Trinity in 2020

In the Orthodox calendar, 12 major events are noted, called the twelfth holidays. They are established in honor of memorable events from the earthly life of Christ. The Trinity is one of the most important religious celebrations celebrated by the entire Orthodox world.

The holiday is dedicated to the descent of the Holy Spirit on the holy apostles and is celebrated annually on the 50th day after Easter. The celebration of the glorification of the Holy Trinity is a rolling holiday and every year the date changes depending on the Holy Resurrection.

To determine the number of Trinity in 2020 in Russia, you need to count 50 days from Easter. It is no accident that the people often call this day Pentecost. In 2020, the celebration falls on June 7th. Many traditions of the celebration of the Trinity have lost their relevance, but some of them remain today. Orthodox Christians honor and love this holiday, which symbolizes the divine trinity.

The history of the celebration

Trinity has a long pagan roots. Despite this, the holiday has become one of the most important events for all Orthodox. The essence of the celebration is the veneration of the unity of the Holy Spirit, God the Father and the Son of the Savior. On the 50th day after the execution of Jesus, the Spirit appeared to the apostles, who awarded them with knowledge of languages. The unique gift received for faith made it possible to tell the whole world about the sacrifice of the Son of God for the salvation of all people.

It is believed that the chamber in which this event occurred was the first temple where Christianity was preached. Pentecost or Trinity triumph, which symbolizes the trinity of God. However, the holiday was officially recognized only at the end of the 4th century.

The triumph, which usually falls on the first week of summer, meant the victory of the sun (life) over death. It is no coincidence that it became one of the most important holidays of the year. Ancient customs and rituals were intertwined with church ones over time, which continue to remain relevant even now. The people of the Trinity love and carefully prepare for this day. Despite the long history, the celebration is remembered and celebrated every year.

Holiday date

Pentecost is one of the Easter holidays. This means that the festivities are closely related to the Great Resurrection. Easter and Trinity are rolling twelve holidays. Find out when the Trinity is Orthodox in several ways:

  • look at the church calendar;
  • report back 50 days from Easter yourself.

The holiday date in 2020 is June 7th. The Catholic Trinity in Russia falls on May 25th.


Preparation for the holiday begins in advance. A few days before the Trinity, the housewives tidy up the house and clean the yards. On the eve of Pentecost, it is customary to get rid of old and unnecessary things, especially those that are in any way associated with negative memories. In the gardens and in the garden, weeds are harvested and grass is weeded.

Decorations in the house are green tree branches and spring flowers. It is not customary to ask the Holy Spirit - on this day the Orthodox go to solemn service, where they thank for the saved souls.

After returning from the temple, it is customary to invite guests to a festive meal. Traditional treats: jelly and decoctions of dried fruits, pies with various fillings, pancakes. The day is not considered lean, so the housewives could cook a variety of dishes.

After the feast, it is customary to visit cemeteries, leaving part of the festive treats for the deceased native people. Throughout the day, they go to Trinity to visit and exchange gifts. Real festivities were organized on the main venues and streets: fun fairs with songs and round dances.

Rituals and rituals

In the old days, all unmarried girls prepared amulets on a holiday. Gathering wildflowers, they wove wreaths that they wore on themselves before sunset. In the evening, the wreaths were lowered into the water in order to find out their future and save from trouble. People believed that if a flower wreath immediately went under water, one should expect bad news. If the wreath floated further, and the candle in its middle did not go out, this year you should expect matchmakers.

In paganism, the holiday symbolized the victory of life over the dark forces of death. Blossoming leaves on trees and flowers symbolized the awakening of life. One very beautiful rite is associated with this belief in the people - the girls weaved the branches of young trees to form an arch. She was decorated with flowers, and after the girl they danced with her, necessarily passing under the arch.

The rituals of cleansing the home from evil spirits were also associated with Pentecost in ancient times. To protect their home, they conducted a simple ceremony - they decorated the icons and corners of the house with wildflowers and branches of young trees. Birch branches protected from mermaids and other evil spirits that are found in forests. Since it was customary to celebrate the holiday in nature, fragrant herbs were used as a talisman.

Protection from evil spirits was also served by cleansing fires, which were kindled in the late afternoon. The burning bonfire was supposed to stop the forces of evil, not allowing them to come to towns and villages. They were arranged on the outskirts, on a small hill, which was supposed to serve as a barrier to all evil spirits.

Signs and beliefs

  • The people believe that the Trinity has prophetic dreams. Dreams that come on the eve of the holiday had a special meaning. The interpretation of the meanings was simple: if the dream is bad, then the forces of nature warn of trouble. If the dream is good, good - the year will be prosperous.
  • Good omen if the matchmakers came to Trinity. This meant that the life of the newlyweds would be long and happy. The wedding was usually assigned to the Veil, which was supposed to protect the family from all misfortunes.
  • There is a belief that flowers and plants on this day acquire a special, healing power. They are able not only to drive away evil spirits and protect the inhabitants of the home from harm, but also to cure any disease. In the early morning, dew was collected, which was stored in a special bottle, and the herbs were dried and cherished all year.
  • Many signs on Holy Trinity Day are related to the weather. If it rains in the morning, wait for a warm summer, a good harvest of wild berries and mushrooms. If the day is hot, dry, then the whole summer will be drought.

After Pentecost, the weather was warm, you can no longer be afraid of the cold. It is after the holiday that active work in the garden and vegetable gardens begins.

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