Comic horoscope for 2020 for all zodiac signs

A cheerful comic horoscope for 2020 will tell you what to prepare for the signs of the Zodiac, cause a smile, cheer up. While the White Metal Rat rules, everyone will have to enjoy moments of special favor from the stars, when any business will be feasible, and there will be no trace of problems.

For Aries

Stubborn Aries often quarrel close people. Even good motives for actions often remain incomprehensible, lead to disappointments due to their unwillingness to be flexible, and excessive demands on others. According to the comic horoscope, the year 2020, the manner of moving towards the goal “beyond the heads of others”, contrary to all oddly, will bring a very good result in work, business, and career growth.

Aries is a child at 6 years old and at 60 years old. He categorically refuses to grow up, therefore he demands attention, awaits concessions, and expects condescension. Women know how to find a common language with everyone, especially if it is beneficial for them. They are pretty, spectacular, artistic. Men are a little uncouth, devoid of sophisticated manners, but straightforward, reliable. In the new year, everyone who wants to build a strong relationship will have a chance to settle down, start a family.

Choosing a companion of life, a gentleman should focus on a beautiful lady who knows how to cook, but is not interested in anyone except the beautiful Aries. This wonderful girl must have a constant source of income, must be able to keep quiet and adapt to the mood of the owner of the house. Given all the unimaginable merits of the sign, about which he himself knows more than anyone else, to meet such a young lady is not difficult.

For Taurus

For Taurus, this is a time of success. Lovers of money who know how to accumulate money like the “mistress" of the year, who will give winters the opportunity to gain weight in every sense: in society, in finance, in the body. Aspiring every hour of their lives to invest at future interest, Taurus risk getting tired of their own efforts, get to nervous exhaustion.

To cope with a breakdown will help the right diet, a good night's sleep. This is quite enough to cultivate an irrepressible desire to work even more within. If there is not enough strength for the implementation of projects, you will need an additional source of energy, for example, morning jogging, yoga classes on the balcony of the apartment.

The love field of men, as well as women, expects passion, not even regular, but constant. They categorically dismiss flirting "for one day", since they consider such an investment of time and money to be completely unjustified. Thirsty to go with the Taurus down the aisle, you should "take the bull by the horns" and act. The Year of the White Rat is the ideal period to marry.

For twins

The dual nature allows them to get out of any situation with their heads held high. Long torments of conscience - a quality of character, Gemini is not well known, so they can not hold a joyful mood. For all their egoism, the representatives of the Constellation are sensitive to those they love and respect. They know how to build relationships with friends: if they don’t help with business or money, they will definitely listen, and will allow them to “cry into a vest”.

Under the influence of the Metal Rat, one will have to abandon cunning adventures. Any work endeavors, aspirations to get rich, will have the opportunity to come true. In order for the symbol of the year not to show Gemini the back ahead of time, you will have to refrain from rash spending, throwing "money in the wind." Those who find a good stash, it is better to invest it in real estate, and not lower it during a trip or for pleasure.

Twins women have to reconsider their priorities. Ladies who want to be happy should throw out all that is unnecessary from their lives and relationships, with no hope for the future. As soon as the place is vacated, the very prince will appear, perhaps on a horse, but most likely driving a credit car. It is better for men to protect family relations, and leave everything that happens outside the walls of the house outside.

For crayfish

Crayfish move back only in jokes, but in life they are purposeful, emotionally stable natures. Always hold on to what they have. They change their priorities with difficulty, fear changes. They do not aspire to conquer the peaks, because so everything is fine, why there is an extra hassle.

The year of the White Rat, according to the comic horoscope for 2020, will bring single and free men an acute need for a second half. He wants love, borsch with pies, cozy evenings watching TV. However, already at the end of autumn, the decision on marriage would seem premature, especially in the days of advance payment and salary. Those inclined to regret spending money on others, they do not deny themselves anything, therefore they often remain alone with a “broken” heart. Crazy loving Rakov will be useful to know that to keep their admiration can be without asking anything, not hoping for anything.

