Toyota RAV 4 2019-2020

The release of the new Toyota RAV 4 crossover became known at the beginning of 2018, and the premiere of this car from the Japanese manufacturer took place at the end of March 2018. The machine made its debut in New York at an international presentation. The new SUV model will go on sale initially in the United States, and by the end of 2019, fans from Europe and Russia will be able to purchase the novelty. Toyota RAV 4 2019-2020 is one of the most anticipated new products in Russia, as many motorists love Japanese cars. We learn the latest news about the release date, trim levels, technical parameters of new items from Toyota in detail.

What is a Toyota RAV 4

Toyota RAV4 is a new crossover, which, unlike its predecessors, is intended not only for movement in urban environments. He is also an ardent participant in overcoming off-road, especially when you want to leave the city for the weekend with your whole family. If you look at the photo of the SUV, it should immediately be noted that the car received not only a solid, but also a manly look. Now it can be safely called a Land Cruiser for the city and outdoor activities.

The off-road appearance of the car is emphasized by such features of the new body as a large grille, square body, as well as large wheel arches of a square shape. All this applies to the new car from the Japanese concern Toyota. Let's get to know the SUV closer, in the end, to understand how much better this model has become compared to its predecessors.

About the design of the Toyota RAV 4 fifth generation

During the modernization of Toyota, the manufacturer paid significant attention to its appearance. The car received a new body, and to be more precise, the following details have been modified:

  1. Changes affected the head optics of the car. The manufacturer preferred to abandon the LED backlight, excluding decorative elements from the headlights. Now the new car is equipped with three-lens optics.
  2. Modifications affected the grille, which is not idle as part of the bumper, but fully distinguishes the car from the background of compact class SUVs.
  3. Substantial processing touched the back of the SUV. In particular, the modifications touched the bumper, taillights, as well as the bumper and stamping doors.
  4. The increase in body dimensions, which positively affected the comfort of the cabin. The dimensions were reduced compared to the previous version of Toyota by 5 cm in length, and now the total length of the body is 4650 mm. The width of the car increased by 9 cm, and now it is 1865 mm. In terms of height, the car touched minor changes. The body has increased by 14 cm in height, and now it is 1705 mm.
  5. Square wheel arches that blend perfectly with 19-inch wheels.
  6. Wide taillights.
  7. Side mirrors aerodynamic design.

The processing of the body did not negatively affect the ride height, therefore, as before, it retained its parameters of 200 mm. The exterior of the car has changed for the better, and now Toyota RAV 4 has a stylish and modernized appearance and is more like a cross-coupe auto. The roof has not changed, however, this did not adversely affect the appearance of the car. Roof rails have appeared on the roof, complementing the appearance, as well as allowing you to place a plastic roof rack.

About the interior of the Toyota RAV 4

Has undergone major changes not only the body, but also the interior of Toyota. Compared with the previous model, the fifth generation crossover received a more solid and high-quality interior, which combines the features of sports and business styles. When placed in the driver's seat, you immediately feel rich comfort. And it is felt not only through a comfortable chair. A rich view of the instrument panel opens before the driver, of which it is worth paying special attention to the 7 and 8 inch monitor on the dashboard (depending on the modification of the car).

The blue instrument panel lights accentuate the elegant crossover interior design. The basic equipment of the crossover includes a rear-view camera, cruise control for automatic control of a car, a marking control system, as well as a large number of sockets and USB outputs for connecting gadgets. If the future owner considers such functionality as primitive, then for a fee you can supplement the SUV with the following features:

  • Ventilation accessories for the front seats.
  • A panoramic roof that expands the view.
  • Electric drive for seats.
  • Heated not only the front seats, but also the rear sofa.
  • Electric drive to automatically lift the boot lid. The built-in sensor will also allow you to open the trunk without arms by swinging your legs.

And these are only the main features that will be equipped with the new generation of Toyota RAV 4 cars 2019-2020.

About technical parameters

One of the most important indicators of car quality is the technical parameters that you need to learn about, first of all. After all, if the exterior and interior can be seen, then the technical equipment of the iron horse is hidden from the eyes of the potential owner. From now on, the new Toyota based on the crossover will be released with the new TNGA platform. It is this platform that has been installed on Toyota Camry cars since 2018.

What are the benefits of the new platform? First of all, this affects the stiffness of the suspension, which increased by 57%. The suspension on the car has not received any changes, and like on previous versions, it is the same MacPherson on the front wheels and on the rear multi-link chassis. Under the hood, the same 2.5-liter gasoline unit is located, which is paired with an 8-speed gearbox. At the same time, the consumption for a mixed cycle of movement is 7.6 liters per 100 km. Joint tandem allowed to increase the crossover power up to 200 horses. It is too early to talk about this, but with a high proportion of the likelihood Toyota will also be produced with a 2-liter engine, as on previous models.

The main emphasis was on car manufacturers. Compared with previous versions, the future Toyota RAV 4 SUV of the fifth generation will easily pass any obstacles on the road. Three basic versions in which the release of the machine is planned:

  1. Adventure is a classic car model.
  2. Limited - LUXE class car.
  3. Hybrid is a sports car with a built-in electric motor.

All three modifications were presented at the international exhibition in New York. Whether all modifications will be delivered in Russia is not yet known exactly. The maximum acceleration speed of the car is 180 km / h, and thanks to only a slight increase in the wheelbase by 3 cm, such a parameter as handling was significantly increased.

A little bit about the modifications

Toyota RAV 4 in configuration Adventure, designed for active drivers. This is due to features such as extended arches, roof rails and a special pattern on the rims.

Particular attention should also be paid to modifications Limited, which is designed primarily for urban environments. The model is equipped with 19-inch alloy wheels, but at the same time, arch magnifiers and roof rails are not provided.

The third version of the Hybrid configuration is the most equipped version, which contains a lot of useful options, and it looks like a Lexus, only has a different icon - Toyota.

Start date for sales in Russia

At the American car market, Toyota RAV 4 5 generation will appear in December 2018. And this applies only to the basic configuration. The hybrid modification will go on sale no earlier than in 2019. Today started selling a new crossover in America at a price of 25 thousand dollars.

The start of sales in Russia is scheduled for the end of 2019. With a high degree of probability it is possible to answer the question when the SUV will go on free sale in Russia, what will it be the beginning of 2020. It is not yet known whether the hybrid version will be sold in Russia. The price in Russia for the new Toyota RAV 4 crossover will start from 1,500,000 to 2,160,000 rubles. Therefore, if you plan to buy a Toyota, then you need to save finances today. Compared with previous versions, Toyota RAV 4 has increased not only in quality and comfort, but also in price. It is worth noting that the Toyota RAV 4 will be assembled for the Russian market in St. Petersburg at the Japanese plant, which will automatically save on the starting price of the car.

The video below describes the new Toyota RAV 4 with a detailed story about its technical equipment. In addition, you can also watch a test drive of the 5th generation crossover, as well as read reviews about it.

Video review of the new Toyota RAV 4

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