Will winter be cold in 2019-2020

The long-term weather forecast of weather forecasters suggests that the winter of 2019-2020 will not be abnormally cold. Despite the cataclysms of summer, with its showers, fires and a tornado, the critical temperatures of -60 ... -50 degrees, which meteorologists spoke about a year ago, are not expected. We are waiting for moderate temperatures and a frequent change of weather, as well as short-term periods with record-high thermometer bars. This is confirmed not only by analytical data, but also by omens.

General forecast

Meteorologists build their forecast based on data from satellites, as well as analytical indicators for previous periods. That is why long-term predictions from the Hydrometeorological Center rarely come true, since it is impossible to determine the arrival of a cyclone up to a day.

Winter 2019-2020 will not be colder than the previous season. The temperature regime will remain within the normal range for all regions of the country, which means that precipitation is expected by average indicators. The northern regions will be truly frosty. In some of them, the first snow will fall in September. In the central part of the country, January will be the coldest winter 2019-2020, and the southern regions will never wait for frost and snow. Winter in the south will resemble dank autumn. And only in the Rostov region the thermometer on the coldest days drops to -7 ... -8 degrees. Comparing the upcoming season with the past, weather forecasters predict less rainfall throughout the country. Snow cover will return to normal only in Siberia, while in the rest of Russia, the usual snow for all will alternate with rains.

Monthly forecast

Colds will come to the center of Russia at the end of November. It is in the last autumn month that the rains give way to snow, and the temperature outside the window drops below zero.


December will be warm enough. The first decade will pass with rains, the temperature in most regions will be kept at +5 degrees, and fluffy snow will cover the ground only in the second half of the month. In the mountainous regions of our country, unlike last season, snow will fall in early December, so lovers of skiing can go to Krasnaya Polyana or the Caucasus long before the New Year holidays.

Temperature changes should be expected in the middle of the month only in the northern regions and in the middle zone of Russia. Heavy snowfall and a drop in temperature to -35 degrees are predicted in the Trans-Urals, which is considered the norm for this region. In most areas of the country there will be short-term snowstorms. Cold will come to the capital no earlier than the end of December: before the New Year holidays, the air temperature will drop to -3 ... -2 degrees and it will snow.


The second month of winter 2019-2020 will be the coldest this season. In the first days of the new year frosts will come, which will last for several days and already by the 6th will be replaced by a temperature of -6 ... -4 degrees. Heavy snowfalls are expected at the same time. After January 11, the middle zone of Russia, including the capital, is expected to cool down to -20 ... -17 degrees. Weather conditions will be difficult: strong winds will come along with low temperature. Warming should be expected only by the end of the last decade of the month: the thermometer will rise to -4 degrees in the afternoon and to -8 at night.


The last month is always the most unpredictable. In western Russia it will be abnormally warm, changeable weather will cover the center with snowfalls, alternating hail and gusty winds, and the north of our country will be the coldest. In the capital, it is in February that the most severe snowfalls for the entire winter of 2019-2020 are expected, when the snow cover reaches 80 mm. From the beginning of the month frosty weather will set. Snowstorms and ice are predicted. The thaw in Moscow will begin in the third decade of the month: the thermometer will be set to zero, there will be more sunny days. In the rest of the country, prolonged frosts are expected until April.


Our ancestors also knew how to predict the weather. Knowing folk signs, long before the onset of winter, you can determine what this season will be in 2019-2020.

  • If the summer is damp and cold, be a lingering winter.
  • If weeds reach up, be abundant in snow.
  • Late leaf fall on birch and oak to late snow.
  • Thin peel onion to mild frosts.
  • If the summer is a big crop of mushrooms, be a long winter.
  • Migrating birds fly low in autumn - to frost, high - to heat.
  • If acorns have a thick shell, be severe frosts.
  • The brighter the autumn, the colder the winter.
  • How many foggy days in August, how many snowy days will be in winter.

Global warming on the planet cannot affect climate change in Russia. The older generation still remembers real Russian winters with a lot of snow and lingering frosts, which were established not only in the north, but also in the middle lane. The year 1940 is considered abnormally cold, when the thermometer for a long time dropped to -40 degrees. In addition to the frosts, there was a strong wind, as a result of which many residents of the country received frostbite, and agriculture suffered great damage.

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