Sberbank's work on New Year's holidays in 2020

On New Year's holidays in 2020, Sberbank, like all government agencies, closes for "holidays." Of course, all systems, such as online banking and ATMs, will work properly, so citizens will be able to cope with most issues on their own. If you still can’t do without the help of specialists, then there are 2 options: wait until the bank opens, or contact the call center.


In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, January 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are recognized as non-working days (in honor of the celebration of the New Year and Christmas). These days, Sberbank, which is a state institution, is closed. There will be no transfer of days, which are sometimes done to optimize the production calendar, in 2020, since the 1st number falls on Wednesday.

If you need to have time to complete any cash transactions before 2020, then you need to come to the bank before January 31. By law, on the eve of the holidays, the working day is reduced by 1 hour, so Sberbank will work until about 6 p.m., depending on the particular branch.

The work of financial and credit organizations will be fully resumed on January 9, Thursday. But for the convenience of customers in each city, several branches will be on duty. A support service will also work.

ATMs and self-service terminals work around the clock, regardless of holidays, so there should not be a problem with conducting elementary operations, except that transfers can take a little longer than usual. The Sberbank-Online system will not stop functioning either.

Duty departments

In case of emergency, customers can contact the on-call departments, which will be open on certain days. Last year, it was January 3.4 and 5. The working day in such institutions will last from approximately 9.00-10.00 to 16.00-18.00. The schedule in each case may vary. In large cities, a lot of duty branches will be opened for the holidays, for example, in Moscow there will be about 14. In addition, there are 2 24-hour offices in the capital - in the vicinity of Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

You can view the operating mode and addresses of Sberbank call centers on the official website in the "Bank Information" - "Branches and ATMs" section. Closer to December there will appear all the necessary information on branches in all cities of Russia.

You need to understand that on-duty workers do not solve all issues. Since interbank transfers are carried out with the support of the Central Bank, such operations can be carried out only after its opening. Employees of branches will also not be able to give out consumer loans to citizens, since there will be no opportunity to assemble a Credit Committee that would approve the application. You can only apply for a loan, but get an answer to it after the 8th.

All targeted payments (retirement benefits, child benefits, social benefits, etc.) will be credited after the holidays, when the bank resumes its work.

On-call staff can help with personal accounts, for example:

  • lock / unlock card;
  • cash out a deposit, receive payment on it;
  • make a currency exchange;
  • pay interest on the loan;
  • get a statement of accounts, etc.

Where else can I go? Urgent problems can be resolved by contacting the customer support number - 8 (800) 555-55-50. Calls to Russia are free. Legal entities can call the number 8 (800) 5555 777 (in Russia) or +7 (495) 6655 777 if the call is made from abroad.