Comic predictions for the New Year 2020

Comic predictions for the new year 2020 will give a lot of fun joy to everyone who will brightly celebrate the holiday. To remember New Year's Eve, people often congratulate each other with funny predictions and tips. Why not feel like a child at this moment and make entertaining forecasts? Cheer up yourself and your loved ones, and we will tell you the most interesting ideas.

Holiday script

Most celebrate the New Year with their families. However, comic predictions for 2020 can also be applied during a corporate party or New Year's meeting with friends. The main thing is a suitable atmosphere and the appropriateness of the undertaking. It is necessary to think over the entertainment program, taking into account such important points:

  • individual features of the invitees;
  • number of guests;
  • astrological features of 2020.

Knowing the information about future guests, you can find or independently make comic predictions for the New Year 2020 of the Rat. With a well-thought-out scenario of the festival and ready-made jokes, you can entertain the people present, not let them get bored and change the traditions of the usual feast.

Preparing in advance for the festive event, you can make the expectation and preparation for the meeting of the battle of chimes more exciting. One of the development options may be the scoring of predictions after the clock strikes midnight.

Predictions must be written in a humorous form. They will give everyone a good mood, allow you to dream about a good future and just have some fun.

The comic New Year script is suitable for a close circle of friends, close relatives, youth events, colleagues and even neighbors. Humorous predictions can be combined with the presentation of New Year's gifts.

Prediction Form

A separate topic is how to make comic predictions for the New Year 2020. It provides carte blanche, the opportunity to show all the creativity and skill for a spectacular performance. The forecast can have a different format: taking into account the signs of the zodiac, in the form of prose or in verse, with jokes.

Predictions can be made using different attributes:

  • biscuits;
  • candies;
  • air balloons;
  • postcards.

It has been popular in recent years to arrange games with Chinese cookies. You need to prepare for the event as follows - bake shortbread cookies, which will be in the shape of ears, and put printed predictions inside.

Other options:

  1. A fun option is song predictions. Before pulling fortune telling, you need to say out loud the phrase "What awaits me in 2020?". The guest gets a piece of paper with a line or an excerpt from a popular song. For example, "Ah, this wedding, the wedding ..." or "Only a glass of vodka on the table."
  2. The easiest way to conceive a fortune-telling book. You can take some fun piece (some even use children's books). Of course, each guest will read excerpts out loud.
  3. Most often, they use ordinary pieces of paper, which are folded into tubes. Some write them on snowflakes, fold them and put them in a hat, hat or opaque jar. Guests take turns drawing one prediction and reading it out loud.
  4. If you sew a special bag, you can put it in the center of the festive table. Invited people will get pieces of paper and share their impressions. The main thing is to take into account the number of guests and make forecasts with a margin.

Funny predictions

You can make predictions on any topic, or stick to any specific topics. The most popular are the following:

  • love;
  • friendship;
  • career;
  • profit;
  • well-being.

Download comic predictions for the New Year 2020:

Options for short comic predictions for the New Year 2020:

  • If you work overtime, you will get a good bonus.
  • If you get up early every morning, you will never be late for your favorite job.
  • In the year of the rat, you can’t work like a horse - this will throw you back several years ago.
  • How many peas from Olivier salad you eat, so many wishes you will fulfill in 2020.
  • Leave the house on the first of January and look to the right - you will see your bright future.
  • A new fur coat presented to his wife for the New Year - to love and tranquility.
  • If you eat a lot of chocolate, cakes and rolls - you will update the wardrobe.
  • New Year will be filled with a lot of exciting, interesting and exciting ... housework.
  • In the new year, an increase is expected at work - the office will move to a higher floor.
  • In 2020, you will meet great love ... very great - at least 130 kilograms.
  • Don’t borrow more. If you take, then forever.
  • After a well-fed feast in the morning, expect a strong blow - from the numbers on the scales.
  • You will find many exciting trips - to the country.
  • You are threatened with an attack ... success and fabulous luck will attack you so that you cannot get rid of them.
  • Before you open all the doors ... shops.
  • No need to learn from mistakes. Learn Better on the Guitar

  • Come into the chief’s office with the right foot, and you will be promoted.
  • In 2020, you will have the pleasure of spending a lot, and the equal pleasure of earning a lot.
  • I wish you luck, there will be an addition in your family.
  • In the new year, someone will be lucky again. Maybe for you, so be prepared for this.
  • A cool surprise awaits you in the first week of the new year.
  • You will finally get rid of your bad habits, but you can still get a couple of bad ones.
  • Today is the best day for you. However, like everything next year.
  • You will be able to discover many useful things for yourself in the year of the Rat. Now it's time to open the champagne.
  • 80 percent of all problems and troubles are solved by themselves, and the remaining 20 percent are not solved at all. Therefore relax and do not scamper.
  • If you put your clothes inside out in the summer, you will attract people's attention. Or maybe you will meet love!
  • Always look under your feet so as not to slip on the spits of envious people.
  • When you feel successful, do not forget about true friends.

  • Changes are coming to you, let go of old grievances.
  • On January 2, you can start a quiet lifestyle, but for now, have fun with all your heart.
  • You will certainly gain weight, though the increase will be in the wallet area.
  • Be attentive to every glass of alcohol - don't miss it by the mouth!

Holding an event with comic predictions will not require any special financial outlay, only imagination and a little time. But New Year's Eve, a meeting with friends or a corporate party will get new colors, fortune-telling will give everyone a good mood and charge you with a positive.

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