School uniform 2019-2020

The new school year is already at hand, which means it's time to find out which school uniform will be relevant in the 2019-2020 school year season and draw ideas on the photo how to stay fashionable and stylish, observing the requirements of the school dress code.

It is no secret that many do not like school uniforms, believing that uniform clothing deprives them of the opportunity to express themselves. But, modern fashion is incredibly diverse and multifaceted, which means that even school clothes can and should be fashionable and stylish! That is why we propose to talk about how to combine the requirements of the administration of the educational institution and current trends with fashion catwalks.

Basic wardrobe girls

Of course, today every school or gymnasium has the right to develop its own form of authorship, and sometimes several options - separately for students in primary, secondary and high schools. The variability in such cases is very wide, from monophonic sets of blue, burgundy, green, black or gray to a stylish cell.

As a rule, in such schools, parents are asked to order a uniform form in the studio, which minimizes the possibilities of creativity. But, here you can always stand out. How exactly we will tell further.

It is much simpler if the school adheres to a more loyal view on the appearance of students and is limited by traditional requirements:

  • dark bottom and light top;
  • concise colors in restrained tones;
  • lack of vivid prints;
  • midi length for skirts and dresses;
  • classic design of things, close to business style.

So, in the basic wardrobe of a modern schoolgirl, there must be:


In many gymnasiums, in the warm season, girls are prohibited from wearing trousers. But, even if your school is not so conservative, do not refuse a fashionable skirt, because it will make the image more feminine.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, a school uniform with skirts in a wide fold, corrugation or pleated is the most relevant trend!

Ruffles and shuttlecocks that in 2020 not only babies, but also high school students will not go out of fashion.

The trend will be a strict classic midi pencil skirt. The highlight of such an element can be textured fabric or a stylish belt.

Volumetric models that fashionistas loved so much last year also look very interesting. In fashion collections for children and adolescents, they are presented in a wide variety of variations:

  • under the skin;
  • with openwork perforation;
  • with lace;
  • with frills;
  • with high waist.


In the colder months, warm trousers become an important element in the basic wardrobe of schoolgirls, and in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season, the school uniform offers a large selection of classic and alternative models, which can be appreciated by the photo.

To bring a fashionable twist to the image will help:

  • checkered prints;
  • interesting texture of plain fabric;
  • shortened length;
  • high waist;
  • suspender;
  • decor at the top of trousers;
  • stylish belt.


Creative blouses allow you to emphasize the individuality of the image in the office style. Classics of the genre - light airy models of white color, the decoration of which are:

  • ruffles and shuttlecocks;
  • frill;
  • lace;
  • voluminous sleeves;
  • embroidery.

Costumes (twos and threes)

Sets look very stylish, the components of which can be:

  • skirt;
  • trousers;
  • jacket;
  • vest.

The main advantage of such kits is modularity. Combining elements with each other, as well as complementing with a fashionable blouse, an interesting sweater or cardigan, you can look every day in a new way, but always fashionable and stylish.

Sundresses and dresses

If a young fashionista wants to look as elegant and elegant as possible, you should pay attention to the trendy models of sundresses and school dresses. If for the smallest this is usually a school uniform, then adolescents in 2020 may well pay attention to the classic black and blue dresses presented in 2020 in many fashion collections of famous brands.

Sweatshirts and cardigans

Although the traditional school uniform established in many schools for girls does not require the presence of knitwear, many fashionistas in the 2019-2020 season will still want to look for a cozy blouse or a fashionable cardigan.

When choosing such things, it is worth starting from the color scheme of the schoolgirl’s basic wardrobe and giving preference to the combined composition of the thread with a predominance of natural wool.

Basic boy wardrobe

Although the boy’s school uniform is less diverse than the wardrobe for the girl, even small fashionistas will be able to emphasize their individuality and creativity in 2020 without much difficulty.

Classics of the genre - strict suit "deuce" or "troka" + elegant tie. But, there are many alternative options that take into account the most relevant trends in men's fashion:

  • shortened and narrowed trousers;
  • checkered print;
  • a combination of plain trousers and a color (or print) jacket;
  • stylish accents in the form of accessories.

When choosing a fashionable image for a schoolchild, remember that boys are an active and restless people, and therefore their clothes should be as comfortable and practical as possible, providing maximum comfort in the lesson and not restricting movement during the break.

When choosing a children's uniform for a school, both for a boy and a girl, preference should be given to high-quality materials that will not lose color saturation and appreciation even after numerous washing cycles.

Also look at the video showing school uniforms for the 2019-2020 academic year from the famous brand CHADOLINI:

Watch the video: 2019-2020 uniform reveal (January 2020).

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