The selection team of the Russian national team at Euro 2020

The next European football championship will be held in 2020. After the draw on December 2, 2018 in Dublin, the European teams entered a new qualifying round.

In fact, Euro selection began with the start of the new UEFA tournament - “Nations League”. The management of the association announced that the winners of the play-offs of their own leagues will get a place in the final part of the European Championship.

In the main qualifying tournament teams are divided into 10 groups. Of each group, a direct ticket to the Euro is won by the first two places.

According to the results of the draw, it became known with whom Russia will play in the selection. Initially, being in the second seeding basket, it was clear that a strong team would get into the rivals of the Russian team. She became Belgium. The following states supplemented the sextet:

  • Scotland;
  • Republic of Cyprus;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • San Marino

If you briefly study the composition of the group, the Belgians are definitely favorites. The direct competitors of the Russians will be the Scots and, possibly, the Cypriots. Kazakhstan and San Marino look like outsiders.

Group I Team Overview


The Belgian team currently has a golden generation of football players. Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, Axel Witsel, Romelu Lukaku and the rest will break the resistance of any team.

The most outstanding results at the European Championships were shown in 1972, 1980. At the 1972 home tournament they won bronze, and in 1980, silver was won at stadiums in Italy.

The rest of the Belgian team had such high results in European championships. When reviewing the statistics of performances in the history of qualifying tournaments, it is clear that Belgium often missed European championships.

The team missed the main football competitions of the continent for more than 30 years (from 1984 to 2016, if you do not take into account that Belgium got automatically to Euro 2000 as a hostess).

In the new millennium, tournaments were held without the Belgians:

  • Portugal, 2004;
  • Switzerland and Austria, 2008;
  • Poland and Ukraine, 2012.

At the European Championships 2016, they reached the quarter finals. Belgium won bronze medals at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Results are increasing.

You can predict a confident victory for the national team of this country in the selection for Euro 2020 and a successful performance in the final part.


The selection team of the Russian national team at Euro 2020 is passable. It will be difficult, almost impossible, to compete with the Belgian team. Considering that two tickets are played out in the selection and the current state of affairs in our team, the fans have the right to count on winning the national team place in the final part of Euro 2020. It is real to compete and bypass Scotland, Cyprus.

The team led by Stanislav Cherchesov is obliged to take this cycle seriously. In the League of Nations, she performed well, but not entirely successfully. The group of Russia in League B was staffed with strong teams: Sweden, Turkey. The Russians scored seven points. As much as the Swedes. But they lost the first place in terms of additional indicators (personal meetings). Therefore, there will be no chance to get to Euro 2020 through the League of Nations.

In its modern history, the Russian team only once failed to break into the final tournament. It was in 2000. The goal of Andrei Shevchenko responds with bitterness in the hearts, which in fact deprived Russia of that opportunity.

At the other European championships, Russia played in group rounds. It was possible to leave the group only in 2008. The team led by Guus Hiddink at the European Championships 2008 in Austria and Switzerland reached the semifinals, formally winning bronze.

The schedule for the qualifying matches of the Russian national team at EURO 2020 is designed in such a way that games with Belgium will be held at the beginning and end of the cycle. Decide the fate of the trip must be in advance.


A team of stars from the sky is not enough. In their history, the Scots only twice went to the final stage of the championship of the continent: in 1992, 1996. In the remaining cycles, the team could not overcome the qualification. Although it was constantly nearby.

It is difficult to understand what specifically prevented Scotland from succeeding. Sometimes it was an ordinary team relaxation, as it happened in the selection for Euro 2008. It was necessary to lose will to Georgia after having twice won, then vice-world champions, France.

At the moment, the Scottish national team has assembled solid footballers playing in strong teams of the championships of England and Scotland. “Bravehearts” will be able to give battle to each opponent. In which group they would not play.

In addition, the Scots are in a special position in group I. A victory in a subgroup of the League of Nations gives them a chance to qualify for Euro 2020 through the March playoff matches if they fail in the main selection cycle.

Republic of Cyprus

Cypriots have never played in the main football tournament in Europe. Break into the joints did not even succeed.

It makes no sense to recall the vicissitudes of all attempts of this team to get to the European Championship. The most real chances for the Cyprus team were in the qualifying rounds for the European Championships 2004 and 2016. The Balkan countries blocked twice: Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, respectively.

The prospects for Cyprus in the new qualifying tournament are not encouraging. Today's opportunities for football players are modest enough.


The country has been a member of the UEFA European Football Association since 2002. From that moment, the national team was able to take part in three qualifying rounds for the European Championship. Two times, the Kazakhs took sixth place, once - fifth. Head coaches were changing. The results remained unchanged.

In the qualifying round for Euro 2020, the team is led by head coach - Stanimir Stoilov. The success of the campaign can be judged by the final result.

San marino

The team of the small republic is the main outsider of the sextet. A goal scored, a victory in a match for the San Marino team will already be a great achievement. The number of goals conceded most often exceeds four to five dozen. In the next cycle of the national team, a place in the basement table is almost “reserved”.

The history of meetings of the Russian team with representatives of group I

Russia is not well acquainted with the teams assembled in sextet I. With Belgium played more often - 5 matches. Of these, three friendlies, two - in the group stages of the World Cup (2002, 2014). Russian players lost three times, twice brought the match to a draw.

With Scotland and San Marino played in the same selection group for the 1996 European Championship. Two games with the Scots ended in a draw. San Marino won twice with a total score of 11: 0.

Statistics of meetings with Cyprus in favor of our team: 2 wins and 1 draw. These were 1998 qualification matches and a game at the 2003 Cyprus International Tournament.

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