Horoscope for 2020 for Taurus

Positive emotions, love passions, financial success and travel are promised by the horoscope for 2020 for Taurus from leading astrologers. The Year of the White Metal Rat is literally filled with surprises. What they will be, read the tips of the predictors.

For Taurus favorable:

  • Dominant planet: Venus;
  • Sign symbol - Bull;
  • Stones: Alexandrite, aventurine, diamond, agate, malachite, moonstone;
  • Shades of Taurus: white, lemon, green, purple;
  • Talisman: Owl, Golden Taurus;
  • Good numbers: 4, 6, 15, 24, 42, 51.
  • By learning to apply this knowledge, you can enlist the support of higher forces in everyday life.

Tamara Globa

In 2020, Taurus's most pipe dreams will come true. The stars are on your side, so embody everything that you thought about the day before. From February to June 2020, a calm period is expected when issues will be resolved easily. Starting in July, some tension around it will make it difficult to focus on one thing. The Year of the White Rat is favorable for family Taurus: wealth and understanding are the basis of alliances. But lonely signs are recommended to visit more in public places. It is there that there is a high probability of meeting with the second half.

Vasilisa Volodina

Vasilisa's advice from the beginning of the year grabbing luck by the tail. Taurus will not have to snobber in 2020, all the benefits and finances will come through labor. Work is an important area in 2020, and relations with friends and older family members come to the fore. In March, Taurus will have the opportunity to change the working situation: you are expected to be promoted, as well as a change in salary. Relatives will need you, so you have to spin like a squirrel. The summer period is favorable for family vacations, and the autumn period is for preventive medical examination.

Pavel Globa

According to Paul Globa, Taurus does not need to radically change his occupation. Only a well-known direction will bring great financial success. You will be able to close loans and open a deposit account. Taurus is obsessed with the achievement of a dream: the acquisition of real estate, cars, the beginning of study at a prestigious European university. The first half of the year is favorable for scattering stones, and the second for harvesting. So by autumn you will see the real fruits of your activity in 2020.

The most powerful psychics

Famous psychics warn Taurus about the desire to go with the flow. You should not relax, because the enemies are not asleep, but are making attempts to take your place in society. Take a closer look at friends, ask for help. Only real and devotees will not stand aside. In the spring, disagreements in the family are possible. Friction will concern methods of education and impact on children. Know how to talk, reach consensus. Otherwise, conflicts may drag out. Go on a bus tour in the fall: a change of scenery and emotions will shake you.

Love horoscope

The horoscope of love for Taurus promises a lot of attention from the opposite sex. An attractive, loving Taurus is happy to respond to romantic courtship. Caution should be exercised by family signs. Moreover, in your nests there is love and understanding, therefore, Taurus in marriage bonds is recommended to plunge into home improvement with attention and care. Free signs can plunge into the ocean of passions, because the year promises to be rich in dating. In the second half of the year, you will establish relationships based on trust and common interests. This is a decent party for family relationships.

Horoscope of health

The bodies are characterized by good health and a balanced nervous system, however, the horoscope for 2020 has several recommendations. Taurus should pay attention to physical activity, proper nutrition and good sleep. Keeping a balance in these matters, you can be in great shape. Taurus should limit the consumption of fast food, alcoholic beverages. Starting in the morning with a glass of fresh and oatmeal, you will not only improve your blood counts, but also your external data. Seasonal vitaminization - an opportunity to avoid colds. Hiking in the air is a weight correction option. In the spring and autumn of 2020, this is an excellent period for visiting a cosmetologist and a massage therapist.

Financial horoscope

In the year of the White Rat, Taurus is recommended not to scatter money, not to spray on trifles. You tend to pamper your relatives with gifts, worry about their practicality. Do not rush from one extreme to another. You are a great employee and you can earn a decent amount. Follow the advice of friends regarding the transfer of a hobby to the category of extra income. Word of mouth will help to draw attention to bead paintings or knitted scarves. By autumn, you can place not a large amount in a reliable bank, and spend the first percent on New Year’s surprises for your beloved people. Financially, the year is very stable. Subject to rational planning of the money earned.

Job and career

Taurus are not afraid of work and are very able-bodied. Your desire to embrace not embraced will not do you any good. Stars do not recommend you grab onto multiple projects at once. Only gradual steps will lead you to success. You are able to declare yourself in the work of good deals, finding customers, the ability to establish contacts. Your merits will be evaluated by management in the form of a promotion in the first half of the year. You are a non-conflict employee, but you know how to draw conclusions, so you keep friendly relations in the team. The second half of the year is favorable for relaxation. In the same period, an interesting business trip with a colleague is possible.

Horoscope by year of birth

Years of birth also leave an imprint on the horoscope of Taurus. Collective advice - the best guarantee for a successful year:


Taurus born in the year of the Rat is completely under the auspices of the mistress of the year. You will be forgiven for innocent pranks. At the same time, the Rat will take tough big misses. Do not annoy the mistress of the year, and live all year in chocolate.


