Happy New Year 2020

We look forward to the New Year holidays - we offer you to choose in advance your friends, family and colleagues beautiful wishes for the New Year 2020 by downloading postcards, pictures, as well as kind words in poetry and prose.

We have collected for you the best ideas for beautiful New Year's greetings for parents, soulmates, boyfriend or girlfriend, brother or sister, as well as friends and colleagues.

Please note that you can easily save all cards with wishes placed on the page on your PC, tablet or smartphone, and then add them to the congratulatory message. The average volume of images is 60-80 KB, which allows you to send them via e-mail or any popular messenger.

Wishes in verses

Are you planning to congratulate your friend on New Year's Eve by SMS or via Skype, Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp - choose a short wish in verse that can be supplemented with an original mini-card or a picture of New Year's theme.

So, meet - a selection of the best postcards and congratulations "Happy New Year 2020!"


The first thing to choose for the upcoming holidays is universal wishes that can be used to congratulate friends or colleagues on the New Year 2020. Beautiful, full of New Year's atmosphere and magic, but at the same time not focusing on any personal relationships, universal greetings will be relevant in many cases both as an addition to a stylish postcard and as an extraordinary toast.

New Year's chores bring us grace.

Happy New Year, here is what I want to say:

May the wishes come true, let the sorrows go away!

Let everything be only beautiful in the New, joyful year!

Happy New Year! I congratulate you tonight!

I sincerely wish you, without empty embellishment:

Let everything be gentle, evil will completely go away!

And in the snowy winter let the soul bloom!

Christmas is a magical holiday, as is the New Year.

This night transforms all honest people:

All miracles are waiting, let it happen that you wanted!

May wishes come true in the middle of winter!

To relatives

Regardless of how you plan to celebrate the New Year 2020, you need to prepare beautiful wishes for the holiday for your family and friends.

If on December 31 you want to spend with your family, such rhymed lines will be a beautiful congratulation for everyone present. If on New Year's Eve you will be having fun with friends, it will be pleasant for your relatives to receive from you such an interesting congratulation by e-mail or in the messenger, supplemented by a touching postcard.

Happy New Year, mom, (grandmother, sister), congratulations

And at the same time - with the magic of Christmas!

I wish for this night,

That you were always happy!

New Year flickers and fireworks outside the window,

May the wishes come true, we all dream about one thing!

May sorrows and troubles go away, may spring bloom in your soul!

Let everything be as you want, today and always!

We celebrate the New Year with family, relatives -

Magical this holiday will come in the middle of winter.

Fulfill wishes and dreams come true

To enter the New Year with an open soul, we!


If you want to surprise a girl or wife with a beautiful congratulation, learn for your beloved a meek wish in verse.

A year ago, under the chiming clock, I quietly wished

Nearby hear a gentle voice, but I did not even know.

Santa Claus heard me and fulfilled a dream at once,

Shovel the fate of the track by secretly introducing us.

And today I wish, raising my glass

Let love bloom over the years, and our glow does not go out.

Let your eyes sparkle and your loud laugh sounds

After all, while together with you, I am already happier than everyone!

Quietly, Happy New Year,

This is what I will tell you, my love.

I sincerely wish you that

Fulfilled this year your dream!

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas!

Let cozy magic come into the house every day!

May everything be wonderful, may dreams come true!

Let the song sound and flow, may you be happy!

To friends

Of course, in the New Year it is important not to forget about friends and choose for each beautiful New Year's wishes for 2020. No matter how far life has scattered you. New Year's Eve is exactly the moment when you should remember everyone who is dear to you, because writing a short SMS is so easy, and receiving such a small symbolic gift from those who are far away is incredibly pleasant for everyone.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

May your dreams come true

Let love warm the house!

Two twenty - a bright holiday!

We are waiting for miracles, love, increases -

May the wishes come true

All expectations will come true!

Happy New Year, congratulations from the heart!

Let everything be as you want, as you wish!

Let the salary increase and success come,

And be rich with friends, and live the most beautiful of all!

About Rat

For connoisseurs of creativity who do not like the traditional options in prose and poetry - funny comic wishes that will allow you to congratulate your friends in 2020 The year of the Rat is really bright and unusual.

Hello, Krysk, you have come!

Know that you are sweet to us all!

If anyone is afraid of Rats

A compromise will be sought.

Let's make the cat learn

And make friends with you!

