Spell 3 - 2020 movie

  • World Premiere: 2020
  • Premiere in Russia: 2020
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: Horror, Thriller, Detective
  • Directors: Michael Chavez
  • Cast: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ronnie Jean Blevins, David Michael-Smith, James W. Ballard, Trey McGriff

During the filming of the film "Spell 3", which will be released in 2020, mystical things constantly happen, the actors are in real danger. What is it - an attempt to draw more attention to the picture and provide high ratings or a warning to higher powers? The first two films could not give answers to all questions. Mystical history scares and fascinates, opening the curtain over the world in which other laws rule.

Will Pope's Blessing Help

In the process of filming the third part of the horror film, the actors and the group have to constantly deal with inexplicable phenomena. I had to ask for protection from the clergy who blessed each person. In addition, they have the rosary, which was blessed by the Pope himself. On the site, strange things often happen. Is there any doubt that in such an environment you can create a real masterpiece?

The mystical atmosphere is fascinating, it allows you to play with maximum efficiency and believe in everything that happens. Perhaps it’s worth recalling only one thing - creatures from the other world never appear by chance, they fulfill their own destiny. They cannot come without permission. A rashly spoken word opens the gates and allows you to break into reality in order to destroy everyone around. Curiosity can be dangerous and can lead to disasters.

There will be no repeat

Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes took part in writing the script for the first two parts. This time they will not be co-authors, David Leslie Johnson has complete freedom of action and is ready to show imagination. He will have to create a completely new story that will not resemble a haunted movie or a story about the supernatural adventures of another family. The original plot should be a real gift for fans to tickle nerves.

"Spell 3", which will appear in 2020, uses all the possible achievements of cinema art, special effects and computer graphics to create a reality that inspires concern.

The emergence of a new universe

The first film that began the existence of the universe of “Spells” appeared on the screens six years ago. Initially, the plot was considered quite unsophisticated - another film about obsession, ghosts and demons. Gradually, the franchise expanded to five films that are well received by viewers and critics. There are few negative reviews, they instantly drown in the ocean of general delight.

The basis of the “Spell is based on real events! Details of the stories provided by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. They investigated cases related to spirits and exorcism. After the death of her husband in 2006, the lady lived another 13 years and died in April 2019.

Many considered a couple of hoaxes, but the heroes of these paintings really existed and confirmed that the terrible events were actually happening.

Experts say that the "Spell" was originally programmed for success. There were certain prerequisites for this - the use of the classical principles of horror, the logical and meaningful actions of the heroes, real events at the core.

To be continued…

After the prequel came out, it was time to think about creating a sequel. In this case, the plot is not as important as its implementation. It is extremely difficult to come up with something fundamentally new in the field of horror - the sudden appearance of ghosts, chilling sounds and other factors just create a general atmosphere. It should be tense, penetrating the soul and leaving fear somewhere on the bottom.

What will this time interest the viewers of the authors of the horror film "Spell - 3". All films are narratives that gradually reveal episodes from the past that have become the root cause of events. This year, the Curse of the Weeping and the Curse of Annabelle 3 appeared in the universe.

The film "The Curse of the Crying"

Filming started on June 3, 2019 and will take place in Atlanta. There is too little information about the plot, it is kept secret, only common features are known. It will be about a man who is in the dock. He is confident in his obsession and is trying to convince the judges. It is necessary to understand what is happening and pass a fair sentence. The real experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren, are getting down to business.

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