New Volkswagen 2019-2020

One of the world's largest automakers is Volkswagen, founded in 1933. This company is known in all corners of the earth, as it is famous for the production of reliable, comfortable and modern cars for people of any age. Regular updates allow you to always be in the trend, as evidenced by the growth in the number of car sales. The next updates are scheduled for 2019-2020. What Volkswagen news 2019-2020 will receive updates when they come out and how much they will cost, read the latest publication.

Volkswagen Polo

Planned restyling was the most popular model from the company Volkswagen Polo. The first model of a small car was released back in 1975, and after such a long journey, it was subjected to six-fold modernization. In Brazil, the new Volkswagen Polo sedan under the official name Virtus was shown. It is under this name that the car will be sold in Brazil.

The appearance of the novelty can be described in three words - elegance, style and dynamism. The front of the sedan down to the middle struts was copied from the Latin American hatchback Polo. The front part has a slope, and on the face there is a small-sized false radiator grille, in the center of which the company logo flaunts. Angle optics with modern equipment, as well as a bumper, on the sides of which fog lights are built in. In the center of the bumper is a small cutout, protruding air intake to cool the radiator. The back is also designed in a simple style, and consists of oblong optics with LED filling. A neat boot lid and protruding protection on the rear body kit.

In the interior of the novelty, a modern and fashionable style is sustained, due to which functionality and comfort are ensured. High-quality finishing materials, an 8-inch multimedia touchscreen display and a 10.25-inch electronic instrument panel - all these benefits will be given to new owners, but only top-end trim levels of the 2019 Polo sedan. The basic equipment is equipped with an analog instrument panel, as well as a conventional radio with a screen size of 6.5 inches.

The new sedan will have the following specifications:

  • A four-cylinder unit of 1.6 liters, equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox with a capacity of 110 horses.
  • Three-cylinder unit with a volume of 1 liter and a capacity of 128 horses. This unit will be equipped with a 6-speed automatic.

In Brazil, the car is already off the assembly line, and went on sale in 2018. When the new product appears in Russia it is not yet known exactly. Known configurations and estimated prices of new items, the cost of Polo starts from 650 thousand rubles for the basic version and more than 850 thousand rubles for a fully equipped Highline version.

Volkswagen Jetta

Among the new Volkswagen cars is the equally popular Jetta model. The car will be produced only for the American and Russian markets, except for the European one. Why, you ask? After all, you just have to compare the number of Jetta cars sold in Europe and America to understand the reasons. In America, their number in 2017 amounted to about 116 thousand copies, while in Europe it was difficult to reach 7 thousand.

The exterior of the novelty has a solid business-class appearance. The increase in body size has affected such positive aspects as increasing comfort and safety. This is the seventh generation of the Volkswagen Jetta, introduced in 2018. The start of sales in Russia of this new product took place at the beginning of 2019. Like the new Polo, Jetta 2019 model year moved to the new MQB platform.

The four-door sedan received an original appearance. This is a volumetric diamond-shaped false radiator grille in a matte black design, as well as a new form of optics with modern LED equipment. At the bottom of the bumper is a radiator grill, and on the sides are air intakes with built-in fog lights. The back has a no less presentable appearance, as can be seen in the photo. When comparing with the previous model, the novelty, although slightly, added to the length, width and height.

Inside, everything looks strict and neat. There are no unnecessary details, and on the dashboard is a multimedia touchscreen display with a digital instrument panel. Under the hood, the manufacturer has placed a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is optionally equipped with a 6-speed manual or an 8-band automatic. It is also expected the appearance of new items with a 2-liter unit, with a capacity of 174 horses. The price of the novelty starts from 18.5 thousand dollars for the basic package. Sales have already started not only in America, but also in Russia.


Volkswagen Passat

Most recently, the presentation of the new 2018-2019 Volkswagen Passat took place. This is a planned restyling of the model, released in 2015. In Europe, sales of new items will start from May-June of this year, but the sedan will reach the Russian market only by the spring of 2020. The photo and price of the sedan are already known, and in the basic configuration Passat will cost new customers at a price of 32 thousand dollars.

Compared with the pre-reform versions, the updated car has a modified appearance and interior. In the exterior, the updates touched the forms of the false radiator grille, as well as the head optics. As for optics, here the buyer will be able to choose ordinary LED lamps or order a sedan with advanced matrix headlights. In addition to the sedan model, the novelty will also be released in the station wagon.