We will put cheese on the table

And a little sugar.

Please rate the skill

Give us all the luck

May the 20th year be good

How do people think.

The pig, grunting, ran away

The Queen became the Queen.

From now on, we all groom

To please, to love, to praise!

Let us give us a Rat

New year baby

Happiness, joy, success,

Less grief - more laughter

Labor peaks, accomplishments,

And in salary promotions.

Happy New Year, friends!

Congratulations to all of you!

Pour, mark

Meet rats at your home for a year!

A cute metal rat ran up, gathered all the sorrows, and joys - scattered across the floor. Now your home is full of pleasant surprises! Therefore, let every day bring something new, certainly bright, interesting and kind! After all, a rat - it is like that, it takes away all the bad, and the good saves and multiplies!

So the New Year, 2020, has come! The year when the nimble white rat ran, flashed - and took all the bad things with her. These upcoming 366 days should be joyful, vibrant, emotionally saturated! I wish everyone here to get what they want: love, success, a monetary increase, a family, a new, comfortable home. Let the most cherished dreams come true, you only whisper them, and the rat hears - and will certainly realize!

About Santa Claus

Congratulating friends on the long-awaited winter holidays, we can mention the character you loved from childhood, because it is Santa Claus in the soul of every adult that wakes up a childlike naive and magical New Year's fairy tale.

A fabulous night walks outside the window

Santa Claus today - everyone knows!

I congratulate him and I will say this:

Be loved, dear friends!

Santa Claus hurries with gifts

Ahead of the 20th year!

He will be happy - we know

All the people are having fun!

Let it be in the magic bag

He will find for you

Happiness, peace, more light,

To live passionately, loving.

Every day let it be bright

Nearby are loyal friends.

Let gifts more than once a year

Presented to you by fate!

Wishes in Prose

Do not know what to sign on a New Year's card, or you need an interesting toast - catch the classic and alternative New Year's wishes in prose, written specially for 2020.

New Year is a time of miracles. The night is bright as day. Dreams come to life, and the real Santa Claus knocks on the door. Adults forget about everyday problems, becoming at least a few hours carefree children. I wish that you always feel happy, that you believe in magic, and that gifts of fate are strewed every day, and not just this wonderful, unique night! Happy New Year, sparkling multi-colored lights!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! An amazing holiday that fills hearts with joy, makes the soul sing, and eyes shine with happiness. Let him bring only the best: so many miracles, how many snowflakes outside the window, so many amazing moments, how many lights in the fireworks!

New Year's miracles crowd outside the doors, New Year's decorations fill the heart with the expectation of a fairy tale, New Year's treats open up new facets of real pleasure. Let the table break with abundance, let the heart sing from overwhelming vivid emotions, let every day bring amazing discoveries and incredible events! The best holiday comes with a chiming clock, and let the positive remain from it for the whole year!

Two twenty is a cool holiday! Round on all sides, no matter where you look! And the circle, as you know, is a symbol of completeness, ideality, and beauty. So let the coming year be like this: let all the sorrows, sorrows and troubles on him end. Let every day become perfect, opens up new facets of this amazing world. And let the surrounding reality pleases with beauty, harmony, good. After all, 2020 is a round, beautiful year!

Happy New Year! Congratulations on a wonderful Christmas, which is still on the way! Let each of us warm love even in the most fierce cold, even on the darkest day a cheerful laugh sounds, and may no sadness-misfortune spoil our mood! Hooray, my dear, Happy New Year to you all, 2020!

New Year is a wonderful holiday filled with the rustling of tinsel, the sparkle of multi-colored lights, jokes of magical heroes, cheerful music and a tangerine aroma. So let the atmosphere of this wonderful night remain until next year! May happiness not leave this house, but, on the contrary, bring success, health, love and prosperity with it!

Congratulating Happy New Year, I sincerely wish everyone who decided to spend this magical night with me: happiness - such that it covers the whole world. Love - such that it overflows the heart and makes the soul sing tender songs. Health - such that any Siberian would be envious! Success - such that it will shock even you! And finally, clear skies, funny bird trills and melodic children's laughter!

May the coming year 2020 bring new discoveries. Let life be filled with a new, real meaning. Let not only the most cherished, but also the most necessary desires come true - those that are not told to anyone. Let the whole year be just as fun, sincere and warm, even despite the blizzard outside the window!

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