OGE on history in 2020

For several years, the FIPI promised that the OGE on history will become a mandatory exam for students graduating from grade 9 - find out what changes will really happen in 2020, what will be the date of the test and what to look for in preparation.

Important! In 2020, ninth graders will take 6 subjects. Two compulsory (Russian language and mathematics), as well as 4 to choose from.

Analyzing last year’s selection of graduates, experts expect an increase in interest in history, because on the one hand it is an important step for those who plan to take the history on the USE, and on the other hand, reinsurance. If something suddenly changes during the 2019-2020 school year and the OGE on history is declared mandatory, the news will not be taken by surprise.

Exam format

History is one of those subjects that was most affected by the reform of the OGE 2020. Such drastic changes are associated with serious changes in the program that occurred after the introduction of new educational standards (GEF).

Having analyzed the codifier and specifications, it is obvious that at the OGE in 2020 the tasks will cover the course “History of Russia”, as well as the main periods of the general history:

  1. from antiquity to the beginning of the 16th century;
  2. the period of the XVI - XVII centuries;
  3. from the XVIII to the beginning of the twentieth centuries.

For current graduates, the priority is not a dry knowledge of dates, events and big names, but the ability to work with information, draw conclusions and express their own thoughts. Therefore, do not think that the OGE on the history in 2020 are simple tests. In the new KIMs, tasks to choose one correct answer from several proposed options are minimized.

On the whole, the format of the OGE itself in history for graduates of grade 9 in 2020 will remain the same:

  • exam duration - exactly 3 hours (180 minutes);
  • location - One of the offices of the native educational institution;
  • dadditional materials and equipmentThere are no authorized to use.

The detailed calendar of GIA FIPI will be closer to November 2019. As soon as it is officially approved, we will be the first to tell you about the dates of the OGE on history in 2020.

Major changes

After reviewing the demo version presented on the FIPI website, it is obvious that the structure of the exam in 2020 will change significantly, because in KIMs for OGE on history instead of 35 tasks there will be only 22 questions. But at the same time, according to experts, it will be much more difficult for graduates to get the maximum score.

Updated KIM consists of two parts:


Number of tasks

Response type



Short answer



Detailed response



In this case, the gradation by difficulty levels will have the following form:









As you can see, there are a lot of tasks with a high level of complexity. These include tasks in which it is necessary to perform partially search actions, derive new rules and algorithms for actions, apply knowledge in non-standard situations.

Ninth graders will be offered tasks of different types:

  • the choice of one of the proposed answers;
  • a choice of several of the proposed answers;
  • matching elements;
  • definition by description of a term, name, title, year or century;
  • analysis of the historical situation;
  • writing a historical work.

In KIMs there will be maps, charts, tables, diagrams, images of historical objects and monuments of sculpture, text fragments from historical sources.

Of particular difficulty for some graduates may be task number 22 - a short historical essay based on the proposed key elements.

Important! In task number 22, the examiner can choose one of 3 proposed topics.

When performing it is important:

  • correctly determine the era and event;
  • use the given words and phrases in historical meaning;
  • Do not distort historical facts.


Significantly changing the structure of the KIM OGE 2020 by history, the FIPI also developed an updated assessment system, which should be guided by students who graduate from grade 9 and teachers who prepare them for the GIA.

The maximum score of OGE 2020 in history is 40 (in 2019 there were 44).

The distribution of points for the correct answers will be as follows:


Question numbers


2, 3, 5-9, 11-14


1, 4, 10, 15-18, 20


19, 21



Obviously, without thorough preparation and correct answers to tasks of increased and high complexity, you should not count on a high score. After reforming the KIMs, to achieve a truly worthy result, there will be clearly not enough basic knowledge, and the range of practical skills, which should also include the ability to correctly and logically express your thoughts, will require a really wide one.

It is also worth considering that due to the announced changes, the threshold and minimum thresholds can also change. So, to obtain a certificate, most likely, you will need to score at least 12 points, and for admission to the profile class more than 30.

Secrets of preparation

Given all the innovations described, it is obvious that in 2020, preparation for the OGE on history will require a lot of strength and patience from ninth-graders. The amount of information that you need to own and operate freely is quite large, and less time is left before the exam. Where to start?

  1. To refresh the memory of the main historical periods, while compiling a mini-compendium with important facts, dates, names, events. You can work with school textbooks as well as with special collections recommended for preparing for the GIA.
  2. Practice solving typical tasks, passing online tests developed specifically for the OGE on the history of 2020.
  3. If printed text is difficult to read, watch documentaries and illustrated materials.
  4. Create knowledge maps to help you remember complex topics.
  5. Practice writing mini essays. This will help the new demo version of OGE 2020 on history, which lists 3 topics to choose from, as well as tickets from previous years.

History is an interesting and necessary subject. But, if significant gaps have formed in knowledge up to grade 9, it will be extremely difficult to “patch” them in the shortest possible time. Success can be provided by an experienced tutor and systematic training, but only on the condition of determination and self-discipline of the ninth grader himself.

We also offer to see a detailed analysis of the demonstration version of the OGE 2020 on history at video:


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