The film "Storm" 2020

War dramas about the exploits of the ancestors who defeated Nazi Germany at one time are a fertile field for Russian filmmakers. Under the patriotic picture, it is quite possible to grab budget money for shooting, and the viewer will willingly go to a film of such subjects. But it’s not a fact that in the end he will be satisfied, because on one good tape, like “28 Panfilov’s”, there are a dozen lubok and sometimes frankly lying “Stalingrad” with “Citadels”. It is still hard to say which place the film "Storm" (2020) will take: it is very little data, but an idea can already be made up.

Production Details

The script for the upcoming film will be written by Alesei Kamynin. Of the successful works behind him so far, only a short film "This Is Not Me" (2015), of the "full meter" - "False or Action" (2017). True, the latter, due to a very modest budget of just a million rubles, passed unnoticed by a mass spectator. Nothing is known about the personality of the director of Sturm, but Kamynin always directs and produces his own works. It is quite possible that Alexey himself will take this position. True, everything he shot earlier is seriously different from the upcoming large-scale work and the experience of such large-scale filming he does not have, but everyone happens for the first time, and the director’s youth and some inexperience can turn out to be a positive factor: he will try.

Four producers, and almost all of them are professionals, each with dozens of well-known tapes in the zashnik each:

  • Vasily Soloviev ("Russia 88" (2009), "Icebreaker" (2016),
  • Yuri Khrapov (Rehearsals (2013), The Good Boy (2016),
  • Anna Peskova ("The Good Boy", "Donbass. Outskirts" (2018),
  • Evgenia Khomchenkova (the only "inexperienced" member of the production team).

Music will be written by "serial" composer Denis Pekarev. He designed The Case of Honor (2013), two parts of the mini-series Kuprin, Talyanka (2014) and Svetlana (2017). not the best choice on the one hand: the music in the series is usually unpretentious and it does not have the necessary epicity inherent in the "full meter", especially in the case of films about the war. On the other hand, this is a good chance for a young composer to declare himself worthy of himself.

A good idea of ​​the quality of the picture could give data on the size of its budget, but they are not. Filming a military drama is expensive: costumes, weapons, pyrotechnics, scenery, special effects cost decent money. Most likely, the creators are counting on the support of the Cinema Foundation, which generously gives grants for films of patriotic content. And if there is no help from him, the picture may not see the light at all: there are too many obscure around it, because the director is not appointed and the castes of the actors are not selected.

Release date. When will the movie be released

Specific dates when the picture comes out are not yet indicated. The preliminary release is planned for 2020, but there is no data on the number or at least a month. Previously, you should not wait for a tape in principle: in the traditions of Russian cinema, shift the promised premieres to a later time.

Cast, actors voicing a film in Russian

There is no clarity here, from the word at all. There is not a single person on the preliminary poster, none of the Russian actors have yet given an interview about the shooting in Sturm. We can assume the participation of Anna Peskova, in addition to the production activities, she is also actively filming, among her works there are military-themed tapes (Military Intelligence: The Northern Front (TV series).

The plot of the movie. Summary

The approximate data about what the film is about is already on the Web. The picture will be devoted to an ordinary episode of a war that died out: the assault on the fortified bunker of the Nazis. During the four years of fighting, our warriors launched hundreds of such suicidal attacks on fortified areas and defended firing points, but in most of the paintings they were even bright but short inserts. Now, the creators intend to tell in detail about all aspects of this dangerous operation. The move is quite successful: so in “Saving Private Raina” the most impressive moment was precisely the assault on the coastal fortifications of the Nazis. In addition, fighters of the ShISBrov (assault engineer-sapper brigades), special units trained in force breaking the enemy’s defense during lightning attacks, did this. Domestic cinema sang all sorts of troops, from pilots to SMERSH counterintelligence officers and saboteurs, but he avoided these brave guys, but in vain. Maybe in this film justice will be restored.

Video trailer. Watch online

Watch the trailer in Russian until it comes out. The picture is still in pre-production, so the teaser will have to wait a long time.

Watch the video: Melanie Martinez - K-12 The Film (February 2020).

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