Grade 7 items in 2019-2020: List

In grade 7, children continue to study basic general education on the basis of federal state standards. The list of core subjects for 7th grade students for the 2019-2020 academic year is approved at the state level and corresponds to the work programs used. Nevertheless, at the school level, additional disciplines that are not mandatory may be included in the educational process. In total, GEF offers 19 subjects for study, 15 of which should be taught in each school.

New items

From the 7th grade, students begin to study new disciplines for them. These include:

  • physics;
  • algebra;
  • geometry.

These subjects are required for basic general education and are studied in all secondary schools.

High school students study physics, algebra and geometry until the 11th grade inclusively. They are also included in the list of exams that are held in the 9th and 11th grades - the exam and the exam. At the same time, algebra and geometry are compulsory disciplines (combined in the subject of Mathematics), which students will pass in the 9th and 11th grades. And physics is an optional subject.

Core disciplines

Other compulsory subjects that students will study in grade 7 in the 2019-2020 school year include:

  1. Russian language.
  2. Literature.
  3. Foreign language.
  4. Story.
  5. Geography.
  6. Social Studies.
  7. Informatics.
  8. Biology.
  9. IZO.
  11. Technology.
  12. Physical Culture.

Russian language and literature are usually taught by one teacher. In the 7th grade, the material covered in grades 5-6 is repeated, and new subtleties of morphology, spelling and stylistics of the Russian language are mastered. Children will study oral folk art, works of writers of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Among foreign languages, the most popular are English, German, French and Spanish. Also, some schools may study the language of a national minority. Now two foreign languages ​​are taught in schools. However, some educational institutions have not yet been able to implement this project due to a lack of personnel, material resources and other reasons. Nevertheless, a foreign language is on the list of subjects of choice for the exam and exam, so you should not neglect its study in the 7th grade.

In history and social science, schoolchildren learn about the main historical events of the world and Russia from the 15th to the 17th centuries, about the rights and obligations of a citizen, social norms, economic interactions, as well as human impact on nature.

The subject of Fine Arts can be replaced by World Art Culture, which can also be taught by a history teacher. In some schools, the MHC can be introduced as an optional for additional education of schoolchildren.

OBJ can be added to the schedule already from September 1, 2019, or introduced from the second half of the school year. Students will be told about the rules of conduct in emergency situations of geological and hydrological origin.

The subject Technology (labor) is divided into teaching in two groups - for girls and boys. Each group has its own work program.

In Biology classes, children will get acquainted with various types of animals - from protozoa to mammals. They learn about the significance of evolution and its principles, the basics of ecology and nature conservation. Geography will tell about the features of the Earth's relief, climate-forming factors, oceans, continents and their features.

Additional items

The hearts of other subjects in grade 7 recommended by the Federal State Educational Standard, students in the 2019-2020 academic year can study:

  • music
  • chess;
  • economics;
  • Fundamentals of financial literacy.

These subjects are not obligatory, but textbooks have been developed for them that have been certified at the federal level.

Also in some schools they teach:

  • local history;
  • Chemistry
  • rhetoric;
  • ecology.

Additional subjects can be introduced in schools with a certain bias (for example, chemical and biological) or are offered as optional classes to improve the quality of students' knowledge.

The exact list of subjects for the 7th grade should be found at your school (from the class teacher, from the head teacher, on the official portal of the educational institution, etc.), since there may be different variations in additional disciplines.

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