2020 is a leap year or not

The new year 2020 under the eastern horoscope will be held under the sign of the Rat. This animal opens a 12-year cycle and requires special respect. According to the Chinese horoscope, the new symbol will influence all spheres of activity and characters of people born under his auspices. The rat is considered a very wise animal, so the whole year will be prosperous.

To get a complete picture of the upcoming period, astrologers recommend paying attention not only to the symbol, but also to other factors. Particular attention is drawn to the dominant element and the calendar, according to which, every 4th year is called a “leap year”.

Since ancient times, it is believed that leap years often carry negative energy within themselves. It is no coincidence that the question of whether 2020 is a leap year or not is quite relevant. The people are associated with this period a lot of signs and superstitions, knowing which it is possible to more accurately determine the nature of the upcoming period.

What will be the new 2020 for all signs of the zodiac? Will it be a leap year, and what changes should be expected from the year of the Rat? Signs and astrological forecasts will help to avoid many mistakes, and gain the favor of a star patron.

How many days in 2020?

The calendar, according to which in the astronomical year 365 days and 6 hours, was developed by astronomers from Alexandria in 45 BC. In order to equalize the offset, which was given an extra quarter of a day, it was decided to add one full day to the calendar. Thus, once every four years, the number of days of the year increases to 366.

This order was adopted and introduced by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, in whose honor he received his name - Julian. The difference in a leap year is that one additional day is added to the last day of February - the 29th. In other years, the number of days in months is 30 and 31, and in February - 28.

To determine how many days in 2020, you can use simple calculations. If it is a leap, then 366, if ordinary, then 365.

According to the ancient astronomers' tables, there are no cardinal differences between ordinary and leap years. However, among the people the difference in the number of calendar days has always been associated with signs and superstitions, many of which are known now.

Leap Year Definition:

  • If the date of the last leap year is known, add 4 years. Leaps are repeated regularly, so you can make calculations for several decades to come. The last leap year before 2020 was 2016, which means 2020 will also consist of 366 days.
  • The easiest way to calculate is to look at the calendar. If February is 29 days, then the year is a leap year.
  • If you don’t remember when it was a leap year, make simple calculations. A leap year is divided by 4 or 400 without a remainder, a leap year is not divided by 100.

Using simple calculations, we can say for sure that 2020 will be a leap year. This means that the number of days in a year will be 366. The next year with an extra day will be in 2024.

Ratings of the year

The eastern mascot of the new year will be the Metal Rat. It is distinguished by wisdom and good intuition, therefore, it will help to choose the most optimal solution in any situation. At the same time, even in a not very favorable environment, she will always find the easiest and most profitable way out.

The happy color in the year of the Rat will be white - a symbol of purity and purity. This suggests that all the signs of the zodiac will be in harmony and mutual respect for each other. According to the horoscope, the symbol of the year will strictly observe those who violate generally accepted norms.

Any deception will be revealed, and the Rat will not leave unpunished all dishonest thoughts and deeds. The rat is a symbol of family and fertility, so 2020 is ideal for everyone who decides to start a family or give birth to a child.


The extra day of the year caused a lot of not very happy signs. The onset of a leap year among the people was often associated with natural disasters and various negative events. Many superstitions relate to marriage and childbearing, finances, and acquisitions.

  • In a leap year, it is not advisable to get married or get divorced. It is believed that a marriage made this year will be short-lived. After a divorce during this period, both spouses will not be able to create new families.
  • Pregnant women should not cut their hair. It is believed that because of this, an unhealthy baby can be born.
  • A wedding in a leap year promises misfortunes and misfortunes not only to the young, but also to their loved ones.

Wedding Superstitions

To avoid unhappiness, pay attention to special wedding signs. It is believed that if you follow them, living together will be long, happy and prosperous.

  • A wedding in 2020 will not bring the newlyweds any problems if noisy parties are not arranged in the bride’s house. They can frighten away happiness, which loves silence.
  • It was believed that this year the bride herself should choose a groom. According to ancient tradition, the girls were the first to marry the groom. That is why for men the question of how to get married has practically lost its relevance. The decision depended not on him, but on the bride.
  • The bride’s outfit should cover her legs. Choose a long dress on the floor and the same long veil. To protect themselves from negativity, the bride’s outfit should include jewelry of older women from her family. This will help maintain happiness in the family.
  • The marriage will be long and happy if the wedding tablecloth is set on the table for the next 3 years of marriage. After the young family survives another leap year, the tablecloth can be put in storage.

If you treat omens with respect, then do not forget about what eastern wisdom says. In 2020, the protector will be the White Metal Rat, for which the family is one of the most important values. According to the Chinese horoscope, despite the fact that 2020 will be a leap year, it will be most favorable for creating a family. That is why if you are planning a wedding next year, you will have a long and happy family life.

Remember that an extra day of the year is another opportunity to give your loved ones more joy and love. Whether he will be happy or not depends on you!