High Fashion 2019-2020

Fashion lawmakers present several colorful collections in each season, and this time we offer an overview of extravagant images and unconditional trends that high fashion 2019-2020 offers, as well as a lot of creative ideas in the photo shows of Haute Couture.

As a rule, in the fall-winter season, fashion houses present three collections to the court of experts and regular customers:

  • Pre-fall - A small preliminary collection outlining the main trends of the season;
  • Pret-a-porter - main collection;
  • Haute couture - Exclusive haute couture images.

It is about such bright, spectacular, incredibly luxurious, and sometimes even shocking design ideas that will be discussed in this material.

History of Haute Couture

The very concept of haute couture appeared in the middle of the 19th century. He is associated with the name of the famous couturier Charles Frederick Worth, who introduced the division of collections according to seasonality.

Today on the fashionable Olympus there are many brands that successfully present their collections on world catwalks. But, not every one of them can create Haute Couture fashion, because in 2019-2020 the rules introduced by the Paris High Fashion Syndicate back in 1868 also apply. So, for the release of collections of the couture segment, the fashion house must meet a number of requirements:

  • located in Paris;
  • have the appropriate certificate;
  • have more than 20 employees;
  • represent at least 50 images in the collection.

Although, in fairness, it is worth noting that among trendsetters there are those who violate centuries-old traditions. So, Versace and Valentino do not belong to Parisian brands, but also represent collections of the haute couture segment, which the whole world recognizes (well, except perhaps in the fashion houses of Paris).

TOP 5 Haute Couture Collections

Unlike the comfortable, cozy and practical Pret-a-Porter models, Couture creative bows attract attention with unexpected combinations, sophisticated cuts, pathos decor and, of course, price. It is in these collections that designers represent the most expensive and most unexpected aufits.


Chanel models are grace and aristocracy in one bottle, gently diluted with a refined retro touch. Unlike many other fashion houses, Chanel even in the haute couture segment remains true to such basic principles as practicality, comfort and femininity.

Among the main trends it is worth noting:

  • rich velvet and delicate lace;
  • dress maxi length;
  • tight-fitting silhouettes;
  • asymmetry;
  • open shoulders;
  • drapery.

The collection is the result of the successful creative tandem of the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and the new creative director of Chanel, Virginia Viar, who for many years has been the right hand of the master. And Lagerfeld’s favorite material was tweed, which can be found in abundance in fashionable haute couture images.

Christian dior

The collection of the Dior fashion house is imbued with Gothic with a slight addition of romance and mystery. Among the most striking trends that fall-winter 2019-2020 season offers high fashion from Dior:

  • the most diverse interpretations of black total onions;
  • puffy dresses made of light flowing fabrics;
  • plenty of lace;
  • feathers;
  • leather;
  • a combination of a short puffy dress and extravagant tights;
  • black veils.

Found in the collection and place is incredibly popular this season with capes and capes, which will be a spectacular addition to the evening look.


A real extravaganza was the show of the Couture collection of Valentino fashion house. From an incredible variety of creative design ideas, high fashion in 2020 will definitely transform into evening fashion trends:

  • spectacular hats with tassels;
  • satin and fluffy coats;
  • capes with large hoods;
  • puffy dresses with an abundance of ruffle;
  • feathers and large bows.

Luxurious evening dresses, like millions of diamonds playing in the spotlight, caused a real sensation among the audience.


According to Givenchy designers, the high fashion of 2020 is an exquisite combination of exoticism and elegance, giving the female look a mysterious touch. The luxurious collection of the brand contains incredibly beautiful images worthy of becoming an adornment of the queen.

The designer has relied on elements such as:

  • contrast and gradient transitions between shades;
  • fur and exotic feathers;
  • extravagant effect of a rolled edge;
  • hats in the form of birds of paradise.

Especially spectacular look looks with a decor of weightless exotic feathers, as if surrounding the model with a translucent cloud, waiting at every step.

Elie saab

Connoisseurs of Chinese culture should definitely take a closer look (in the photo and video) with the magnificent models of the haute couture fall-winter 2019-2020 collection, which was presented by Elie Saab brand at the Paris Fashion Week.

Luxurious fabrics, unique prints with a pronounced ethnic flavor, wide sleeves and transparency, giving the image incredible tenderness and airiness - this is why you should admire the creation of this eminent couturier. Just look how gracefully and majestically the girls in these dresses look.

And for fashionistas who prefer more classic looks, the collection contains a lot of evening dresses with open shoulders, high cuts, as well as extravagant decor.

Watch the video: Elie Saab. Haute Couture Fall Winter 20192020. Full Show (January 2020).

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