Year 2020 will be successful in terms of material acquisitions. If financial surpluses are skillfully invested in real estate, then the benefits will not be long in coming, especially during times of economic instability. Fortune smiles sincerely on Gemini women, so you can safely enter the university of dreams, get a prestigious job, open your own blog on the Internet.

For Lviv

Lions are confident in their attractiveness, proud, convinced that the world revolves only for their pleasure. Women are able to conquer any men, and during their family life they manage to turn frank simpletons into a "strong shoulder" to the envy of all unmarried friends. Men are easily given career opportunities. They know how to achieve the disposition of superiors without harming relationships with colleagues.

In the spring, a comic horoscope predicts a serious emotional shake. Possible health problems. Due to some nervous tension, the perception of life will become aggravated, a desire to surround oneself with native people will appear. As for additional sources of income, the money will “manage” to come as necessary, which every morally stable Leo takes for granted.

Constellation representatives always have a lot of desires. They are indifferent to the opinions of others, but they themselves are able to convince others, often become leaders. If they sincerely want something, they are sure to achieve it. To get along with such people, you should remember that behind their formidable posture is a soft kitten, which for a gentle purr is enough to scratch behind the ear.

For virgins

Virgo always looks down at the rest of the Zodiac. In her opinion, she is intelligent, elegant, beautiful, wise, therefore she knows better than doctors what to treat and how, she understands the school curriculum better than teachers, and in general, she always does better than others. Cynicism, high self-esteem, proud inaccessibility, become a kind of "broom": people who are not trustworthy, she swept out of life without the slightest regret.

The whole period promises to be successful for those who, after the next purge in the ranks of their fans and admirers, decide to make their choice. At home, the sign exclusively occupies a leadership position. Women are good at housekeeping, they can cook and set the table, many even know how to use a needle with thread, knitting needles, and crochet hooks. Men step by step achieve a position in society, are able to improve their social status, form useful contacts, and are friends with those who are profitable.

By the end of spring, the risk of "picking up" the virus grows, so sneezing colleagues, traveling by public transport should be avoided. Low immunity among office workers will require outdoor activities in the summer. A good idea would be to refuse to travel to the sea as a "savage", in favor of a sanitary and preventive rest. Those Virgos who slightly lower the bar of requirements for others will not have to celebrate the New Year alone, the rest remains to draw conclusions for the future.

For Libra

Libra, according to the horoscope for 2020, begins the "white" life span. For those who do not believe in luck, circumstances will still turn out well. Restrained, self-loving, keen, demanding and courageous, these people stand out among others, never seem like "gray mice". Under the authority of the Metallic White Rat, men and women of the sign will be able to find mental balance, develop strategies for the future, and establish relationships with relatives.

This is a great time to look for lovers, reconciliation, restoration of trust. Libra hates loneliness, but with all his looks try to prove the opposite. It is difficult to look into their souls, so it remains to improvise. If we are talking about a wedding, then this alignment of "lady in white" will appeal.

While Libra is joyful, those around him rejoice. If Libra is upset, they torture each and every one with their nit-picking, manipulation. Thus, in order to maintain harmony, it is enough to create the right atmosphere for them. It is allowed to use any means: gifts, compliments, concessions, free money.

For Scorpions

In order for Scorpio to be happy, everything should turn out as he wants. The sign is distinguished by strength, knows how to charm, and uses it unscrupulously. He rarely feels pity for those whom he “chewed and spat out”, does not disdain to step over friendship and love for the sake of his own formation. This is a born adventurer, capable of confusing any dubious businessman.

But now he will have to adapt to the priorities of the mistress of the period. The desire to collect money in the “stocking”, only modest spending, the refusal to issue loans is welcomed. For those seeking to buy an apartment or a house, luck will smile at the full width of their white-toothed smile. It is extremely undesirable to miss a profitable deal, because not always something good turns out to be so affordable.

Women will experience a slight love shock, the risk of a break will increase. Accustomed to parting, ladies rarely adapt to men's requests, but if they do, they will not regret it. It is important for men to stop taking risks. The tendency to make spontaneous decisions is also inappropriate: the Rat loves stability, runs away from those who make her nervous, worry about nothing.

