The rat is the symbol of 2020 do-it-yourself

Every detail is important in the celebration of the New Year holidays - from preparing delicious dishes and drinks to decorating the premises and buying iconic gifts. The festive mood will visit you long before the New Year, if you devote this time to creating interesting applications and crafts, symbolizing the patron saint of the coming year. A rat - a symbol of 2020 with its own hands - can be an original souvenir for loved ones, an ornament for a New Year's table or Christmas tree. 5 different options for useful and decorative crafts you will find in this material.

Jute rat-flower pots

A very original, and most importantly practical, version of the craft will come out of a regular plastic bottle glued with jute. A decorated bottle will serve as an interesting flower pot for artificial flowers, a repository for various household trifles or a candy store for sweets.

For crafts, take:

  • 1 liter plastic bottle;
  • a piece of cardboard the size of a regular landscape sheet;
  • scissors;
  • 2 skeins of jute in two shades (can be replaced with yarn);
  • dark beads or buttons - these will be the eyes of the rat;
  • glue gun.

How to make a cache-pot:

Cut out two blanks from cardboard, which in shape will resemble ears narrowing downward. Their diameter should be about 5 cm, and the length of the narrowed part should be about 2 cm.

Cut a large rectangular hole from one side of the plastic bottle without touching the neck.

Now you need to paste the cut ears on both sides with jute. Start gluing from the outer edge - apply glue and firmly press the twine in a circle. For showiness you can use jutes of different shades.

Make two cuts on the bottle from the side where the rectangular hole has already been cut, but closer to the neck. Here will be the ears.

Insert the ear blanks into the two holes obtained.

Starting from the neck of the bottle, circle the future planter in a circle around the jute.

When you reach the holes for the ears, apply glue to their narrowed part and place them tightly in the holes so that the tails are not visible. Continue pasting over the ears until you reach the wide opening of the pots. Paste the sides of the bottle with individual pieces of twine, moving from one edge to the second.

Of the three threads of jute, weave a pigtail 20 cm long. Tie a tip with a knot and cut off the excess - this will be a rat tail.

Glue the tail into the center of the bottom of the bottle and glue the bottom with jute.

In a circle, glue the bottle cork with twine. For contrast, take a jute of a different color.

From three long threads of jute, weave another pigtail. Its length should coincide with the perimeter of the hole under the planter. Paste the hole around the perimeter with a pigtail.

It remains to attach eyes and a mustache from two threads of 10 cm each to the souvenir rat.

The finished craft will look like in the photo below:

Sock rat

This craft is good in that you can use old socks that have long lost a pair or are idle. For work, it is better to use bright tight socks - they will keep their shape and delight the eye with their colorful appearance.

What is needed for work:

  • socks - one for each rat;
  • contrasting fabric flaps with polka dots or stripes;
  • bright threads from the same color palette as socks;
  • material for making ears - felt, fleece, drape or other dense fabric will do;
  • small buttons;
  • filler for the workpiece - holofiber, synthetic winterizer;
  • scissors;
  • needle and pins.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut the toe length so that a wide flap is obtained. If there are holes on the product, try to cut it so that problem areas can be cut.
  2. In the middle of the base fabric, sew a heart-shaped applique from a polka dot fabric flap. To begin, fasten the flap with pins, outline the shape of the heart and sew with thread. Cut off excess tissue. The application will be in a prominent place - the stomach of the rat, so the work must be done carefully.
  3. Cut a thin strip of polka dots from the same fabric, sew it from the wrong side and twist it - it will be a rat tail. Fill the tail with holofiber to keep it in shape. This is convenient to do with a knitting needle or chopstick for sushi.
  4. Cut off the excess edge of the sock so that the flap takes the form of a wedge, and sew it along the edge from the wrong side. Lastly, sew the bottom of the toe, which will serve as the sole sole.
  5. Tightly fill the workpiece with a synthetic winterizer, pulling the sock on top and modeling a long muzzle. Insert the tail into the bottom of the craft and finally sew the base. Do miniature stitches, otherwise the sock will sprawl.
  6. Cut the circles-ears of felt and sew them on the sides of the muzzle, slightly flattening at the base.
  7. Decorate the toy with a nose and button eyes. New Year symbol is ready.

Cardboard Gift Box

It’s not enough just to pick up and purchase a New Year’s gift; it’s important to properly arrange and present it. We offer to adopt this simple craft from colored cardboard, which can be shaped into an impromptu box. The box will keep its shape due to thin satin ribbons or braid.

Since the White Metal Rat will symbolize the year 2020, for crafts we recommend taking cardboard of the “thematic” color - white, gray or silver. To create a contrasting base, cardboard sheets of pink color will help.

A set of materials and devices:

  • 2 sheets of color cardboard (gray and pink palette);
  • a simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • satin braid 5 mm wide;
  • piece of wire.

