Grade 9 exams in 2020

Ahead is a new school year, the completion of which for all students studying in grade 9, will be final exams (OGE) - we offer to find out how many disciplines will be required in 2020, as well as what new compulsory subjects may appear.

Major changes

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the first stream of students will take exams in the 9th grade, whose training programs from the 1st grade were drawn up in accordance with the new educational standard of the Federal State Educational Standard, which was adopted in 2010. That is why OGE tickets in 2020 in most subjects will be substantially changed.

Of the expected innovations, it is worth noting:

  1. practical focus of the OGE;
  2. minimizing the test part, which checks the student's awareness, and not his knowledge and skills;
  3. the introduction of meta-subject assignments, for the implementation of which it is necessary to use knowledge in several school subjects.

In order to maintain continuity between the OGE of different years, some tasks from the list of past years will also be present on 2020 tickets. This will allow us to draw a parallel between the indicators of 2019 and 2020 and compare how graduates who studied according to old standards and nine-graders who studied subjects in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard have passed exams for grade 9.

Subject innovations

It is difficult to say what changes will occur in the tickets of the United State Examination 2020 in mathematics, Russian and foreign languages. The official website of FIPI presents promising models that can still be finalized during the discussions.

At the moment, it is reliably known that changes will occur in such items:

ThingNew assignments
Russian languageThe division into oral and written parts will be fixed.
MathsThe test part will decrease, and tasks for combining knowledge from different topics will also appear.
Foreign languagesThe tasks of the oral part will be finalized.
  • to work with historical sources;
  • reading and supplementing the map;
  • search and processing of facts;
  • compilation of a consistent story about a historical event;
  • definition of a historical event by keywords.
Social Studies
  • ability to express one’s attitude to a particular social phenomenon;
  • analysis of the cause of the event or phenomenon;
  • practical tasks on the application of acquired knowledge
  • work with devices (taking readings, understanding the principle of action);
  • conducting experiments;
  • analysis of data presented in diagrams, charts or tables.
  • conducting chemical experiments;
  • distinguish a solution from a substance by conducting simple practical experience;
  • tasks that require not only knowledge of the formulas, but also an understanding of the characteristics of different chemical elements.
Informatics and ICT
  • performance of practical tasks on a PC;
  • separation of ticket tasks into basic, advanced and high level of complexity.
  • task to create a balanced healthy diet.
  • tasks for which graduates will have to work with information portals.

Thus, the exams for all those who study in the 9th grade in the 2019-2020 academic year will be practical in nature, although teachers assure that even in carrying out such tasks, basic knowledge of the theoretical foundations is also indispensable.

Number of exams

Over the past years, the prospect of introducing new compulsory disciplines has been actively discussed. Among the subjects discussed:

  • story;
  • English language;
  • Social Studies;
  • geography (occasionally such suggestions were made).

Although in 2015-2018, the statement that English would become compulsory for all ninth graders sounded quite believable, at the beginning of 2019-2020, the implementation of the Unified State Examination in foreign languages, as compulsory, looks very vague. This will require the development of a new grid of tasks and the solution of the problem of the technical equipment of the venues.

Perhaps the English language will enter the mandatory examinations of the OGE closer to 2022, and in 2020 in the 9th grade it will be taken only by students of specialized schools and those who plan to continue their education in specialized classes or lyceums with a philological bias. It is possible that in some regions of the Russian Federation this year will conduct an experimental mandatory OGE in English.

While there is no official information, exactly how many exams will graduates 2019-2020 in grade 9 take. It is expected that instead of 4, the total number of disciplines will be increased to 6, of which 2 subjects (mathematics and Russian) will remain compulsory, and 4 more - at the student’s choice.

Format and Venue

Although every year the exams that students pass after grade 9 are getting closer to the exam format, graduates of 2020 will still have small privileges that will psychologically help to cope with the first difficult life task on the path to future success:

  1. OGE schoolchildren will take on the basis of their educational institutions;
  2. teachers of their school will check the work of graduates;
  3. although the cabinets threaten to equip cameras, in 2020 they certainly will not appear everywhere.

The rest of the requirements for the United State Examination are as severe as for graduates of 11th grade. It is forbidden to bring any extraneous things to the exam, use technical means (including programmable calculators), as well as any materials other than those provided by the organizers.

Calendar OGE 2020

Having decided what mandatory and additional subjects you will take, it's time to find out when the exams in grade 9 will take place, in which numbers the graduates will be completely free, will be able to breathe calmly and fully enjoy the summer.

The full calendar of OGE 2020 will be approved in mid-autumn, but for now we offer to focus on the dates of 2019.




from 04/22/19 to 04/29/19

reserve from 05/06/19 to 05/10/19


from 05/25/19 to 06/14/19

reserve from 06/25/19 to 07/03/19


from 09/03/19 to 09/13/19

As a rule, the shift in the beginning and end of the examination periods from year to year is shifted slightly. Only exam dates for specific subjects may differ.

Useful materials

Everything that is needed to familiarize yourself with the main changes in assignments in subjects can be found on the FIPI website. In the section "OGE and GGE-9" collected trial OGE, as well as codifiers and specifications for all subjects.

Also see what innovations are possible in KIMs for the OGE in 2020 and how the exams in grade 9 will differ for those who study according to the standards of GEF: