New Year 2020 in Belarus

New year 2020 in Belarus will appeal to connoisseurs of European culture. This small country has created the conditions for an exciting holiday during the Christmas holidays. Many tourists, arriving in the "blue-eyed", fall in love with picturesque landscapes, the hospitality of local residents, the amazing holiday atmosphere that prevails in the cities. Inexpensive prices, ski resorts, cleanliness and comfort - all this awaits travelers in Belarus for the New Year 2020.

Climate features

January is considered the coldest month in the country in question. The average temperature during the day varies from -2 to -6 ºС in the north (in the Vitebsk region), while it gets warmer as you move south. Increasingly, residents of the Brest region celebrate New Year with positive marks on the thermometer and without snow. Sometimes in the republic frosts occur up to -20 ºС, but this rarely happens.

Particular attention should be paid to humidity, which on cloudy days reaches 80-90%. With precipitation, the wind in open areas increases, and often its gusts reach 15-20 m / s. When planning to spend New Year 2020 in Belarus, do not forget to bring winter clothes with you. Warm shoes, a scarf, gloves and a thermos are useful if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Vitebsk region

You can read about options for meeting the main winter holiday in Minsk and the Minsk region here. The closest Russian tourists get to Vitebsk - a city with a population of 400 thousand inhabitants is located only 120 km from Smolensk. Traditionally, all New Year's events in the "cultural capital of Belarus" will be held on Victory Square. Here they will establish the main Christmas tree of the region, a festive scene, bright illumination at the fountains, and a free ice rink will flood. In the program of New Year's entertainment:

  • trade fairs;
  • discos;
  • Parade of Santa Clauses;
  • performances of artists;
  • contests for vacationers;
  • congratulation of the President of the Republic of Belarus on the big screen.

In the Vitebsk region, you can also visit Polotsk - the oldest city in the country with a huge number of attractions. Families with children are offered tours to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve (price from 2,000 rubles), where unique representatives of the fauna listed in the Red Book live.

Mogilev region

Mogilev on New Year's Eve 2020 will be transformed beyond recognition. The main Christmas tree of the region will be placed on Lenin Square, where thousands of guests and residents of the city will come in the evening of December 31. The program of celebrations is expected to disco, competitions, round dances, congratulations from Santa Claus. For those who do not want to celebrate January 1 in the open air, restaurants, including:

  • Versailles (Pushkin Avenue, 67 B);
  • "101" (Fire Lane, 6 B);
  • "Vintage" (May Day, 29);
  • "Bellagio" (Leninsky, 21);
  • "Chalet" (Darwin, 4).

In the entertainment establishments of Mogilev, mainly European and Belarusian cuisine is presented. For lovers of culinary delights, we recommend trying pancakes, cracklings with sausages, bast, dumplings, spring rolls, local beer, as well as moonshine made according to a special recipe. Prices in the city are quite affordable: the average check in restaurants varies within 4,000 rubles per table. Reservations for places you like should be made in advance.

Gomel region

Gomel will welcome travelers with a cheerful atmosphere and original illumination. In a small clean city there is everything for a good rest for the New Year 2020. Mass festivities will unfold during the Christmas holidays on Lenin Square, where they will establish the main Christmas tree of the region, a stage for artists to perform, ice sculptures, tents with tea and sweets.

Many tourists come to the Gomel region in winter to get healthier in local sanatoriums. The list of the most popular institutions should include:

  • "Cornflower";
  • "Scilla";
  • "Romance";
  • "Golden Sands";
  • "Sunny Beach";
  • Silver keys.

Prices in the health resorts of Belarus for the New Year 2020 will increase slightly, but they will still remain lower than in most similar institutions in Russia. For example, the cost of accommodation in a standard double room of the Vasilek sanatorium with meals and a set of medical procedures will be 2,500 rubles per day. With the availability of rooms, a list of services offered, infrastructure can be found on the official website of the selected institution.

The Grodno region

Grodno is the most European city in Belarus with its small historical center. Only 50 km to the border with the Baltic states, which leaves a certain imprint on the local way of life. For example, most citizens celebrate Christmas in the Catholic style (December 25), and the Orthodox celebration is held on a smaller scale. At the same time, in Grodno there are a huge number of architectural monuments, such as the Old and New Castles, the Borisoglebskaya Church, the Choral Synagogue. All of them will be available for visiting during the New Year holidays.

In the Grodno region, you should visit the capital of Belarusian brewing - Lida, having tasted various varieties of foamy drink there and examined the local castle. In Novogrudok, the house-museum of the famous writer Adam Mitskevich is located, as well as unique monuments of defense architecture. Its castle, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in the town of Mir, as well as in Lyubcha and Olshany.

Brest region

Brest is literally within walking distance from the Polish border. A small city in the south-west of Belarus plans to celebrate the New Year 2020 in a fun and non-trivial way. A traditional Christmas tree will be set up on Lenin Square, and colorful illumination will create a fabulous mood. During the Christmas holidays, tourists will be able to visit the museum of archeology "Berestye", the Brest Fortress, Kholm Gate.

Among the main places to visit in the Brest region, we note:

  • Church of the Holy Apostle Andrew, Choral Synagogue in Slonim;
  • Holy Assumption Monastery in Zhirovichi;
  • Church of St. Michael in Synkovichi.

The Brest region is famous for the Bialowieza Forest, where the Belarusian Grandfather Frost also opens its residence in winter. In the reserve you can visit the Museum of Nature, see the legendary bison, feed other animals in aviaries. The cost of a family excursion to Belovezhskaya Pushcha is up to 3,000 rubles.

Offers of tour operators

New Year's tours to Belarus for 2020 are inexpensive compared to similar trips to Riga, Tallinn or Ukraine. On average, the price of a 3-day trip varies between 15,000 rubles per person, although individual trips with a holiday banquet and excursions will cost 20,000. There is no language barrier in the republic, Russians are well disposed, and there is even a free table in a prestigious restaurant in the multi-million dollar Minsk.

Thus, holidays for the New Year 2020 in Belarus can be organized inexpensively and tastefully. In this small, but original country, there is a lot to go to, what to see, so many tourists who visited the "blue-eyed" are impressed by what they saw and come here again.

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