Worker Day 2020

To get acquainted with the origins of this respected profession, and also to learn how and when the Day of the Trade Worker 2020 will be celebrated by the inhabitants of Russia, fascinating informative material filled with many interesting and sometimes unknown facts for most readers will help.

How was a trade worker holiday established in Russia?

Trade craft at all times has been an important component not only of the socio-economic, but also of the political sectors of any civilized state, and with the development of market relations, it has at all acquired the status of one of the most widespread and sought-after professions in the Old World.

In the Middle Ages, only men were engaged in commercial affairs, and only in the era of the new time representatives of the female half of humanity began to actively master this profession.

With regard to modern realities, the history of the professional holiday of trade workers begins in 1966, when, by decision of the Presidium of the USSR, a state decree "On the establishment of a professional holiday for employees of the trade industry" was signed. The official holiday date was the last day off in July. Twelve years later (in 1988), the holiday was renamed "Trade Day", and the third Sunday of March became the day of its celebration.

In the history of the Russian Federation, the holiday not only did not lose its relevance, but also acquired a higher status. In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a government decree according to which a new red date appeared on the country's festive calendar - "Day of the Trade Worker", and the last Saturday of the second summer month was chosen as the day of its celebration.

What date is Trade Day celebrated in 2020?

Due to the fact that the holiday calendar is "floating", the celebration date every year falls on different days of July. In the 2020th year, congratulations in honor of workers in the Russian trade sector will be relevant on the 25th (on the fourth Saturday of the month).

The holiday is also relevant in some republics of the former USSR. Similar celebrations are annually celebrated in:

  • Kazakhstan;
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Moldova.

Trade day (in one form or another) was not only preserved in the festive calendar of these countries, but it is also an official professional holiday there. The only change occurred only in the dates of its celebration. For example, in neighboring Belarus and Ukraine, Trade Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of July.

A few words about the profession of a sales employee

Despite the fact that millions of people in our country use the services of retail chains every day, only a few of them are familiar with the “inside out” profession of a seller. But representatives of the sphere of trade are not only people directly serving customers at the checkout, but a wide staff of specialists engaged in the reception, inspection, warehousing and sale of a wide variety of products.

The path to the profession of a trade manager lies through training in a specialized secondary special or higher educational institution of the Russian Federation, whose graduates become professional specialists in various fields of trade.

Expert advisers to shops and supermarkets are also an integral part of the shopping sector. Unlike direct distributors of products, their main task is to provide customers with detailed information about goods and services supplied by manufacturers.

In order to become a good specialist in this field, it is necessary to possess not only a significant baggage of relevant specialized knowledge, but also to be a subtle psychologist in communicating with people. After all, communication with customers is an important part of the marketing policy of any trading company.

Summing up the above, it can be noted that a good trade employee is a responsible, conscientious and highly organized specialist, whose financial success and positive dynamics of the company's development depend on its effectiveness. The importance and relevance of this profession cannot be underestimated, because the work of a trade employee affects not only the availability of necessary goods on store shelves, but also provides high-quality service to millions of domestic consumers.

Features of the holiday: how is Trade Day celebrated in Russia?

Like many public holidays, Trade Worker Day has its own characteristics and traditions. By and large, the holiday is a family holiday and is celebrated in the circle of close friends and relatives. On the occasion of the celebration, festive feasts are organized in the houses of employees of trading enterprises, the central figures of which are the heroes of the occasion themselves, who are given valuable gifts, souvenirs and wish them success in their professional activities.

Those whom the holiday day found in the workplace, colleagues are honored with warm words and wishes for career growth. Often, managers of shops, supermarkets and other trading enterprises organize corporate parties for their employees, during which they present letters of commendation and cash bonuses to those employees who have made a particularly tangible contribution to improving the company's trade turnover.

Celebrate the holiday not only at the local (administrative), but also at the highest state level. Vibrant thematic events are held annually in many large cities of Russia in honor of the holiday, the priority mission of which is to familiarize the population with the characteristics of the profession and call on citizens to show respect and tolerance for its representatives.

What events will be held in Moscow on July 25, 2020?

The largest and most colorful events dedicated to the Day of the Russian Trade Worker can boast of capital's hypermarkets. In order to encourage their employees, the management of these facilities organizes a special event for them - "Super Discount Day". Thanks to this festive event, employees of large Moscow stores can purchase clothes, perfumes, household appliances and other categories of goods at very competitive prices.

Special attention deserves the official solemn ceremony, which takes place annually at the State Palace of Culture (State Kremlin Palace). On the day of the holiday, the best leaders and officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade are awarded with honorary prizes, diplomas and high state ranks. The 2020th year will not be an exception in terms of the event. The award ceremony will traditionally be held with the participation of top officials of the Russian government, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Creative greetings in honor of trade workers:

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