The new form of Manchester City 2019-2020

In spring, the leading German sportswear manufacturer Puma, who recently signed a 10-year contract with Manchester City, introduced a new version of the English club uniform for the 2019-2020 season.

Home form

The new home form "Manchester City" 2019-2020 is made in a traditional blue and palette. The only difference is the presence of contrasting purple inserts on the sleeves and shoulders. The emblem of the club, as well as the logos of the technical and title sponsors of the team are printed in the same shade.

The shirt has a straight cut and a V-neck. On a light blue background, a wave-like pattern of thin stripes is visible.

An interesting detail of the new version of both home and away sets of Manchester City in the 2019-2020 season is the small inscription "125 Years". It is located under the emblem. So the manufacturer emphasized the date from which the professional English club changed the old name Arduik to Manchester City and made it famous all over the world.

Guest kit

The manufacturer has not changed the traditions when developing the guest version of the Manchester City form for the 2019-2020 season. T-shirt and shorts are made in the usual black color. The same shade and leggings. Bright touches in the form of pink-blue inserts on the cuffs dilute the dark palette.

The title sponsor logo is printed in large yellow letters in the chest area. A duplicate yellow insert is located on the right shoulder. In the area of ​​the left clavicle, the Manchester emblem flaunts. Although it was undergoing changes, it generally retained the features of the original version proposed by the team managers back in the middle of the last century: a shield inside the circle with the name of the club, the lower part of which is decorated with a heraldic symbol - the red rose of Lancashire.

The guest kit also has a reminder of the club's anniversary, which City celebrates in 2019.

As reported on the official website, the inspiration for the creators in the development of the new design form 2019-2020 was the building in which the Manchester club "The Haçienda" is located. So in the decoration of the form there are wide angled stripes that visually resemble the decoration of the halls inside the legendary building.

Third option

The third form of the season 2019-2020 has the most striking color scheme. The bottom of the shirt is orange, and the top is lemon yellow.

The color transition from one shade to another looks very impressive on knitted material, which creates a dynamic effect when moving.

The shirt has a simple straight fit with a round neck. The knitted neckline is painted in a contrasting black shade. The letters of the title sponsor logo are printed on the chest in the same color. On the shoulder is still the same emblem indicating the anniversary date.

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