Forward - 2020 cartoon

  • World Premiere: March 5, 2020
  • Premiere in Russia: March 5, 2020
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Mages and Wizards, About Elves
  • Directors: Dan Scanlon
  • Cast: Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Tom Holland, Dan Scanlon

In the genre of full-length cartoons, replenishment is planned. A curious story from the life of a fairy-tale world in which dragons live instead of pets, and unicorns more resemble stray dogs, begins. Cartoon "Forward", which will be released in 2020, will be a real surprise for the audience and will open new horizons.

The painting is rated RG, which means that it is recommended for sharing with adults and children. Until this time, PIXAR studio has released three cartoons with the same rating - "Finding Dory", "Puzzle", The Good Dinosaur ".

The embodiment of a naive childhood dream

To create a good cartoon, you will need not only modern equipment and the latest computer programs, but also a piece of the soul. At this time, the author's childhood memories served as a source of inspiration. After the death of his father, he and his brother were very lonely, so the boys tried to believe that the situation could change. According to the plot of the 2020 film "Forward", the heroes are tired of everyday life. Fairy-tale characters began to use modern gadgets, but with real magic lately it's been very bad lately.

Elves, trolls, unicorns and other fabulous residents have ceased to believe in miracles. They do daily business and forget about what happened before.

Suburb of fantasy world

It was under this name that the project appeared at the very beginning of work on it. Subsequently, the authors decided to rename the animated film, which is scheduled for release in 2020 and gave it its current name - "Forward". These are really the backyards of the fairy world. Amazing characters completely forgot that miracles exist in the world and live an ordinary life. They do everyday business, go to work and school, use modern computer equipment and smartphones, drive cars and the subway, not even dreaming of carpet carpets and slippers.

Two elf brothers live in this small town. At a young age, the boys lost their father, they really lack male attention and wise advice. The guys decide to act, but they are old enough to understand that they do not return from the other world. Optimism does not come to terms with this state of things. The boys dream of a miracle and go in search of it.

Success Guaranteed

In order to ensure the attention of viewers, the authors used many factors, namely:

  • a combination of magical and ordinary worlds,
  • new characters that are just beginning to get to know
  • the diversity of the population of the fairytale suburbs - elves, trolls, unicorns and other representatives of the fairytale folk, between whom are complex relationships caused by the interweaving of interests and differences in mentality,
  • biographical notes taking for the soul,
  • high-quality cast. The characters in the Forward cartoon of 2020 speak with the voices of famous actors - Chris Pratt and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tom Holland and Octavia Spencer.

Work on musical design "Forward" 2020 entrusted to Michael and Jeff Danna.

Pixar Studio - no age discounts

Authors who work at Pixar Studios do their job well. This is not only a great picture and musical accompaniment. Almost two dozen Oscars received the projects because, in addition to purely entertainment purposes, they assume the right to educate the best human qualities. This is always an occasion to think, look around, sort out complex issues. Sincerity and the concept of justice, embedded in childhood, will form a holistic personality.

The trailer for the cartoon "Forward" is already available to the mass audience. The creators did not wait until 2020 and intrigued the beginning of the picture, introducing the main characters, but without revealing the essence of further adventures. Since this is a quest, we can only assume that there will be plenty of adventures.

The actors are especially admired. Previously, they voiced Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Star Lord (Chris Prett), now they will have to go on new journeys together. Men are friends in real life and enjoy working together, adding bright notes to an amazing mix of magical heroes. The cartoon violates previous stereotypes, turning proud unicorns into a thunderstorm of garbage cans, and fire-breathing dragons into domestic animals.

Gift for the audience

The Russian teaser trailer for the Vperyod cartoon makes us regret that so much time is left before the release of the new project on the screens in 2020. Children and adults need vivid impressions that make them set life goals and appreciate every minute of communication with loved ones. The boys dream that they can find an oasis of magical energy and spend at least one day with their father. There are so many unspoken words and common deeds. They are confident that they will be able to fulfill their desire, to go through obstacles and gain invaluable experience. Will fate favor young adventurers? About this and many other viewers have yet to learn.