Happy New Year 2020

Choosing the right words for official greetings for the New Year 2020 is not always easy. The following suggestions will help to ease the task a bit. They will be appropriate for the New Year greetings to all those who had to intersect in working life in the past year or will have to deal in the future. This is a good opportunity to pleasantly surprise business partners, customers, colleagues and arrange for further mutually beneficial communication.

For partners

The success and profitability of any company depends not only on the skills of the leader, but also on relations with business partners. In modern corporate ethics, it is customary to congratulate partners on important holidays, which include the New Year. New Year's official greetings should be appropriate and correct, without ambiguous jokes and hints that may be misinterpreted. In the framework of business communication, it is worth avoiding too intimate wishes (for example, talking about love victories). It will be appropriate:

  • to wish the so-called universal benefits (health, happiness, prosperity) and related to working moments (prosperity, successful projects, responsible partners, etc.);
  • To note the pleasant moments and details of cooperation;
  • summarize the outgoing cooperation;
  • express hope for further cooperation.

Do not postpone the newsletter until the last business day before the New Year. After all, it is important that partners have time to read the wishes on the eve of the holiday, and not after they go to work after the end of the New Year holidays and congratulations will no longer be especially relevant.

Congratulations to partners on the New Year 2020 may look like this:

  • Dear partners! Our friendly team wishes you a Happy New Year! I want to sincerely thank you for your cooperation and endless trust. We wish you prosperity in your personal life, prosperity in business, successful completion of the started joint projects and conquering new heights in the new year.
  • Happy New Year, dear friends! I would like to contact you that way, because during our cooperation you have become more than partners for us. You have become real friends. We sincerely wish you achieve your goals, hardworking employees, inspiration, joyful moments, good health to you and your families. Let every new step be a step towards success. Let's not stop there, because in the new year we will have even more fruitful ideas, successful projects. Good luck and prosperity!

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To customers

It is important to show attention and respect to customers not only in the process of cooperation, but also through congratulations on holidays, including New Year's. They can be sent on behalf of a specific person (leader, manager, marketer) or company team. Depending on this, follow the corresponding words of the text (“wish” or “wish”, “congratulations” or congratulations “).

It is not necessary to write long texts. Emphasize the importance of the client, express sincere attention and a friendly attitude can be two or three sentences. For example, using these words:

  • Dear our customers! Happy New Year! I would like to sincerely thank you for your trust and wish you all the best and good. Let your dreams come true, life gives pleasant surprises, and the closest people will always be there. Happy New Year holidays and good mood!
  • Dear Clients! We worked for you throughout the past year, we tried to take into account all your wishes and embody the most unusual ideas. We wish you the upcoming year of bright events, wonderful mood, prosperity, kindness and warmth in your families. We sincerely hope to see you among our regular customers in 2020.

So that the appeal is not faceless, you can use the first name or middle name or the first and last name of the addressee (if known). Thus, the impression of a patterned congratulations will not be created, and the company will once again emphasize an individual approach to customers

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To colleagues

In the New Year's greetings to colleagues in 2020, you can wish not only success, love, prosperity. The wishes related to finance, business activity, intuition, creativity, large-scale projects, determination, career growth will not be superfluous. Indeed, it is precisely such characteristics that will be most significant in the year 2020, which, according to the Chinese horoscope, is protected by the White Metal Rat.

Congratulatory text may look like this:

  • Colleagues! Happy New Year to our friendly team! I wish you the fulfillment of your dreams, new creative projects, high salaries, tolerant bosses! I wish our further work to be productive and the company to develop in the right direction, bringing us profit and satisfaction to our customers. Let the people around you give you support and understanding, and life brings only good news and pleasant surprises, no worries and disappointments!
  • My dear colleagues! Let the 2020th year be fruitful in terms of work, let the work process go without pitfalls, bonuses and salaries will be stable! Let love and mutual understanding, comfort and harmony always reign in your families. Be happy and successful!

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