Changes have occurred in the cabin. This is the removal of the analog clock on the dashboard, the installation of a multifunctional steering wheel, a digital instrument panel and an 8 inch multimedia system. As power equipment, the car will be equipped with 4-cylinder turbocharged engines of 1.5 liters with a capacity of 150 horses, as well as two-liter units with power parameters of 190 and 272 horses. Not without new diesel units for 2 liters (150 hp), as well as pre-reform installations of 1.6 liters (120 hp), and 2 liters with a capacity of 190 and 240 horses. The hybrid version of the sedan will consist of a 1.4-liter gasoline engine for 156 horses, as well as a 115-horsepower electric motor.


Volkswagen Golf

Since 2012, Volkswagen Golf of the 7th generation has been produced, which has already been restyled for the eighth time. According to the manufacturer, it became known that the small car will retain its dimensions, and at the same time reduce the curb weight, which will positively affect the increase in aerodynamic properties. Already there are the first photos of the novelty, which are presented in the publication. What changes have occurred in the appearance of the car of the 8th generation, we will find out further.

It should be noted that the novelty of the 2019-2020 model year will be produced not only in the hatchback, but also a station wagon. The front end of the novelty is distinguished by its original design. This is a very narrow fake radiator, in the center of which is placed the emblem of the company. The main part of the air intake is located at the bottom of the body kit. The shape of the front optics has changed, the filling of which is implemented using lenses and xenon.

In the interior of the novelty, finishing materials such as fabric and leather predominate. The interior at first glance has nothing remarkable, but at the same time is filled with modern equipment. In particular, this is a large multimedia touch screen, as well as an electronic instrument panel. Three-spoke steering wheel with control buttons, as well as comfortable seats in front and a sofa in the back. By the way, in the basic configuration the analog instrument panel will be saved.

Under the hood, a brand new 1.5-liter unit with a turbine, as well as output power parameters for 85 and 110 horses are placed. Consumption in this case does not exceed 5 liters per 100 km. In the category of power plants will remain the old 2-liter gasoline engine for 230 horses. Naturally, the lineup will use two types of transmission - 6 manual transmissions and 7 automatic transmissions. In Europe, a novelty will cost from 21 to 26 thousand euros, and in Russia from 24 to 42 thousand euros. When it appears, there is no official information from the manufacturer.

Volkswagen T-Cross

The VW company will be replenished with a novelty - the T-Cross front-wheel drive crossover, built on the basis of the MQB platform. New models of well-known manufacturers are especially appreciated, and the Volkswagen T-Cross is no exception. Officially, the novelty was shown in October 2018. This is a compact SUV, which will appear on the market in Europe, China and America. In Russia, the appearance of a crossover is not planned.

The start of sales in Europe will begin in April 2019, so the crossover is expected from official European dealers from day to day at a price of 18 thousand euros. In appearance, the novelty has similarities with the Polo model, which, in fact, is not surprising, because the assembly of the crossover has already been launched in Spain at the factory where the Polo hatchback is manufactured.

The appearance of this SUV is uniquely attractive, as evidenced by the mid-sized radiator fake lattice, as well as coal head optics. At the bottom of the bumper is the continuation of the grille, and on the sides are fog lights. Feed looks no less attractive. It stands out with the original design of modern optics, as well as the strict form of the fifth door.

In the arsenal of new items will be present a large gamut of gasoline and diesel engines. Buyers will be available complete sets with the following power equipment:

  • 1.6-liter turbodiesel with a capacity of 95 horses.
  • 1 liter petrol engine and a capacity of 95 horses.
  • 1 liter turbocharged gas engine with a capacity of 115 horses.
  • A four-cylinder unit of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 150 horses.

Naturally, the engines will be paired with automatic or manual transmissions of the choice of the future car owner.


Volkswagen T-Roc

In 2019, the company introduced another subcompact crossover called the Volkswagen T-Rock. This car will be popular among young people. The new body of the novelty looks solid, elegant and athletic.

The car has a massive front, consisting of a rectangular false with horizontal lines, as well as a mesh filling. Modern carbon optics and foglights at the bottom of the body kit. The lower grill is filled with fine-mesh chromed mesh.

Salon news looks bright, due to the use of different materials for decoration. As power equipment, the crossover will acquire a 300-horsepower engine, which is achieved by installing a 2-liter gasoline engine and turbine. The unit will be assembled with a 7-speed robot.

