Vasilisa Volodina: horoscope for 2020

Vasilisa Volodina already knows what 2020 will be for each zodiac sign. This year will be bright and eventful, but in general it will be difficult for everyone in the financial sector. The horoscope from this astrologer in many respects comes true, because it is based on clear mathematical calculations.

In general, the forecast for 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina suggests that everyone will have to work hard. To achieve something without effort, not a single sign will succeed. There will be no lull at work or in family relationships. It is necessary to be especially careful in communicating with colleagues and a soul mate, since the role of betrayal and deception is great. Those who just started a family can relax, because according to the horoscope of Volodina, it is 2020 that will be rich in bright events.

Caution and accuracy should be in matters of health. Year of the Rat carries the danger of getting chronic diseases.


The horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina for 2020 for this sign promises many changes. All 12 months will be eventful: meetings, new acquaintances, new work, moreover, successful, travels. It is important not to succumb to emotions, but to keep cool and direct all energy to creation, not entertainment. Fortune will smile at creative personalities, but for financiers, the risk this year will be unjustified. It is better to devote the beginning of the year to Aries education and expansion of the business circle, the second half of 2020 is time for the family. In the summer you can look for a new job, as success awaits in 80% of cases. You need to be careful with finances: no major loans.


Year of the Rat for this sign will be very interesting. According to the forecast from Vasilisa Volodina, 2020 for Taurus will be promising in career growth. The most successful year will be for students, because self-education is something that all representatives of this sign should do. Businessmen can be confident in the future, even if their services are losing ground in the market. At the same time, it will be possible to lose money due to the slightest carelessness. In family relationships, Taurus faces difficulties. You can win your soulmate only in the fall, when the time comes for romance. If Taurus forgets the constant teaching of others, then the year will pass easily for him.


One of the few signs for which 2020 will be successful. Events will quickly succeed each other, so Gemini is waiting for new discoveries and acquaintances. This year will be easy in terms of finances, money will flow into your own hands, but the main thing is not to relax and keep track of expenses. It is better not to take loans and not get into debt. In family relations, peace will come. 2020 - the time when you need to forget all the insults and establish communication with relatives.


Already in January, Cancer will feel a surge of strength. Improvements await in all areas of life, but only if you make an effort. In the first half of the year, fate will favor the workers of physical labor, and the second - mental. You should refrain from financial risks, although the temptation to get easy money will be great. Year of the Rat - time to try yourself in new areas. At the end of summer, you should not give in to emotions, as this time will be the most difficult in family relationships. In general, family life will be calm.

A lion

The horoscope for 2020 from Vasilisa Volodina is favorable for this sign: stability in business will come, prospects for new work will open, new acquaintances will come. The first half of the year will be especially successful. The second is better to devote to communication with friends, self-education and travel. Family relationships will be tense. Difficulties await with the second half in the middle of summer and in the fall, and with close relatives all year you have to keep your fervor so as not to quarrel.


Virgo astrologer promises a new life. They are waiting for strong emotions and vivid impressions. In 2020, Virgo will finally appreciate the hard work, so many are waiting for promotion on the career ladder. Summer will be especially productive, but autumn will bring financial rewards for efforts. In communicating with loved ones and loved ones, troubles await: only a direct conversation will help to establish relationships. New novels will be fleeting, but interesting. To maintain health, in the year of the Rat, Virgo needs to work less physically.


2020 will put an end to all the turmoil. In a career, one does not have to wait for take-offs, small financial shifts will only be in summer. It is very important to keep cool for money in May. The love forecast from Volodina is very complicated: there will be constant conflicts in the relationship, even strong couples can break up. The first three months of the year will be especially difficult. Peace will reign only in the fall.


Career growth and strong family relationships - such will be 2020 according to the horoscope from Volodina for Scorpions. There will be a large influx of energy, but it will have to be spent wisely. Compensation for hard work will come only in the summer. It is better not to spend the received funds, but to postpone it. In relations with loved ones, the first half of the year will be calm, and in the second you should be wary of emotions and new hobbies, which will be a test of strength for couples. In 2020, Scorpio should be attentive to health, as there is a high risk of developing chronic diseases.


The hardest part for Sagittarius this year is finance. Loans, loans, large purchases should be postponed for the future. There will be no ups or downs in the work. Particularly successful year will be for creative personalities and athletes. Prospects for cooperation will open up to businessmen, but at the same time, one must choose a partner very carefully. Due to the difficulties associated with work, Sagittarius can become depressed, out of which relatives will help. In family relations, everything will be smooth, relatives will support Scorpio in everything.


Efforts, introspection and self-education - this is the only way Capricorn can adequately overcome the difficulties sent by stars. Betrayal, intrigue, gossip, turmoil at work - this will be 2020 for this sign. Some stability will come in June. Family will help to escape from everyday life, but at the same time Capricorn will have to learn to listen to others, and not defend his point of view. Due to constant stressful situations, the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases is great.


In 2020, this sign will have to make a lot of efforts to realize the intended. It is better to immerse yourself in work in the second half of the year, as early self-giving threatens to turn into diseases of the nervous system. Learning to set priorities and selectively treat business partners is what will lead Aquarius to success. In personal relationships, Aquarius expects an unprecedented passion. The marriage, concluded in 2020, will be strong and interesting.


Career, new acquaintances, family - everywhere changes await, and not always positive ones. Do not start a business with friends, invest in casual projects. There will be no quick money in 2020. The whole year will pass with the feeling of "squirrels in a wheel", and efforts will be appreciated in the fall. In family relationships, everything is smooth and stable, and not only for Pisces, but also for their children. Who plans to get married, postpone her until the fall, and before that check your feelings.

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