How to make a box in stages:

On the back of the gray (silver) cardboard, outline the box diagram. First draw an equilateral triangle with a side of 14 cm. Divide each side in half and write another equilateral in the center of the triangle. At the top of the large triangle, draw arched ears on both sides. Focus on the diagram below:

Ready cardboard base - a triangle with ears - cut out of cardboard. From the inside, swipe the blunt side of the scissors along the fold lines to make the box easier to fold. From pink cardboard cut out circles in the shape of ears and stick them to the base from the inside. Fold the box, bending inward the lower parts of the triangles, ears and the middle.

Turn the cardboard blank face up and draw a rat face. Draw a black felt-tip pen on the eyes and nose, and pull the wire mustache into the holes made by the needle. Wind the mustache with a felt-tip pen or pen to make it look funnier. On the tops of the two triangles, cut out the hole-hearts - the fixing ties will be inserted here.

Glue satin tape between the inside of the cardboard base between the ears. Fold the cardboard in the shape of a box, and thread the ends of the tape into the holes.

The dimensions of the box are approximate. You can proportionally reduce or increase them depending on the size of the gift. It will be touching if you make such souvenirs equal to the number of guests in order to give everyone a pleasant symbolic surprise.

Papier mache mask

The papier-mâché technique allows the production of voluminous objects using plain paper (newspapers) and paste. The mask made in this technique turns out to be quite realistic, especially if you make a fantasy and choose the right materials for decoration.

Tools and consumables:

  • Balloon;
  • wallpaper glue or paste;
  • old newspapers;
  • oily cosmetic cream (can be replaced with petroleum jelly);
  • stationery scissors;
  • sharp knife;
  • a piece of nylon;
  • fabric for masking the mask;
  • paints and felt-tip pens;
  • old tulle;
  • a large sheet of thick paper.

Papier-mâché mask masterclass:

  1. Inflate the balloon - its size should be slightly larger than the size of the head so that the mask can be worn freely.
  2. Lubricate the outside of the ball with cream.
  3. Cut the newspaper into long, wide stripes. Dipping the stripes in the paste, paste over the ball over the entire area. You will have to complete at least 5 layers so that the product is durable.
  4. Leave the workpiece to dry for one night. Puncture the ball, if necessary, dry the paper a little more with a hairdryer from the inside.
  5. In the paper blank, cut openings for the eyes and head.
  6. From thick paper, roll up the cone and glue it to the base - this will be the nose of the rat.
  7. Wrap the mask with a gray cloth.
  8. From thick paper, cut out the ears, sew with contrasting material and glue it.
  9. Fill the bottom of the mask with a fringe cut from the same fabric. Attach eye buttons or draw directly onto the fabric. Do not forget about the mustache and nose.
  10. Sew an insert from tulle on the back of the mask - this way the accessory will be better held on your head.
  11. Cut a triangle at the bottom of the tulle, and pull the remaining fabric in the center with a thread.

General mask manufacturing scheme:

Lining scheme:

The mask is suitable as a Christmas accessory for children - it can be worn on a themed matinee or school performance. And if you choose the right color for clothes and shoes, you get a full-length growth suit.

Mouse figurine

Crafts made in this format should appeal to girls, because a cardboard template can be worn in any feminine outfit. It is enough to stock up on several types of fabric, lace, beads, sequins, bows, and connect all your fashion designer talent.

What will be required, in addition to fabric:

  • thick packing cardboard;
  • colored paper (blue, white and pink);
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • threads
  • pencils and felt-tip pens;
  • wire;
  • twine or braid.

How to make a craft:

According to the template, cut the mouse figure out of cardboard and two equivalent figures of blue colored paper to glue the base on both sides. Cut out ears and nose from pink paper, from muzzle and eyes from white, and pupils from blue.

Glue the muzzle elements onto the front of the blue paper. Paste the cardboard blank on both sides with prepared paper.

Paint the mouse face with colored pencils and felt-tip pens.

Take a flap that will serve as a blouse for the figure. From the inside of the fabric, circle the upper part of the template (to the waist) and cut along the contour with a 1 cm allowance. Cut one more same part, but without an allowance - this will be the back of the blouse. Glue the part with an allowance, making the back of the back, and then the back without the back.

A wide, long piece of fabric will go to the skirt. Glue lace to it and use glue to fix the hem on the figure.

Decorate the robe of the mouse as you wish - with sequins, bows and lace.

For the stand, cut an oval with a slot from cardboard and put it on the base of the figure.

Bend the tail wire arbitrarily, wrap it with twine or braid. Glue to the figure so that the lower bend of the tail serves as an additional fulcrum.

Glue the bangs made of pink threads, and attach a bow to the tail. Smart mouse figurine is ready. A child will gladly place such a toy in his room - and not only on New Year's holidays.

Crafts of the symbol of the coming 2020 can be crafted by the whole family. Let everyone choose for himself the option that he likes, or is easier to perform. From the ready-made figures it will be possible to compose a whole festive composition that will delight the home and all your guests.

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