Sales started on the European market in early 2019, and the estimated price is 44 thousand euros. To the question of when the modernized T-Rock model will appear in Russia, there is a definite answer that its appearance is not planned, so you can safely go to Europe to follow it.


Volkswagen Tharu

The lineup of Volkswagen cars will replenish with another novelty - VW Tharu. The appearance of this crossover is simply gorgeous. It resembles the image of a large Teramont SUV, which is characterized by characteristics such as solidity and power. The crossover has a direct-shaped hood, rectangular optics, a small fake radiator grille, as well as a body kit, which is divided by a mesh grill and air ducts on the sides. At the bottom of the body kit there are foglights, and a metal shield protrudes from underneath.

For the decoration of the interior used different materials that are durable and low price. Comfortable seats, a large central tunnel, multimedia touchscreen display, as well as a multi-function trespit steering wheel.

Like previous versions, the compact crossover Volkswagen Taru is built on the MQB platform. As power equipment, it is planned to install two types of engines for 1.2 and 1.4 liters with turbines, the power of which will be 115 and 150 horses. The units will be assembled with a 6-speed manual and a 7-band robot. The car is focused on the Chinese market, so its appearance in Russia, if it happens, is not until 2020. The estimated cost of new items is 1.4 million rubles. In China, the start of sales will begin this year.


Volkswagen Tiguan

The Volkswagen Tiguan compact crossover has been produced since 2007, and over the years it has taken a leading position in sales. The new Tiguan 2019 body is just superb. The front end of the crossover is stylishly and powerfully decorated, which is replete with vertical lines on the radiator grille and side air intakes. The rectangular design of the optics, which is underlined at the bottom by an LED daylight strip.

The back part looks strict and original. A direct bumper without unnecessary elements with built-in thin horizontal inserts of repeaters-stop. The lower part of the body kit is represented by a metal shield, in the design of which there are two rectangular pipes of the exhaust system. Rear optics with LED filling, stretched from the fifth door to the body part.

The cabin has a new multimedia system, as well as a host of other useful options. When landing in the cabin there is a pleasant feeling of comfort and modernity. As power equipment, 4 types of gas engines and two types of diesel engines are used. Petrol units include models on:

  • 1.4 liters and a power of 125 forces.
  • 1.6 liters and a capacity of 140 horses.
  • 1.8 liters and 180 forces.
  • 2 liters and 200 horses.

The diesel range is represented by 1.6 and 2-liter units, issuing 115, 150, 190 and 240 horses. How much the new Tiguan from Volkswagen will cost, it’s interesting to know for many, so in the basic configuration the car will cost 1.8 million rubles, and a fully charged modification will ruin future owners by 2.5 million rubles. It is also known when the restyled Tiguan will be released in Russia. Sales in Russia have started since the end of 2018, so the network already has fresh reviews and impressions.


Volkswagen Touareg

Since 2002, the midsize crossover Volkswagen Tuareg has been produced. To maintain the number of sales, the company has planned another restyling of the crossover, and in 2019 the third generation is coming out. Novelty will receive dramatic changes in appearance, while maintaining overall dimensions. Modifications touched the radiator grille, which increased by 2 times, and has a rectangular structure connected to the head optics. The shape of the body kit was modified, in the design of which two additional strips for air intake appeared.

The rear part is designed strictly and originally, which is achieved due to the wide form of optics with LED lamps, as well as a direct body kit with exhaust pipes located in the lower part. The cabin has increased the level of comfort. For finishing, leather, plastic and aluminum are used. In the center there is a large multimedia display turned towards the driver. The instrument panel is digital, as well as a large central tunnel, where in addition to the regulators and switches, there are three compartments for glasses and small things.

As power equipment, 3-liter diesel engines with power parameters of 204, 245 and 340 horses will be used. Gas engines will be presented with a volume of 3.6 liters and 4.2 liters, giving out power of 249 and 360 horses.

For the minimum configuration, the manufacturer requests 2.6 million rubles, but a fully equipped modification will cost at least 4 million rubles. Of course, in Russia there will be a new Tuareg, or rather, there is already, since sales started in the fall of 2018.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that a large number of updates once again confirms the popularity of the Volkswagen brand not only in Europe, but also in America, Russia and even Asia. The new VW 2019-2020 models radically diversify the lineup, and will find their new owners. Most of the released cars already have test drives, which will certainly be interesting to see.