Criminal Investigation Day in Russia in 2020

In 2020, the Criminal Investigation Day in Russia will traditionally be celebrated by detectives, investigators, criminologists and representatives of other professions involved in the investigation of crimes. And although a professional holiday is not an official day off, for employees of the unit this is a special day, as they receive congratulations and gifts from colleagues, superiors, and relatives.

When it will be

All UGRO employees in Russia know what date Criminal Investigation Day is in 2020.

Important! In 2020, it is necessary to congratulate employees who are involved in solving crimes, on October 5.

The date of the professional holiday does not change from year to year, since it is timed to an important event - the creation of Tsentororozysk. And although in most cases employees have to go to work (2020 will be no exception), on October 5, the branches always have a festive mood.

A bit of history

Tsentororoisk began its work in 1918. The initiator of its formation was the People’s Committee of Internal Affairs. Since then, the unit is considered one of the most prestigious sectors of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And although employees have to face mortal danger and other difficulties, many police officers want to work in the UGRO. Workers are always treated with respect and reverence.

The history of the Russian investigation began in imperial times. After the serf reform, when serfs became free, the number of crimes increased - robberies, robberies, attacks. To change the situation and prevent the growth of crime, Emperor Alexander II proposed the creation of a detective police. She began working in St. Petersburg, and later in Moscow and other big cities.

Despite the fact that the UGRO performs important functions, is engaged in solving crimes, searching for intruders and missing people, for a long time the unit did not receive the necessary supplies. Often, employees did not even have weapons, although they often had to deal with criminals on the street. The situation changed only in the second half of the last century, although even now there is often a shortage of equipment.

Tradition of celebration

Over the years of the professional holiday, certain traditions have formed. On Criminal Investigation Day, concerts are often held for employees of the unit, as well as performances or theatrical performances. During the solemn part, the authorities congratulate the subordinates and present:

  • thanks;
  • material gifts;
  • awards;
  • diplomas;
  • medals for courage, etc.

A bonus is often issued for the holiday, and the best employees can expect a promotion. Detectives often die in the dangerous service at the hands of cybercriminals, so on October 5, security officers, investigators and forensic investigators will certainly honor the memory of dead colleagues, remembering them with warm words.

Supervisors usually organize official receptions, and ordinary workers arrange corporate parties. Sometimes a holiday is celebrated in a close family circle. Congratulating the culprits of the holiday is accepted with words and postcards. Sometimes they give symbolic and inexpensive gifts, various souvenirs.

Interesting Facts

Criminal investigation is an important division of the interior. A lot of films have been made about his work and employees and many books have been written, and often real people and events are taken as a basis. In one of the most famous films about UGRO "The meeting place cannot be changed," the main characters have real prototypes. True, in real life Arapov (Sharapov's prototype) was more like Zheglov in character.

The series “Liquidation” with Vladimir Mashkov in the lead role was also created on the basis of real events, namely, according to the entries from the diary of David Kurland, who was the head of the UGRO in post-war Odessa. The detective became the prototype of the main character of the film - David Gotzman.

Here are some more interesting facts:

  1. Criminal investigators annually reveal about 70% of all crimes. This is over 45 thousand atrocities throughout Russia. In a year, investigators solve more than 20 thousand murders across the country.
  2. The first mention of the detective police dates back to 1866.
  3. In 1913, the Russian detective police was recognized as the best search unit in the world, as announced at the International Congress of Criminalists in Switzerland.
  4. The main informants of the Russian investigation were the janitors who reported on all the incidents.
  5. Police began to be called cops because of the badge worn by detectives of the Moscow Criminal Investigation. It depicted a dog of the breed of cops.

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