are not partially fulfilled - that's all!

And so that no more problems come from nowhere!

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