Taurus Bull is a unique combination of perseverance, willpower, craving for struggle. If you have a goal - in 2020 you will achieve it many times faster than in another year. The year is favorable for solving family issues, moving, establishing new contacts.


Tiger Taurus is a conquering warrior in any field. For Taurus who want to untie the knot of troubled relations, 2020 is a wonderful period. Any of your points of view will be heard. If you are in a mess with a dear person - it's time to explain. You will quickly establish communication.


The rabbit is a hardworking sign, and in combination with Taurus - a workaholic, ready to work 24 hours a day. Save health and strength for family, friends, older relatives. Do not refuse extracurricular work, but only in the case of a decent payment. In addition, allow yourself to relax with your family for pleasant conversations and tea drinking. Go on vacation to a foreign resort in the fall.

The Dragon

Dragon Taurus is the embodiment of charm and gentleness, despite the formidable dragon symbol. The charm of the sign helps him out of any difficult situations. You know how to use your charms, so you reach decent heights. In 2020, a fateful meeting awaits you, to confront which there will be neither strength nor desire.


The wisdom of the Serpent and the patience of Taurus is a magical mixture that provides prospects for personal growth. The snake gives Taurus the ability to analyze and draw conclusions. And Taurus is able to wait for better times, better people, better opportunities. The White Rats year is successful for starting a business, getting an education.


The horse gives Taurus a particle of pride and strength to resist unpleasant people. Horse-Taurus is a fighter for justice, defending not only his interests, but also the aspirations of loved ones, friends. A reliable sign that can turn the world around. In 2020, these qualities will more than once help defeat circumstances in their favor.


The Sign of the Goat strengthens in Taurus the qualities of lightness, fun, and artistic talents. Taurus Kosa is a great teacher and storyteller. You are able to attract audiences, colleagues, public masses. People capable of leading a crowd are priceless in 220.

A monkey

Monkey is a strong sign that can both build and destroy. Taurus - on the contrary, for fastening and strengthening everything that has the right to life. Taurus confronts monkey habits, hence the internal enmity of the sign, leading to excessive emotions. Monkey Taurus is capable of elevated tones, the clarification of relationships. But in 2020, all manifestations will be aimed at reunion.


The Rooster-Taurus is set to conquer his own in 2020. This may concern inheritance, loved ones, part of the business. The sign of the Rooster is strong, but not thoughtless. Therefore, Taurus has enough endurance and words for arguments. In the period from summer to autumn - finest hour for new discoveries, breaking stereotypes.


Dog's dedication and protective qualities are the best traits inherited by Taurus. In 2020, Taurus will protect all of their own, even in a period of complete calm and security. Taurus Dogs, nothing threatens you. Give yourself the opportunity to rest and relax. Especially in the first half of the year.


A pig is a friendly, cheerful, sociable sign. Despite sociability, the Pig-Taurus is not capable of meanness and betrayal. It is these qualities that in 2020 will attract many good people to Taurus. Useful connections are additional benefits that Taurus will use in an emergency. The desire to be independent does not allow Taurus to abuse friends.

For women

In the year of the White Rat, women’s bodies are allowed various pranks: unplanned shopping, work with a cosmetologist, participation in beauty contests, easy flirting with a work colleague, the birth of a third child. Despite the danger of working novels, Taurus clearly feel the line that does not need to be crossed. But such relations will give ease in work. Love in the family is rewarded with the birth of a baby. But it will not even be the second child. Mom Taurus is capable of much. Why not become a mother of many children?

For men

In 2020, Taurus men should be attentive to work and family. In the sense, the former requires great returns, the latter requires presence, romantic feelings and a joint weekend. Astrologers advise spending more time with children, because childhood passes quickly, and hours spent in the company of loved ones are a great value. In the spring, take a closer look at the environment, probably there are dishonest people in it who want to set up at work or quarrel in the family. You will expose all plans, and strengthen your position. Nothing threatens your rear.

Legendary personalities born in the constellation Taurus confirm the strength, determination and will to win the sign:

  • William Shakespeare (May 3) - English poet, playwright;
  • Honore de Balzac (May 20) - French writer;
  • Karl Marx (May 5) - German philosopher, politician, sociologist;
  • Pyotr Tchaikovsky (April 25) - the great Russian conductor, teacher, composer;
  • Lenin (Vladimir Ulyanov) (April 22) - Russian statesman, politician;
  • Georgy Vitsin (April 23) - Russian film and theater actor, people's artist;
  • Elizabeth II (April 21) - Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  • Barbara Streisand (April 24) - famous American actress and singer;
  • Cher (May 20) - songwriter, American pop diva, director;
  • Larisa Udovichenko (April 29) - Soviet film and theater actress.

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