What can and cannot be cooked for the New Year 2020

Oriental astrologers say that on New Year's Eve you can cook dishes that the ruling totemic animal prefers. In 2020, the patroness of the year is the White Metal Rat. This is an unpretentious animal in food, loving a variety of food. In order to appease the mistress of the year, it is recommended to diversify the menu with interesting, outstanding, and at the same time simple dishes. However, it is important not to overdo it: the Rat does not like excessive exoticism and pathos.

General recommendations

The rat is an important representative of 12 immortal animals in the eastern zodiac. According to legend, she was the first to meet with the Buddha, for which she received the right to open the cycle of government of the zodiac animals. The rat is a smart and courageous animal. Its location will attract luck and prosperity to the house.

Rats have good imagination and curiosity. They love experiments and are always ready to try their hand at a new business. These qualities can be used in the preparation of the menu for the New Year's table. The use of innovative and bold culinary solutions will attract the attention of the mistress of the year.

You can experiment with taste decisions using an unusual set of spices in familiar recipes. Or replace / add new ingredients in familiar dishes. Change the cooking method, replacing, for example, frying by baking in the oven (which will be not only unusual, but also useful).

You can use a different meal serving, different from the usual. Pay more attention to the decor, using interesting solutions in decorating salads and appetizers. Here you can give free rein to fantasy:

  • make figures from food (for example, mice);
  • use special knives for decorative cutting;
  • beautifully spread canapes, cheese and meat plates, etc.

Despite her formidable appearance, the mistress of the year loves the home atmosphere and her loved ones. Therefore, it is recommended to spend New Year's Eve with family or close friends. If possible, you should use home-cooked dishes, rather than ordering them at a restaurant or buying ready-made food at a supermarket. The whole family can take part in the preparation of the New Year's table. With an organized distribution of responsibilities, this venture will turn into a fun and pleasant pastime for relatives.

What can I cook

The menu for the New Year 2020 of the Rat should be varied. It can include any kind of dishes (cold, hot, appetizers, salads, etc.) from all kinds of products. However, in connection with the preferences of the Rat, you should use ingredients that are widely used in the area without unnecessary frills and exoticism.


The rat loves groats. This is somewhat unusual food for the New Year's table, however, it can also be beautifully beaten. For example, cook pilaf. It includes rice, meat, vegetables and spices, which the hostess of the year will really enjoy. Pilaf will look rich on the table and will not leave anyone hungry.

You can also use various cereals as side dishes. Corn can be served with meat. And the addition of garlic and grated cheese will make it unusual. Another interesting side dish is bulgur porridge with vegetables (carrots, sweet peppers or tomatoes) and feta cheese.

Note. If cereals are not included in the New Year’s menu, then you just need to put a bowl of cereal on the table.


Whenever possible, the Rat will enjoy meat. Therefore, it is recommended to serve several types of meat dishes on the New Year's table. For a festive feast you can prepare:

  • tobacco chickens;
  • goose baked whole;
  • Pork in sweet and sour sauce;
  • chicken or turkey mince cutlets;
  • beef with apples, etc.

Meat with sauce will go well with a garnish of porridge.


Salads will be a great addition to the New Year's menu. If carbohydrate and protein foods prevail among the main dishes, then salads rich in fiber should be preferred. It can be vegetable or sweet fruit salads. They can be served as a break between the main dishes, or simply put on the table so that the guest can be treated to at any convenient time.

Vegetable salads contribute to good digestion and will prevent the undesirable consequences of a plentiful feast. Light ingredients such as yogurt or lemon juice and olive oil should be used for seasoning. They will make the salad not only tasty, but also healthy.


Of course, in the year of the Rat, it is necessary to put cheese on the table. The patroness of the year will be very happy with this delicacy. In addition to cheese cutting, you can use all kinds of canapes, combining meat products (ham, sausages), cheeses, pickles, vegetables and olives. Also, the Rat will also like meat cutting, which includes several types of sausages and smoked or salted meat.


To appease the Rat as much as possible, it is imperative to prepare a dessert. It can be cakes, or cookies and gingerbread cookies, or all kinds of mousses, etc. The easiest way is to make cookies and decorate it with icing. As decor elements, you can use New Year's motifs or make pastries in the shape of mice. Such cookies will delight both the eye and the stomach.

A good old sweet potato cake recipe made from cookies, cocoa and condensed milk is perfect as a dessert. Only instead of “potatoes” form “mice”.

What should not be cooked

The rat is an omnivorous animal; it loves many foods. This allows housewives not to limit themselves in the choice of ingredients when creating the menu. But, despite its unpretentiousness in nutrition, the Rat prefers high-quality food. Therefore, you should not save on products. It’s better that the New Year’s menu consists of 5-6 points, but everything will be prepared at a high level.

Among the products that are better not to use in the New Year's feast, so as not to offend the patroness, distinguish:

  • Cabbage (fresh and pickled), radishes, turnips. Vegetable salads can be made with carrots, beets and celery. Instead of sauerkraut, use other pickles - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, etc.
  • Semolina - despite the fact that the animal loves wheat and any other cereals, he does not eat semolina at all. Therefore, it should not be used not only as an ingredient for New Year's dishes, but also as a symbolic “offering” to the mistress of the year.

When planning a main meat dish, fatty meats should not be preferred. If there is pork "at the head" of the table, it is necessary to choose its lean parts. These include tenderloin, shoulder blade, loin. The highest fat content in ham, neck, brisket and ribs. They should not be cooked. If desired, you can cut off excess fat from the meat. You should also choose the lean part of the ram.

Baked lamb with anchovies and garlic

Problems can arise with cheese. Not every cheese likes Metal Rat. In nature, this animal does not like cheese with a pungent odor. Therefore, in 2020, you should not use:

  • Roquefort.
  • Bree.
  • Munster.
  • Camembert.
  • Pont Leveck.

It is better to choose more neutral foods: feta, feta cheese, Adyghe cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, etc.

Of the drinks, Rat negatively refers to strong alcohol. Therefore, vodka, whiskey, cognac, tequila, rum and other drinks with a large degree should be excluded from the New Year's menu. They can either be discarded or used as a basis for cocktails.