2018-2020 Swimming Rank Table

You have been visiting the pool for a long time and you want to reach certain heights in sports - find out what discharge standards the current discharge table for swimming sets in 2018-2020 sets and what conditions exist for pools and open water.

Existing EBC standards

The single all-Russian sports classification was adopted in 2018, but the current discharge standards for swimming will be relevant in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

In accordance with Order No. 990 of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation of 11/13/2017, innovations are effective from 01/01/18.

Important! In the new document, the names of some sports disciplines are changed, so before submitting documents for assigning a rank or rank, specify the basic data. If the application is filled out incorrectly (this also includes the incorrect spelling of the discipline name), the rank or rank will not be awarded.

Tables of standards (pools)

Order No. 990 sets the standards for the disciplines:

  • freestyle (50 m / 100 m / 200 m / 400 m / 800 m / 1500 m);
  • brass (50 m / 100 m / 200 m);
  • on the back (50 m / 100 m / 200 m);
  • butterfly stroke (50 m / 100 m / 200 m);
  • integrated swimming (200 m / 400 m).

The following tables apply these abbreviations:

Men (25 meters)

Professionals say that in swimming, only 30% of success depends on strength, and the remaining 70% on the technique and endurance of the athlete. The shorter the distance, the more attention should be paid to speed, the longer, the more important will be endurance and the ability to properly distribute strength.

In a 25-meter pool, an athlete can achieve a better result thanks to a greater number of jolts from the side, which somewhat reduces the total time. In 2019-2021, in such pools, you should focus on the following standards:

Men (50 meters)

The 50-meter pool was called Olympic, because it is in such conditions that Olympic competitions are held, while 25-meter pools can be used to host World or European Championships.

It takes more time to overcome the same distances in a 50-meter pool, therefore, the table of swimming standards has its own characteristics, which should be taken into account when preparing for competitions in 2018, 2019 or 2020.

Women (25 meters)

Many athletes agree that it is more convenient to conduct training in a 25-meter pool. But at the same time, the increased number of turns and the difference in distance can adversely affect the result. If the training will take place only in short pools, while performance will be taken into account over a long distance. It is considered optimal to conduct training in different conditions. This will give self-confidence and a guarantee of the result.

The EWSC swimming rank table sets for women such standards for 25-meter pools for 2018-2020.

Women (50 meters)

To overcome the distance in the Olympic 50-meter pool, keeping within the numbers that the new table of swimming standards gives us, athletes will have to train a lot of endurance in 2018-2020. The main problem for some regions is also the small number of sports complexes that they can afford pool of this size. Nevertheless, if you have to pass the standard in such conditions, take the numbers indicated in this table for the basic norms:

Mandatory conditions

First of all, it is worth knowing that for all categories and ranks there are age restrictions:

Important! In order to qualify for a rank or title, an athlete must reach the specified age in the year they are held.

For those wishing to receive a rank or rank, the following rules apply:

  1. youthful II or III r. can assign competition of any rank to the competitor;
  2. I (s) and also II and III sport. ranks are awarded for achievements in competitions with a status not lower than inter-municipal;
  3. I sport. rank and CCM requires a level of at least official competitions of the subject of the Russian Federation and the mandatory presence of an electronic time recording system (or the presence of at least 3 timekeepers at a higher price)
  4. MS can be obtained by fulfilling the standard when participating in competitions no lower than the championship of the federal district (subject to the availability of an electronic timing system);
  5. MSMK is assigned to participants in international competitions from the ETUC list.

Open water

In open water, an athlete can receive swimming discharges in 2018-2020 by following these standards:

On the way to the top

For most professional athletes, the path to the top begins in childhood. As you can see, there is a strict hierarchy of ranks and titles that must be obtained on the way to the coveted MSMK.

Important! Youth and sports categories are assigned in the regions of the athlete's residence, and the titles are awarded by the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

If the achievement is recorded in accordance with all the rules and taking into account the requirements of the established standards, the trainer must submit a presentation for qualification within 4 months. from the day the result was recorded.

All achievements on the path to success are recorded in a special book, which athletes, as a rule, acquire at their own expense. When filling out the book, please note that in addition to the rank (or rank) were indicated:

  • competition rating;
  • information about the judges who recorded the achievement;
  • links to relevant assignment orders.

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