Christmas markets in Moscow in 2019-2020: addresses

Buying a Christmas tree for the New Year in Moscow is not a problem, because on the eve of the holiday, hundreds of Christmas tree markets begin to work throughout the city. The addresses of the points that will operate in the 2019-2020 season can be found in advance. Most of them are located near traffic intersections, so getting there is easy.


The first bazaars where you can buy a Christmas tree will open in early December. But the main part of such points begins its activity on the 20th. They work around the clock, without breaks and weekends, until December 31. If necessary, a purchase can be made even on New Year's Eve, since bazaars will be open until the last, and everyone who has not had time to purchase a forest beauty in advance will be able to fix it.


Addresses of Christmas markets in different regions of Moscow:

CentralSmolenskaya-Sennaya sq., D. 32;

st. N. Arbat, d.11;

Smolenskaya sq., D. 7;

Prospect Mira, d. 72-74;

Pankratievsky per., D.2;

st. Dubininskaya, d. 2;

st. Lyusinovskaya, d.2;

Georgian lane, ow. 14-16;

st. M. Gruzinskaya, ow. 29;

Presnensky Val, ow. 1/2;

Tishinskaya sq., Ow. 6;

Georgian lane, ow. 14-16;

st. M. Gruzinskaya, ow. 29;

Presnensky Val, ow. ½;

Tishinskaya sq., Ow. 6;

Art. m. "Frunzenskaya";

st. Prechistenka, d. 30-32;

st. Plyushchikha, ow. 44/2;

Leninsky Prospect, d. 13.

WestKutuzovsky Ave., 38;

Kutuzovsky prospekt, 22-24;

st. B. Dorogomilovskaya, d. 8a;

Osenny Blvd., 18, bldg. one;

Autumn Boulevard., 11;

Rublevskoe sh., D. 62;

Autumn Blvd., 12-2;

Krylatsky hills, ow. 40;

st. Krylatskaya, 33-3;

Autumn Blvd., 4;

Kastanaevskaya street, house 54;

Rublevskoe sh., D. 42, bldg. one;

26 Baku Commissars Street, Building 2, Building 1;

st. Yartsevskaya, d.21;

st. Elninskaya, d. 23;

st. Moldavskaya, d. 4;

st. Tolbukhin, d. 12;

st. Ryabinovaya, d. 2.

NorthernLeningradsky prospekt, 36 (between the exits of the Dynamo metro station from the north exit);

Leningradsky prospekt, 62a;

Deguninskaya street, house 17;

st. Sentinel, ow. 11-13; Beskudnikovsky Blvd., ow. 12;

st. Z. and A. Kosmodemyanskikh, d. 11/15, bldg. one;

st. Z. and A. Kosmodemyanskikh, d. 1;

st. 800th anniversary of Moscow, 11, bldg. 6;

Kronstadt Blvd., 30b;

st. Klyazminskaya, d.19;

st. Lobnenskaya, d. 2;

Korovinskoe sh., D. 9;

Leningradskoye highway, d.132a;

st. Pravoberezhnaya, 1b

Southst. Lipetsk, ow. 7, p. 1;

Bulatnikovsky pr., Ow. 6a;

st. Borisov Ponds, ow. 26, p. 2, entry No. 4;

Nut Boulevard, ow. 26;

st. Kantemirovskaya, ow. 12/14;

st. Novelties, ow. thirty;

Andropov Avenue, ow. 32/37;

Domodedovo Street, Building 1, Building 1;

Chengarsky Boulevard, ow. 7;

Shipilovsky passage, ow. 43/3;

st. Voronezh, ow. 6;

st. Kantemirovskaya, ow. 47;

st. Red Lighthouse, ow. 10;

st. Chertanovskaya, ow. 56.

NorthwesternSalam Adil street, 4;

st. Rogova, building 15, building 1 (Schukino);

st. Liberty House 57;

Aviation, house 67, building 1;

Tallinn street, 7;

Dubravnaya street, d.35;

Pyatnitskoe highway, 18.

SoutheasternStreet General Kuznetsova, 26;

st. Young Leninists, 12;

Bratislava, d.16, building 1 (Maryino);

Zelenodolskaya St., d. 40;

Tsimlyanskaya, d. 30.

SouthwesternUniversity Avenue, d. 4;

Nakhimovsky Prospect, 33/2 (Cheryomushki);

Leninsky Prospekt 82/2;

st. Azov, d. 24;

st. Youth, house 3;

Vvedensky street, 13, building 1;

Ostrovityanova street, 9;

Lithuanian Boulevard, 22 (Yasenevo).

Not all addresses are indicated in the table, since there will be a lot of bazaars. A complete list can be found on the website // It is not difficult to recognize the outlet, they all look the same: the area around them is fenced, a sign is hung above the entrance. Last year, there was an inscription on the signs - "Christmas Tree Bazaar". According to rumors, this year the name may be slightly different, and those wishing to purchase a New Year tree will need to look for "Forest Bazaar".

Christmas tree markets - this is the only opportunity to legally acquire the treasured evergreen tree in Moscow. To make sure that the outlet works legally, you can ask the sellers for relevant documentation. In addition, pay attention to the presence of a cash register. In legal institutions, all this should be.

Prices and assortment

As a rule, spruce and pine trees are brought to Moscow from the Saratov, Tambov and Perm regions. Domestic options cost from 1000 rubles., Depending on the height and grade. The cheapest will cost low trees up to 1.25 m. There are also large trees of 3-5 m and even 10 m, which are designed to decorate the streets or large-scale events. The price of the highest spruce can reach 50,000 rubles.

At the bazaars they sell not only trees grown in Russia, but also goods from abroad. So, the assortment often includes Danish fir and Norman spruce. Their cost is much higher than Russian counterparts.

Some outlets provide home delivery service at an additional cost. Some companies have their own sites through which you can choose a Christmas tree online.

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