Minions 2 - 2020 cartoon

For the first time, the viewer met mysterious yellow creatures back in 2010, when they showed the premiere of a cartoon called Despicable Me on the big screen. The film was so fond of it that the second part followed, and in 2015 a new cartoon called “Minions” was released. The cartoon was a great success, which could not stop the scriptwriters, so Minions 2 is the cartoon of 2020, which is expected not only by children, but also by adults.

Where did the minions come from

Minions are an army of yellow men that the world first learned about from the Despicable Me cartoon. Yellow babies, who are called differently - yellow-bellies, baby-cranies, gnomes, have only one purpose - to serve as the most nasty personality available. According to the cartoon "Despicable Me", we remember how the creatures faithfully served their villain, the master Grew, helping him in all atrocities.

However, Grew would not have been such a terrifying and successful villain if not for his team of yellow-man assistants. In this cartoon, the yellow kids were so fond of the audience that soon not only the second part of the cartoon “Despicable Me”, but also the third one followed. In addition, in 2015, the spin-off for the cartoon Despicable Me came out, which was called Minions. This is the background of the minions, as well as their acquaintance with the omnipotent villain Grew.

This picture raised more than $ 1 billion with a budget of $ 74 million. The result exceeded expectations, which in fact served as the reason for removing the continuation of the story of the minions. Regarding the cartoon "Minions", it should be noted that the audience reviews are mixed. Someone liked the yellow creatures, and someone condemns this film. However, in any case, the film is a success, and the whole world has learned about minions. Moreover, they have become so popular that today they produce not only minion figures, but also notebooks, notebooks and other stationery with the image of yellow men.

When the sequel comes out

Not so long ago it became known that the United States began shooting the second part of the animated film "Minions 2". Continuation can be seen no earlier than June 24, 2020 in the United States. In Europe, and in particular in Russia, the release date was originally scheduled for July 16, 2020. However, the release date was soon changed. When the exact cartoon “Minions 2” comes out, we can say with 99 percent certainty that it will be July 2, 2020.

What is the cartoon about

The second part is a continuation of the three babies, known by such names as Kevin, Bob and Stewart. The first part of the cartoon, which was released 5 years after the premiere of Despicable Me, is a prehistory that tells how the little yellow men found a master who turned out to be evil Grew. Minions overcame many centuries to find a worthy master.

Minions are creatures that constantly have to serve someone, otherwise their life turns into a boring being, and small yellow peanuts with one and two eyes, falling into a depressed state. In the first animated film, the minions find a villain who turned out to be Scarlett Overkill, but because of the great desire to get the post of Queen of Britain, the friendship with her from the yellow creatures did not work. As a result, they find another villain who, with the help of the minions, only becomes stronger and more powerful.

At the beginning of the first part it is shown that cute little minions can not sit still, and they constantly need to serve the villains, which they enjoy. This is clearly shown from the first minutes of the cartoon "Minions", where little men served dinosaurs, monsters, and even such a famous villain as Count Dracula. Among the famous personalities they served, was also Napoleon.

The plot of the second part

Work on the second part of "Minions" was launched not so long ago, so the latest information about what will be in the plot of the new picture is not yet known. We can only confidently assume that the minions will find a new villain, which in fact they will serve. Everything would be fine if the yellow creatures were not so awkward. It is this clumsiness of them that plays an important role - because of the absurdities, their masters die. Thus died Count Dracula, Napoleon, as well as other creatures that the minions served.

Yellow creatures are in constant motion when they have a villainous master, so it will not be difficult for scriptwriters to come up with a new story that will hook every viewer. Most likely, in the second part there will be a new villain, as well as a new story of his atrocities, where small people with a pleasant appearance will play an important role. Minions were loved not only by children, but also by adults, so children will be able to watch the premiere, which will be released in 2020, with their parents.

About actors and roles

Work on the plot for the second part of the sequel on small creatures is done by none other than the scriptwriter Cinco Paul. It was he who worked on the plot of not only the first part of the cartoon about minions, but also on the picture "Despicable Me", where small tots were lit up for the first time.

The producer of the next part will be Christopher Meledandri, who also has a direct relationship to the history of the appearance of the little ones. In addition, the names of the directors became known - Kyle Balda and Brad Ebleson, who worked on the creation of the first part. Work on the script is entrusted not only to Cinco Paul, but also to other equally talented screenwriters like Brian Lynch and Ken Daurio.

Actors and roles will be voiced by such popular personalities as James S. Murray and Pierre Coffan. By the way, if Pierre Coffan is already familiar with the minions, then Murray has yet to enter the role of his characters. Most likely, Sandra Bullock will also take part in the voice acting, however, there is no exact information about her participation yet.

Interesting cartoon info

The number of minions is quite large, but not infinite. Their total number is 899 kids, as stated by director Pierre Coffan. The release date of the next part of the Minions was announced back in January 2018, however, work on the plot began only at the end of this year.

Sandra Bullock voiced the villain Scarlett, so whether she will take part in the voice acting of the second part is not yet known. It all depends on the plot of the continuation of the cartoon. Sandra Bullock had to play the negative heroine for the first time.

Since the release of the first picture, filmmakers have been releasing regularly short films about yellow tots, thereby “feeding” the viewer. As a result, it was decided to shoot the second part of the full-length film so that fans could enjoy the new adventures of funny and amazing creatures.

When the trailer for the yellow jolly is released, it is also not yet announced, however, theoretically it can be assumed that this will not be earlier than by the end of 2019. So far, the viewer has time to review all parts of the minions to come to the premiere in the cinemas already prepared for the continuation. Watching a cartoon is not only for children, but also for adults, which will allow you to get a lot of pleasant impressions and pleasures from the plot of the film and from the creations themselves.

Trailer of the first part of the cartoon

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