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The season 2018/2019 in the Russian football Premier League is over. The champion and prize-winners were determined. The country cup has been played. It became known which Russian teams will play next fall in UEFA tournaments.

In the UEFA ranking, Russia is currently in sixth position. This affects how many Russian clubs in European competitions will play.

The efforts made by the teams over the past three seasons (this is how the rating is formed) did not allow catching up with France. But even without this, Russia is represented quite widely in European competition.

Champions League 2019/2020: how many teams from Russia

The quota for the performance of Russian clubs in the Champions League is as follows:

  • The champion and vice-champion fall into the group stage of the main club tournament in Europe;
  • The bronze medalist will start the fight in the third qualifying round.

St. Petersburg will definitely be represented in the main Champions League Zenith (RFPL triumphant) and Moscow Locomotive (vice champion). To be there, the club Krasnodar (championship bronze), you need to go through two stages of qualification. This will be the third stage and a round of play-off.

This arrangement of places should be very upsetting southerners. Indeed, according to the results of the domestic championship, they have 56 points with Lokomotiv FC. Only railroad workers have an advantage over additional indicators. This is an indicator of personal meetings. To be more precise, everything was decided by the away goal of Lokomotiv, while Krasnodar could not distinguish itself at the Russian Railways Arena.

The initiative to change the RFPL rules before the start of the 18/19 season belonged precisely to Krasnodar. So there is absolutely no one to blame the team of Sergei Galitsky.

Champions League. Qualification. Semifinal

08.08.20:00 Krasnodar 0 - 1 Porto (Port)

13.08 20:00 Porto (Por) 2 - 3 Krasnodar

Krasnodar amazingly passed the Portuguese club. In the final part of the Champions League qualification, he will meet with Olympiacos.

Champions League. Qualification. The final

08.21 22:00 Olympiakos (Gre) 4 - 0 Krasnodar

08.27 22:00 Krasnodar 1 - 2 Olympiakos (Gre)

Krasnodar ended the performance in the Champions League losing to the Greek club. The Russian team will continue to perform in the group stage of the Europa League.

Champions League group stage draw

Today, on August 29, the draw of the group stage of the Champions League was held, where two Russian clubs recognized their rivals.

Group D

  • Juventus (Ita)
  • Atletico M (Isp)
  • Bayer 04 (Ger)
  • Lokomotiv M (Ros)

Group G

  • Zenit (Ros)
  • Benfica (Por)
  • Lyon (Fra)
  • Leipzig (Ger)

19/20 Champions League schedule and results for Russian clubs

Two teams entered the group stage of the Champions League season 2019/2020 from the RPL: ​​Zenit and Lokomotiv.

Lokomotiv Group in the Champions League

1. Juventus000000
2. Atletico M000000
3. Bayer 04000000
4. Locomotive000000

Champions League match schedule

18.09 22:00Bayer 04Locomotive:
01.10 19:55LocomotiveAtletico M:
22.10 22:00JuventusLocomotive:
06.11 20:55LocomotiveJuventus:
26.11 20:55LocomotiveBayer 04:
11.12 23:00Atletico MLocomotive:

Group Zenit in the Champions League

1. Zenith000000
2. Benfica000000
3. Lyon000000
4. Salzburg000000

Champions League Zenit Schedule

17.09 19:55LyonZenith:
02.10 22:00ZenithBenfica:
23.10 19:55LeipzigZenith:
05.11 20:55ZenithLeipzig:
27.11 20:55ZenithLyon:
10.12 23:00BenficaZenith:

Prediction of clubs performance in the Champions League 19/20

Russian football clubs view the Champions League as a serious reason to declare themselves in the European arena. Only special success in recent years has not been achieved. There were two CSKA victories over Real Madrid at the group stage of Champions League 18/19 (1-0 at home, 3-0 at a party), but even after that the army team did not overcome the group's barrier.

Last season, Russian clubs in the Champions League were represented by Lokomotiv, CSKA (Spartak lost in qualification). In the new tournament will play the company Loko will make Zenit.

The year that St. Petersburg was absent in the Champions League, they did not spend in vain. The composition was updated and played. Sergey Semak led the club to the long-awaited championship. Now he will strive to bring it to a new level in Europe.

The locomotive keeps in memory the total failure of performances in the European Cup last season. Once in a fairly even group (Porto, Schalke, Galatasaray), Muscovites with a bang took last place. Yuri Semin will work on the mistakes and in the Champions League season 2019/2020 his wards will perform more worthily.

FC Krasnodar for the first time in its small history (the club is only 11 years old) got into the Champions League. Let him start his career with the third qualifying round.

The development of the club is on an ascending line. First, success in the domestic championship, good results in the Europa League (play-off passes), now it’s a start in the Champions League. The club has already begun to work in the transfer market, and is carrying out a strengthening of the composition. Getting into the group stage will not be a surprise, but the achievement of the task.