For Sagittarius

While the White Rat reigns, Sagittarius will want to think again and again about the meaning of life. Bright, shocking, with constantly changing habits and desires, he is sometimes cruel, implacable. Leaving behind a string of broken hearts, he rarely turns around, but he himself remains alone. It is with loneliness, as the comic horoscope predicts, that the new year will begin for most representatives of the sign.

Dreaming of a change in family status is lucky enough to meet an interesting person. The rest can safely project the future, develop strategies for conquering the world, and sit for long periods at work. Any desire for development, broadening the horizons for the sake of improving the financial situation is welcome.

The easily-addicted, creative Sagittarius is sometimes overly emotional, which makes him annoyed by the Rat, which strives to stand firmly on its feet and has nothing to do with philosophers, poets, and thinkers. For her, the world is extremely simple. She knows that "there is good," she knows how to get good, to accumulate. Representatives of the sign, hungry for stability, should look at circumstances from a new angle for themselves, taking the mistress of the year as an example.

For Capricorn

Capricorns are stubborn, firm, persistent. They love the hearth, enjoy family values, and by the middle of their life have financial stability. The ability to achieve goals, intolerance of other people's weaknesses, and leadership abilities provide them with a successful take-off, but have a bad effect on relations with parents, soul mates, and children.

The comic horoscope for 2020 will present a serious chance to enrich the passport with a stamp about marriage. To everyone who wants to receive a wedding ring as a gift, spring will prepare this long-awaited surprise. The symbol of the year belongs to Capricorn well, noting the common values. Using the favor of the stars, Capricorns will be able to solve many of their problems.

Arranging a family nest, they manage to notice every little thing, they calculate everything. They create comfort, focusing on themselves, as they are passionate lovers. But those who are near, also get a considerable fraction of comfort. If Capricorn learns to “not butt” periodically, if he allows other family members to make decisions, ceases to prophesy trouble for everyone, then everything will be fine with him: at home and beyond.

For Aquarius

Aquarians are too good, smart, creative, unusual to be contemporaries to those around them. Undoubtedly, a random gust of wind from a parallel world is brought to this planet. That is why they are a little "out of this world." Eccentricity helps them achieve public success, creative recognition.

They can become impoverished to ugliness, and very soon get rich to ugliness. Moreover, none of them is able to clearly explain why such leaps occur with stunning constancy. In the year 2020, representatives of the air will have to go down to earth. The White Rat does not like ethers and euphoria, preferring a “tit”, which can be felt, a “crane”, which cannot be reached.

To make friends with her, Aquarius should plan financial stability and a permanent partner, at least for this time. Subject to the rules of conduct established by the mistress of the period, any idea will be on the shoulder, and the impossible will take and materialize, contrary to common sense.

For Pisces

Fish are smart, interesting, able to listen, subdue without much effort. In the year of the Rat, according to a comic horoscope, those of them who are tired of adventures and want to settle down will be lucky enough to be under the care of a person who is ready to shoulder this contradictory sign. In general, relations with the White Rat at first will not work out in the best way. She absolutely does not share the inconstancy of the nature of Pisces, does not understand why they rush from one extreme to another.

In the second half of the year, it is possible to improve the financial situation, successful marriage or marriage. Mistress of the year will give Pisces a chance to get a promising job, help to deal with loans and debts. In exchange, he expects from the representatives of this Constellation a change in attitude to money, concern for the preservation of the family hearth.

Fishes like science, they like to fantasize, invent. They create families, but sometimes they catch themselves thinking that they could live alone, without families, and probably would be happy. If such ideas come to mind, you should immediately get rid of them, because as soon as the Fish gets what she wants, she immediately needs the opposite living conditions for happiness.

General tips

According to predictions, the year 2020 will be difficult, but well-fed and calm. In order not to miss good luck during this period, you just need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Think only of the good.
  • Dreaming of the great.
  • Protect the health of body and soul.
  • Do not be afraid of change.
  • To love loved ones.

A comic astroprognosis will certainly come true, especially for those who are able to protect themselves from the negative of others. Great philosophers argue that thoughts can take shape, so you need to shape a life around you full of joy and positive.

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