Funny gifts for the New Year 2020

Winter holidays are a time of a beautiful and kind fairy tale. I would like to please friends and relatives by giving them not only useful, but also cool gifts for the New Year 2020. People with a sense of humor will appreciate such a present, and in this article you can find many ideas for every taste and budget.

Funny gifts for the New Year 2020

  1. Socks in a tin can or an annual supply of socks in a gift box.
  2. Fortune cookie 18+.
  3. Tie in a tube.
  4. Soap “From dirty thoughts”.
  5. Wall clock in the form of a smartphone.
  6. Sketch map of the world.
  7. A set of hot coasters in the form of donuts.
  8. Beastly hat.
  9. Russian doll.
  10. A set of statuses for the desktop.
  11. Tea pot in the form of a diver.
  12. Glowing kettle.
  13. Funny mask for sleeping.
  14. Cartoon portrait.
  15. A personalized book is true.
  16. Souvenir “Hollywood Star”.
  17. Kitchen apron in the form of a superhero.
  18. Set of decorative bottle caps.
  19. Pillow "Men's shoulder".
  20. Women's personalized T-shirt “Always Right”.
  21. Engraved Box “Truth in Wine”.
  22. Sculpture in the form of the profession of the gifted.
  23. Retro radio.
  24. Table antistress “Punching bag”.
  25. Paired t-shirts “King and wife of the king”.
  26. Set of piles in the shape of a skull.
  27. Beer helmet.
  28. A pack of fake money.
  29. Set of gift stamps.
  30. Set "Drunk Chess".
  31. Toaster “Smiley”.
  32. Beer mug with horn.
  33. Cool stand for toilet paper.
  34. The plate on the table "My table - my rules."
  35. Director's clapper board for a movie.
  36. Runaway alarm clock.
  37. Decorative deer head.
  38. Wine set in the form of a rod of GAI.
  39. Comic diploma.
  40. Cage for vodka "Ministry of Health warns."
  41. Ball of decision making.
  42. Book box “Nest egg”.
  43. Stamp set of beech barbecue.
  44. Piggy bank “Electronic safe” with a combination lock.
  45. Door mat "Do not enter without cookies."
  46. Set for growing "Plant a tree."
  47. Stand for business cards.
  48. Gift set “Carrot and stick”.
  49. T-shirt with the inscription “I want to work like Santa Claus”.
  50. Interactive singing toy.
  51. Pink glasses.
  52. Car label “100% man”.
  53. Lash comb for naughty hair.
  54. Sweets in the bank "Antidepressants".
  55. The mask of the Spartan.

Funny presentations for the New Year 2020

  1. Fish-shaped slippers.
  2. Thermostatic glass in the form of a photo lens.
  3. Voodoo doll “Chef”.
  4. Cover for auto documents "Driving license cars" or "Punish me."
  5. Basketball for the toilet.
  6. Magnetic board on the fridge.
  7. Bath set "Army".
  8. Earphones in the form of an ear.
  9. Unusual napkin holder.
  10. Named piggy bank for wine corks.
  11. Tea set "Viagra".
  12. Hooks for towels in the bathroom in the shape of animals.
  13. Umbrella cane "Helmet".
  14. Message in a Bottle.
  15. Giant playing cards.
  16. Sweater with a deer.
  17. Wet wipes for cleaning conscience.
  18. Cherry-shaped toilet brush.
  19. Sticker on the car “AI-95”.
  20. A dish in the shape of a bayonet-spade.
  21. Chewing dragee “AntiStressin”.
  22. Pink glamorous set of garden tools in a suitcase.
  23. Night projector of the starry sky.
  24. Diary "Plan for the acquisition of wealth."
  25. Toilet paper in the form of banknotes.
  26. A mouse for a PC in the shape of a car.
  27. Bath mat with traces of “blood”.
  28. Set of laudatory balloons.
  29. Glass for making ice cream.
  30. Fur handcuffs.
  31. Dispensers for ketchup and mustard.
  32. Magnetic hourglass.
  33. Motivating bookmarks for books.
  34. Bakeware in the shape of a mustache.
  35. Cookie dough knife.
  36. Retirement Countdown Calendar.
  37. Folder for clothes.
  38. Decorative fountain.
  39. Emoji glass markers with drinks.
  40. Glowing tie.
  41. A set of photobuthoria.
  42. Mini grater for cheese and chocolate.
  43. Chocolate bar shaped mirror.
  44. Fragrance for the car.
  45. A set of rolling pins “Fines for being late.”
  46. Special mitten for smokers.
  47. Nipple in the shape of lips.
  48. Giant pencil.
  49. Stand for the phone “Vantuz”.
  50. A set of skewers for canapes.
  51. Bottle cap in the shape of a banana.
  52. Coughing ashtray.
  53. Glowing eggs for a bicycle.
  54. Mask of Hannibal Lecturer.
  55. Breastplate with the inscription “Wonder Woman”.

New Year's gifts with humor for the New Year 2020

  1. A carafe for drinks in the shape of a sports bottle.
  2. Hat with a beard.
  3. Space food in tubes.
  4. Doll “Darth Vader”.
  5. Device for making snowballs.
  6. Syringe pen.
  7. Board game "Pie in the face."
  8. Floor scales "Bitter truth".
  9. Cool scotch tape “I'm a bitch”.
  10. Duster for cleaning dust “Rabbit”.
  11. A set of chopsticks for sushi.
  12. USB hub “Banana”.
  13. Toothpick stand.
  14. Hanger for clothes “Superman”.
  15. Kigurumi "Skeleton".
  16. Mailbox.
  17. Ant farm.
  18. Nunchucks in the form of DPS wands.
  19. Folding chair “Royal throne”.
  20. The magic wand of Harry Potter.
  21. Darth Vader's lightsaber.
  22. Crown of the king.
  23. Knitted slippers in the shape of a tank.
  24. Stationery stand in the form of a trolley.
  25. Earrings in the form of a Christmas tree.
  26. Mug for drinks on wheels.
  27. A brooch in the form of Santa Claus.
  28. Edible underwear.
  29. Inflatable shark fin.
  30. Ceramic speaker for phone.
  31. Leather bracelet in the form of a bar code.
  32. Spinner.
  33. 3D bedding “Knight”.
  34. Phone holder on the steering wheel.
  35. New Year's sweater on a cup.
  36. Walnuts with wishes.
  37. Giant alarm clock.
  38. Opener medal on the neck.
  39. Cover towel PLAYBOY.
  40. Scarf in the form of toilet paper.
  41. Belt bag with compartments for cans of beer.
  42. The snapshot on the kettle.
  43. Backlight for the toilet.
  44. Dispenser for Globus drinks.
  45. Door sign “Come in, we're used to everything.”
  46. Checkbook.
  47. A glass on the leg.
  48. Set of enameled mugs.
  49. Cutting board with the inscription "The best chef."
  50. Cup with registered engraving.
  51. Inflatable sumo wrestler costume.
  52. Set of New Year stickers on Vkontakte.
  53. Portable unicorn battery.
  54. Helmet with the words "Big Boss".
  55. Zen pendulum.
  56. 3D lollipops in the form of planets or space.
  57. Travel pillow with a hood.
  58. Lego mug.
  59. Triple lunch box.
  60. Pocket barrel organ.

Banal and traditional presentations are already boring and not everyone is delighted. What is a cool gift for the New Year 2020 to a person with humor? From the options proposed above, you can find one that will raise the mood of the gifted. Positive emotions will direct the holiday in the right direction and the New Year 2020 will be greeted in an atmosphere of fun and positive.