2020 World Ice Hockey Championship

The 2020 World Hockey Championship is the 40th edition of the international championship, which will be held from March 28 to April 5, 2020. Will host the tournament Irkutsk. For several days, the Russian city will become the world capital of Bendy. 8 teams will compete for the victory. Among them will be Russia - the main contender for gold medals!

Where and when will the 2020 World Hockey Championship take place

The next draw of the international tournament will be held from March 28 to April 5, 2020. The competition will be organized for the first time in several years in the spring. Previously, the World Cup was held in the winter.

The sporting event will host the Russian city of Irkutsk. Competition matches will take place at the Stroitel stadium. The sports complex is located in the satellite city of Irkutsk Shelekhov.

date ofMarch 28 - April 5, 2020
A placeRussia, Irkutsk, Stroitel Stadium
Official sitewww.worldbandy.com

2020 World Hockey Championship Schedule

Like many team tournaments, the World Bandy Championship will be divided into a group round and playoffs:

  • group round: 28.03 - 1.04.2020;
  • playoffs: 2 - 04/05/2020.

The 2010 World Cup hockey finals will be held on April 5, 2020.


Eight national teams will compete for the trophy. At the preliminary stage, they are divided into two groups:


  • Sweden;
  • Russia;
  • Finland;
  • Kazakhstan.


  • Norway;
  • USA;
  • Germany;
  • Estonia.

According to the results of the games in group A, the two best teams of the quartet will immediately go to the semifinals of the playoffs, and the other two will play tickets in 1/2 with the two best teams of group B. The two worst teams of quartet B will play in the match for 7th place. The loser of the meeting will leave the top division.

Russia at the World Cup 2020 in hockey

The main contender for the title is the Russian team. Therefore, the attention of sports publications and ordinary fans is riveted to it.

Wards of Mikhail Yuryev in the group round will argue for reaching the semifinals with the Swedes, Kazakhs and Finns. Almost no one doubts that it will not be difficult for a national team to get a direct ticket to the ½ finals of the playoffs. But even in case of failure, Russia still has chances to break into the playoffs.

In the last World Cup draw, the Russian team from the 2nd place qualified in ½ playoffs, where they defeated the Finns. Then there was the finale. During it, the Russians played gold with the Swedes. Were stronger wards of Mikhail Yuryev. For our team, this title was the 12th!

2020 Bandy World Championship Results

For gold 8 teams will fight. But only four teams have real chances of success: Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan and Sweden. In this quartet, Russians and Swedes stand out especially. They played among themselves in almost all the final finals.

Finland may well be surprised. The Suomi team has been showing a good game for several years. Once - in 2004 - they won the title. However, in all other editions of the tournament, they were content only with silver or bronze. Especially often the Finns took bronze - 22 times! According to this indicator, they are ahead of the rest.

The remaining participating teams have almost no chances to be on top of the world championship in hockey 2020. Unfortunately, in terms of popularity, bendy is much inferior to traditional ice hockey. Therefore, few really strong teams ...

But in recent years, bandy has experienced a real renaissance. Competitions in this sport are included in all kinds of Universiades and regional competitions, and there is even hope that bandy will appear at the Olympics-2022. If the positive trend continues, the number of real applicants for World Cup gold may increase!

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