Wedding in 2020: auspicious days

The new year 2020 was put into power by the White Metal Rat. The yellow earthen twelve-year color closes, and the next cycle opens. This coincides with the start of a new decade. The sign is distinguished by its persistence in achieving its goals, and is conducive to new beginnings and global changes in life. The wedding is one of the most radical changes in the fate of both spouses. But 2020 is special, it has not 365, but 366 days - a leap year. Superstitions associated with this are densely populated in the minds of many, so it’s better to ask in advance the premises of prejudice and how well-founded they are.

Wedding 2020: accept or wait

In earlier periods of history, a leap year was considered the brides' period. Young girls sought to pick a date for a future celebration, sometimes not paying due attention to their chosen one. The bride practiced the opportunity to get married to the groom, which also did not always contribute to the strength of the unions. Refusing to “matchmakers” was not accepted, the result was more frequent divorces, which is quite logical, given the frequency of marriages in this period. But only the tip of the iceberg remained on the surface, and the leap got a bad reputation.

If you look from an astronomical point of view, then the presence of 366 days is due exclusively to the duration of the space year. All four previous ones before leap have not 365, but 365 with a quarter days. As a result, quarters were collected in one 366, but once every 4 years. No mysticism and nothing paranormal.

In esotericism, the Rat, as a sign of the zodiac, is characterized by a commitment to family, home, children, the ability to earn and spend money. The lucky number of the year is a deuce and a triple, you should choose the wedding date with this in mind. Children born in 2020 will be distinguished by deep respect for their parents, grandparents.

Beautiful wedding dates

In addition to the season, astrologers advise paying attention to the dates of the upcoming celebration. In a leap year there is one beautiful alternating date -20.02.2020. The practice of previous years shows that symbolic dates (02/17/2017, 02/18/2018, 02/19/2019) are booked at the registry office in advance. There are so many people who want to get a beautiful set of numbers in their marriage certificate that you can not get into their number.

On February 20, 2020 falls on Thursday, which is close to the weekend, which means that the queue will be provided. Admirers of the Pythagorean numerological system believe that the presence of twos in the date provides charisma, determination and a large energy resource. And the more the numbers 2, the better. The presence of an additional plus for those who believe in the magic of numbers.

Signs for honeymoon leap year

The culture of any people is rich in superstitions for the newlyweds, but the leap year has received a special place. If the wedding is already planned in 2020, then signs should be ignored or neutralized, their negative impact.

Wedding Benefits

Given the favorable days for the organization of a wedding in leap 2020, you can defend the joint decision of future spouses. To reinforce your own conviction, such moments will help:

  • In Orthodoxy, there are no restrictions on a leap year. The sacrament of weddings is not performed during the periods of great many days of fasting and on Saturday, Pancake week, Easter week and from January 7 to 19.
  • If your own common sense and the convictions of both marrying for weddings, you should not rely on the “pre-tested over the years” prejudices of relatives.
  • When one of the upcoming marital union is influenced by superstitions, the second can regard this as disrespect, and try to look for a less "suggested" companion. Testing the strength of love and devotion through pseudo-faith and symbolism is sometimes fraught with a break in relations.
  • It is significant that newlyweds adhering to superstitions, the marriage has to be postponed not for one, but for two years. After the leap year, according to the same beliefs, the “widowed” year follows.
  • According to static data, due to prejudice or not, but in leap years there are fewer marriages, which means it’s easier to choose a place for the event. It’s easier to find a high-class photographer, an experienced presenter and go to the best restaurant on the appointed date.

Negative causes and superstition

The main stumbling block in the choice of 2020 for the wedding is defending his decision to superstitious relatives. If the newlyweds are firmly convinced of the correctness of their mutual intentions, then you can loyally circumvent this topic by referring to the biblical canons. The Orthodox Church does not put visible barriers to the ceremony of marriage, but harshly criticizes adherence to pagan remnants and the inclination to supernatural superstition.

If you can’t get rid of the obsessive advices, there are several ways to “reduce” the mystical influence of the year:

  1. To extend the marriage, the bride is recommended to wear a long, flowing dress with a train. For jewelry, accessories are selected in a vintage style - suggesting an endless fervor of feelings and a long union. Well, if it will be the family jewelry of a beloved grandmother, who lived in a happy marriage for half a century.
  2. The tablecloth from the wedding table of the bride and groom is taken with them. Subsequently, she covered a table for all subsequent wedding anniversaries. If you follow this prejudice, then the tablecloth should be purchased in advance or stipulate its purchase in a restaurant.
  3. A year before the planned celebration, to abandon high-profile parties in the bride's house so as not to frighten off the upcoming family happiness. It is not at all difficult to observe this restriction if you celebrate birthdays and anniversaries in a restaurant or outdoors.

Favorable and unfavorable days for a wedding in 2020

Choosing the days for the wedding, the zodiac signs of both spouses are taken into account, and the influence of the lunar days on them. The wedding is planned, focusing on the time of year, month, and then the approximate date. Correct the exact number, adjusting to the bride and groom.

MonthGood daysMost favorable for marriageBad daysMost unfavorable for marriage
January10, 295, 6, 2613, 24, 2514, 15, 22, 23
February3, 6, 252, 7, 28, 2911, 12, 18, 2211, 19, 20
March1, 30, 276, 8, 2912, 14, 18, 19,10, 17, 24
April2, 5, 7, 17, 26, 27, 283, 2411, 13, 16, 18, 21, 239, 14, 22
May51, 4, 2418, 19, 21, 3011, 12
June21, 23, 261,5, 287, 9, 10, 1716, 20
July5, 25, 27, 303, 26, 316, 7, 9, 11, 14, 18, 2316
August2, 21, 263, 23, 30, 315, 12, 15, 19, 208, 18
September1, 2, 18, 19, 23, 28, 29, 30279, 14, 1516, 17
October2, 4, 9, 23, 2518, 26, 307, 8, 10, 123, 6, 14, 13
November17, 21, 2820, 22, 27, 29193, 4, 10, 11, 14
December18, 26, 2820, 21, 25, 273, 5, 10, 12, 151, 8

Particular attention should be paid to the day 02.20.2020. The date is beautiful, but when entering into marriage on this day, young people need to prepare for the fact that from the point of view of the lunar calendar and astrologers, the lunar days are the most unfavorable. It is recommended to enter into an alliance either by calculation or by those couples in which friendly partnerships reign.

The influence of the zodiac signs reduces the romantic and love component to nothing. But strong alliances of equal partners, keen on a common cause, show themselves as the most long-term and reliable. Spouses in these respects are able to cast off emotions and properly take care of each other.

February 20, 20 in the lunar calendar is directly related to the water theme. When making a celebration, it is recommended to use a marine pairing theme (two anchors on a common chain, two lifebuoys instead of traditional rings). The use of symbolism will extend and strengthen the bond.