Europa League 2019/2020: how many teams from Russia

How many teams enter LE are decided by the results of the championship and the national cup. The second most important European club tournament will be played by teams located in fourth and fifth places following the results of the championship. They turned out to be Moscow CSKA and Spartacus respectively. Spartak will begin its journey with the third round of qualification, CSKA got into the group stage right away.

The winner of the Russian Cup could get a direct ticket to the group stage. But this season, the Moscow Lokomotiv won the cup. Therefore, the right to play in the Europa League passed to the team, which took sixth place in the championship. But Tula Arsenal obliged to participate in the selection, which will begin for him from the second round.

Europa League. Qualification. Quarter final

07/25 20:00 Arsenal of Tula 0 - 1 Neftchi (Aze)

08/01 20:00 Neftchi (Aze) 3 - 0 Arsenal of Tula

Tula Arsenal flew out of European competition.

Europa League. Qualification. Semifinal

08.08 20:00 Tun (Shva) 2 - 3 Spartak Moscow

15.08 20:00 Spartak Moscow 2 - 1 Thun (Seam)

Moscow Spartak entered the final part of the qualification of LE.

Europa League. Qualification. The final

08.22 20:00 Braga (Por) 1 - 0 Spartak Moscow

08/29 20:00 Spartak Moscow 1 - 2 Braga (Por)

Spartak lost to the Portuguese club in the final part of the qualification and dropped out of European competition.

Europa League group stage draw

On August 30, at 14:00 Moscow time, the draw of the group part of the LE took place, where CSKA and Krasnodar recognized their rivals in the group.

Group C

  • Basel (Seam)
  • Krasnodar (Ros)
  • Getafe (Isp)
  • Trabzonspor (Tour)

Group H

  • CSKA M (Ros)
  • Ludogorets (Bol)
  • Espanyol (Isp)
  • Ferencvaros (Ven)

Europa League 19/20 schedule and results for Russian clubs

In the group stage of the Europa League 2019/2020, two Russian teams will play: Krasnodar and CSKA.

Krasnodar Group in the Europa League

1. Basel000000
2. Krasnodar000000
3. Getafe000000
4. Trabzonspor000000

Krasnodar matches in Europa League

19.09 19:55BaselKrasnodar:
03.10 22:00KrasnodarGetafe:
24.10 22:00TrabzonsporKrasnodar:
07.11 20:55KrasnodarTrabzonspor:
28.11 18:50KrasnodarBasel:
12.12 20:55GetafeKrasnodar:

CSKA Group in the Europa League

1. CSKA000000
2. Ferencvaros000000
3. Ludogorets000000
4. Espanyol000000

CSKA Europa League Schedule

19.09 22:00LudogoretsCSKA:
03.10 19:55CSKAEspanyol:
24.10 19:55CSKAFerencvaros:
07.11 23:00FerencvarosCSKA:
28.11 20:55CSKALudogorets:
12.12 23:00EspanyolCSKA:

Prediction of clubs performance in LE 19/20

Russian clubs in the Europa League are playing with varying success. Some teams show themselves brightly, while others, without spending a lot of energy, finish their performance in the tournament in the early stages.

For CSKA, accustomed to playing in the Champions League, participation in the Europa League is of little interest. Moreover, the sporting principle is not dominant.

The army club lives within its means. The recent construction of the arena did not allow the team to conduct an adequate transfer policy. Perhaps this factor did not allow Viktor Goncharenko to show the best results in the Premier League. Getting into the Champions League brought substantial money to the club’s budget (15-20 million euros are not lying on the road). Predicting that Giner will “ask” the team to focus on the home championship is not so difficult. The Europa League will go by the wayside and the quality of the performance there will not be the main factor in evaluating the work of Goncharenko. CSKA "climb out of the way" is unlikely to be.

FC Spartak will take part in the Europa League for the second year in a row. Making predictions for the performances of the red and white is an ungrateful affair. Another former head coach of Spartak Vladimir Fedotov said: "Spartak is a fun team." The Moscow club can beat Seville with a score of 5: 1 in the Champions League group, or it can lose to the weak Swiss St. Gallen in the qualification of the Europa League.

Much depends on the mood with which the team will enter the new season. The club is undergoing a complete restructuring: the sports director has changed, a new coach has recently arrived, in the summer a global “sale" of players is coming and a change of squad. What tasks for the season will be set by the leadership is still unknown. But the fans did not want the team to fall face to face in the mud.

All that you can think about CSKA and Spartak, does not apply to the Arsenal from Tula. The club is waiting with enthusiasm for its debut in European competitions. Guram Adjoev, sports director, has already announced the allocation of additional financial resources to prepare for this event. The Tula Arsenal will fight for the right to get into the group stage of LE. He will begin his journey with the second round of qualification. It is possible that our Arsenal will still play in the group with its namesake from London, who is definitely participating in the group stage.

Russian clubs in European competitions 2019/2020 will enter the fight at different stages. It is important for the fans that the teams perform successfully and show their maximum.

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