Evening Dresses 2020

The coming year 2020 will be the period of domination of the white metal Rat according to the Chinese horoscope. This fact leaves its mark on most fashion trends that will dominate in the next 12 months. According to the main characteristics of astrologers, a white mouse is a fairly positive animal, but it is also very demanding of its wards, that is, to you and me. In 2020, luck will certainly smile at hardworking people, faithful to their word and deed. Also, the metal Rat will take under its protection and guardianship of strong-willed people who do not give in to difficulties. But for lazy people and weak-minded individuals is not the most favorable time. In any case, there is still time before the New Year and each of us has a unique opportunity to develop some useful character traits. The rat also appreciates beautiful clothes and quality food. So, we are interested in the question about which evening dresses of 2020 will become the most popular.

Fashionable colors and trends when choosing an evening dress 2020

Every year, from television screens, we see how leading world and Russian trendsetters give long-term predictions about fashion trends. The following colors will become the dominant colors in the wardrobe of 2020:

  • snow-white and all shades of this color;
  • pastel and all tones and shades of this color;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • bronze;
  • copper;
  • dark wine;
  • beaujolais;
  • the black;
  • scarlet;
  • metal;
  • deep shade of blue.

Specialists in the field of fashion industry advise both colors and shades to mix and use separately, in the so-called “pure form”. When choosing one color or another, be sure to focus not only on the fashion trend, but also on your specific external data. Only a harmonious combination of colors in clothes will give you an unforgettable image. For example, for brunettes, a luxurious combination of colors, such as scarlet and silver, pastel and gray, black and snow-white, is suitable. If you are the owner of amazing light curls, then your best color scheme when choosing an evening dress will be: blue and gold, beaujolais and pastel, all shades of cherry and scarlet, black with any other color.

For girls with red hair, any color gamut is fine, except for pure black and dark purple shades. These two color solutions will make the female look “heavy” and not very attractive. Choose shades of copper, snow-white, red, silver - then your red curls in combination with a dress of a similar tone will look great and very elegant.

Fashionable and stylish dresses for the prom spring / summer 2020 season

Graduation party is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. Girls, future graduates of schools and universities, begin to prepare in advance for the choice of attire for this gala evening, which happens only once in a lifetime. In the year of the white metal Rat, minimalism and excellent taste dominate in everything. This applies not only to outfits for the New Year's corporate party, but also to other memorable and vibrant events, among which prom holds a special place.

In 2020, there are several main main directions in choosing dresses for a gala ball. Here are just a few of them:

  • Minimalism and absolute brevity. In order to truly shine at the final ball, choose outfits that are created from luxurious fabrics. The design of the dress should not be very elaborate. The main thing is to try to maintain a sense of elegance, sophisticated style and focus on the nuances.
  • No quilling and triple petticoats. Remember that a graduate of a school or university is primarily a young girl who is beautiful and charming because of her young age. Leave sexy images and defiant glossy bows for ladies of Balzac age. Choose simple silhouettes and remember that the fresh shade of youth that you carry in yourself is an incomparable luxury.
  • Choose dresses for a prom in natural tones. It does not have to be exclusively white and pastel shades. If you love green, then why not? Choose a dress for yourself in the color of freshly cut grass or the delicate shade of a spring lily of the valley leaf. The main thing to remember is that all colors should look extremely natural and no synthetics and poisonous colors.
  • The black color of the graduation dress will make you a top party in the ball. No matter how strange it may sound, this season a black dress with a silhouette cut and a floor length will become a real favorite and will set you apart from other participants in the prom. If you love black, but are not sure that it is suitable for such celebrations, then you can rejoice - in the 2020 season, a black evening gown on the floor is suitable even for prom at school!

Actual evening dresses in the season of 2020 for obese girls

Ugly women do not exist, and this is absolute truth. And it’s all just a matter of taste, because it has long been proven that there are no less men and women who have appetizing forms than men and women who prefer models 90-60-90 in appearance. Therefore, if you find yourself in a couple of extra pounds, this is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing sexy evening dresses, which will be especially relevant in the spring and summer of 2020.

Introducing several popular options for an evening dress for overweight women who will decorate the female look in 2020:

  • Sheath Dress. This version of the outfit is suitable for daytime use, and a similar dress will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of a full girl at the prom or corporate party. The only difference is for the day, choose a dress of medium length, but the evening version will look great on the floor. Sheath dress can have a similar maximum length, do not be surprised!
  • Silhouette A Dresses. This version of the outfit is perfect for a girl who has a pear-shaped figure. A thin and expressive waist will be clearly visible here. And the hips, which have more pronounced sizes, in this type of outfit will be effectively hidden under a layer of several skirts. This dress looks very feminine, and if you prefer a floor length, you will look at your graduation party, like a fairy princess.
  • Dress smell. This type of outfit will be especially relevant in the spring and summer of 2020. This unique dress can be made from almost any fabric. The only condition and reservation for full girls is to try to avoid large prints and too provocative drawings on the material from which your dress will be sewn.
  • Crop-Top Maxi Girl Evening Dress. An unexpected discovery for full women, which allows you to slightly open the female tummy thanks to the top made of thick material. Also, in this kit there is a skirt that should be no higher than the knee and her belt should go high enough so that the open area of ​​the body between the top and the skirt is minimal.

