Tatyana's day in 2020

Tatyana’s day in 2020 will traditionally be celebrated at the end of January. This folk-Christian holiday has long roots and traditions. Tatyana owners celebrate Angel Day, and students of secondary and higher educational institutions celebrate Student Day.

When will be celebrated

Some professional and church holidays do not have a fixed date. Although this has nothing to do with Tatyana's Day, as his date has not changed for many years. The exception was the transition from one calendar to another.

Important! In 2020, Tatyana’s Day will be celebrated on January 25th.

This holiday is not considered an official weekend, but in 2020 it falls on Saturday, so students, Tatyana and their relatives will be able to arrange noisy festivities and feasts.

The date of the holiday was not chosen by chance. The fact is that he is dedicated to the holy martyr Tatiana of Rome, who lived in the III century. On the day of her death (January 25), all Christians honor her memory.

History of the Christian holiday

The Great Martyr had to endure serious trials. Her life story deserves respect and admiration. She was born in the family of the consul. And although her father was close to the Roman emperor, secretly adopted Christianity. From an early age, Tatiana instilled a love of religion from her father. She was very imbued with faith, so she abandoned worldly life. I went to the temple, where I spent a lot of time at prayers. In addition, she helped the needy and the sick, provided them with spiritual and material support.

When pagans began persecution of worshipers of the Christian faith in the Roman Empire, Tatiana was arrested. She was offered to abandon religion and accept paganism, but she remained true to her ideas and faith. After that, the woman began to be tortured. She was beaten, thrown into a cage from a lion and a bonfire, but Tatiana remained adamant.

The church says that a miracle happened with the holy martyr - God's grace descended on her. Milk oozed from her wounds instead of blood, and the angels softened the blows. Since the martyr did not renounce her faith, she was executed with her father on January 25 (12). The executioners never managed to break the Holy Spirit. Later, some of them converted to Christianity, and the woman was ranked among the holy great martyrs.

Student's day

The great martyr Tatyana is considered the patroness of students, therefore, on January 25, students of colleges, colleges, technical schools, and higher educational institutions celebrate their professional holiday. Although the history of this holiday began in the XVIII century, when Elizaveta Petrovna signed a decree on the opening of Moscow University. Its founder was Ivan Shuvalov. The opening was dedicated to the mother of Shuvalova Tatyana Rodionovna, and this event took place on January 12 (according to the old calendar). Later, the holy martyr was considered the patroness of students, and a church in her honor was opened on the territory of Moscow University.

During the time of the Russian Empire, the holiday was celebrated on a large scale by all students and teachers. The ceremonies necessarily ended with noisy festivities in the restaurant. Behind the scenes, the holiday was considered the day of the Russian intelligentsia, but with the advent of Soviet power it was banned. He only revived in 1995, when the temple was opened at Moscow University in honor of the Roman Great Martyr. In 2005, the decree of the president approved the Day of Russian Students.


Tatyana’s day is a multifaceted holiday. A lot of student and folk traditions are associated with it. Believers must go to church for worship. Pupils light a candle in the church and turn to the patroness with a prayer to help her study. With prayers, women go to the icon of the holy martyr, who breastfeed the child. The great martyr is asked for health for infants.

Knowing when Tatyana’s day will be in 2020, you should definitely congratulate friends with that name. Native Tanya give cards and symbolic gifts. Some families have a gala dinner.

How students celebrate

On January 25, ceremonial events are obligatory held in secondary and higher educational institutions, which include a concert program and rewarding students for various achievements in studies, sports, social activities, etc. For students also organize:

  • discos;
  • receptions;
  • Celebrations in a cafe or restaurant.

Instead of traditional festivities, modern youth often chooses a trip to an entertainment center or a cinema.

Ancient rites

Earlier on a woman’s holiday, they necessarily baked bread or a cow, which symbolized the sun. He was not only served on the table, but also treated them to all the guests in order to give them a piece of the sun.

Young girls always shook rugs and hung them on the gates to show their grooms that they were great housewives and would be good wives. If the girl had a fan, she laid a rug on the threshold. If a guy wiped his feet on him, he would certainly become a frequent guest in the house.

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