Minimum Unified State Exam 2020 points in all subjects

For students of 11th grades, a new academic year begins, and with it intensive preparation for the Unified State Examination 2020 - we suggest that you begin familiarizing yourself with the tables that contain the minimum and maximum scores for all subjects of the Unified State Exam. Also in this article we will touch on the passing score and tell you what result you need to focus on compulsory and elective disciplines for those who apply for budget places in the highest rating universities of the capital and regional universities of Russia.

Verification and evaluation of the exam in 2020

If serious changes take place in the structure of KIMs for 9th grades this year (read more), then the exam tickets for the 2019-2020 academic year, as well as the methodology for assessing exam papers, will not undergo changes.

Large-scale reform of the graduate knowledge assessment system has been completed. FIPI experts believe that the current KIMs fully comply with the requirements of an objective assessment of the level of theoretical knowledge and the formation of practical skills of 11th graders.

At the end of 2018, in her speech, Olga Vasilyeva focused the attention of journalists on the fact that there would no longer be major changes in the format of the exam and the structure of KIMs.

So, in 2020, the principle of assessment in all subjects will be the same - all primary results accrued to the examiner during the examination of the exam will be summed up and translated into a test score. Wherein:

  1. the test part of the work for automated verification will be digitized (which is why it is very important to correctly fill out form No. 1);
  2. written parts (No. 2 and No. 3) with detailed answers will be checked by independent experts.

To obtain a document on education, a graduate must overcome the threshold in all subjects of the Unified State Examination 2020, which is set by the minimum scores voiced by the FIPI.

To avoid confusion, we immediately stipulate that when evaluating the results of the State Final Attestation for graduates of 11th grades, there are different types of points:

  • maximum and minimum primary different for each of the disciplines of the exam;
  • certification - the concept that exists for compulsory disciplines (the minimum result required to obtain a certificate);
  • test (from 1 to 100) - the result, which is entered in the certificate and is taken into account when entering the university;
  • checkpoint - the threshold at which applicants are guided to assess their chances of becoming a student of a higher educational institution.

So, we offer to deal with each of the presented species in more detail.

Primary point

This is the total result obtained after a full examination of the exam paper.

For the primary result, there are:

  • maximum score - the maximum that the examiner can get after checking all the blocks of work;
  • minimum score - The result, which gives the right to obtain a certificate (but does not guarantee admission to the university).

Invites you to familiarize yourself with the table, which shows the maximum and minimum scores for all subjects of the exam, relevant for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Test points

After calculating the primary result, the experts translate it into a test score. The maximum result for all subjects of the USE 2020 is 100 points.

Full gradation is presented in the tables. Note! Minimum and certification points sufficient in 2020 for a positive result of the SEE are highlighted in color - they differ in compulsory subjects, and they are the same in all disciplines.

Please note that the list does not contain a table for foreign languages, as this is the only subject for which primary and test scores are completely the same.

Passing points

The threshold of a passing mark in any subject may vary depending on which university the graduate plans to submit documents and what form of training he chooses for himself.

Of course, officially there is no such threshold, but universities provide applicants with information about what the USE scores of last year's graduates who entered one or another specialty were.

It is impossible to reliably calculate the passing scores for the exam in 2020 in all subjects even within the framework of a particular university and a particular specialty, since this parameter depends on many factors, such as:

  1. contest;
  2. USE results of applicants who have submitted documents;
  3. number of budget and contract seats.

That is why, passing points can not serve as a clear guide. The graduate's task is to show the highest possible result that exceeds last year’s threshold.

In most regional universities, you can become a student "on contract" (for a fee) by typing at least:

If your goal is a budget in one of the most quoted universities in the capital, then you should focus on the result of 98-100. As practice shows, even a 100-point result may not be enough, since winners of olympiads of all levels enter the struggle for places at such universities, whose diplomas give them additional privileges.

So, the average results of GIA applicants who submitted documents to higher education institutions in Moscow last season were as follows:

Exam result and school assessment

In 2020, the result of GIA-11 are certification points for a 100-point system and officially there is no such thing as a “table of conformity of school grades and the USE certificate”.

Nevertheless, it is not difficult to calculate what grade corresponds to one or another test score of the USE and in 2020 such an unofficial table will not differ from last year's version.

You can find more detailed information about each of the subjects of the USE in 2020, possible changes and assessment of work on the pages of our website.

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