Popular short dresses to buy for the New Year 2020

The well-known saying that as you celebrate the New Year, so you spend it, is relevant in our days. This winter holiday must be met in a delightful outfit so that the hostess of the year, the white metal Rat, is satisfied and gives us good luck and prosperity for the whole of the coming 2020 year. Only in order to be in time and prepare the New Year's outfit, proceeding from their most desired aspirations, it is necessary to deal with this issue as early as possible.

We all know that a rat is an intelligent, perky, cunning and agile animal. This means that the outfit for the New Year 2020 should somehow reflect the nature of the rodent. Choose outfits for the New Year celebration that will make you feel luxurious and free. So that in the New Year's dress you could be at the table cozy and comfortable, and to dance, you could, without restraining your movements.

To celebrate the New Year, give preference to dresses that are made of lightweight, flowing materials with a slight sheen and overflow. In a New Year's dress, you should look relaxed and attractive.

Short New Year's dresses for a meeting of the main winter holiday hold the top popularity in the last few years. And this is understandable, because only in a short dress you can not worry about the incredibly long hem, which every now and then can get in the way underfoot when walking and during dancing. Also, a short dress makes the female figure more sexy and attractive.

The ideal dress for the New Year is an evening dress, which can also have a short length. Stylists and fashion experts assure us that this is the best option for a festive wardrobe both for those women who celebrate a holiday in a restaurant with their family, and for those who plan to go to a corporate party or a party with colleagues. However, there are no strict rules for choosing a New Year's outfit. Each girl chooses her perfect New Year dress on her own.

Stylists advise you to buy two outfits for New Year's Eve, so that if necessary, you can quickly replace the outfit with the second option. A short Christmas dress for home and party with colleagues will make your look inimitable and very effective. The main thing is to choose a style option that emphasizes your natural image flawlessly.

Actual and stylish evening dresses for wedding 2020

But what about the wedding celebration ?! What will be most appropriate, relevant and effective for the bride in 2020?

An evening dress for a wedding is an extremely important choice. The main event in life should be perfect, and therefore a wedding dress requires a very reverent and thoughtful attitude.

The length of the wedding dress can be any, the main thing is that this dress is unique, inimitable and beautiful. You may prefer a dress to the floor, or you can stop your gaze on a mini outfit - in any case, only you can choose!

For a wedding dress, there can be no minor nuances. When choosing this outfit, you need to consider all, even the smallest details. Finishing a wedding dress can be very different, but always it should be stylish and neat, without provocative and too bright elements.
The fabric for a festive dress on the day of the wedding should also be truly luxurious and expensive. In no case do not save on the quality of fabric for an evening dress. Choose options that emphasize the figure well, do not stretch, and are quite dense. Even if you decide to sew a wedding dress from light, flowing materials, pay attention to the structure of the fabric anyway - it should be durable so as not to break from the first awkward movement.

The design of the wedding dress should turn a woman into a real queen. Here, all the advantages of the girl’s body are certainly highlighted. But the flaws are correctly hidden under the layers of a marvelous wedding skirt.

According to statistics, most weddings are held in the summer months, which means that an evening gown for a wedding in 2020 will most often have a light shape and an open style. Therefore, do not try to envelop yourself in layers of heavy material from velvet or brocade, choose chiffon, silk and sophisticated satin.

If the bride is confident in the infallibility of her physical forms, then choose a dress of any length, including a mini. If you have a beautiful and luxurious chest - then focus on the wondrous neckline. If you are a happy owner of slender legs, then a fluffy dress of medium length will perfectly emphasize the length and shape of the legs, and you will be made a true princess on the main day of 2020 for your new family.

Long evening dresses popular in the 2020 season.

For any woman to have a pair of stylish dresses on the floor in her wardrobe is a prerequisite for the preservation and development of femininity and charm. Therefore, if there are still no stylish long dresses on your shelves and hangers, change this situation as soon as possible, especially since the New Year 2020 is just around the corner. To shine in the next 2020 at various parties and corporate parties, be sure to buy or sew yourself a pair of these magnificent and noble outfits. A dress on the floor in the 2020 season will turn you from an ordinary girl into a real charming heroine of an unusual classic novel.

What long dresses will be the most popular and chic next year? The answer to this question does not have an unambiguous option, but one thing is certain - these outfits should be distinguished by an unusual style and moderate chic. Here are just some of the varieties of long dresses in 2020:

  • Into the cage;
  • Dotted;
  • With floral prints;
  • Images of animals and birds;
  • Abstract and geometric pattern;
  • A combination of several patterns in one outfit.

Now the options, in terms of style:

  • Dresses on straps and with a bodice a bustier;
  • Variant of an outfit with bare shoulders;
  • Maxi dress with closed shoulders and a large slit to the side or back;
  • Different variations of dresses with the smell of different lengths and colors;
  • Greek style maxi dresses;
  • Chic dresses with airy skirt from many layers;
  • Long shirt dresses.

Popular evening shiny dresses 2020

Today, less and less beautiful girls acquire elegant evening dresses with sparkle and sequins. Many women simply don’t know where they can put on such an iridescent outfit, other women simply consider such a dress not practical, and therefore, they consider it unreasonable to spend money on such a fabulous version of the wardrobe.

But this is completely untrue, and if until now you thought that shiny dresses were not created for you, know that you were very mistaken! Of course, such an outfit cannot be worn in an office or at a school meeting. But every woman in her life must have several reasons for which an iridescent outfit with sequins will be very useful.

This wardrobe option is perfect for any theme party, for example, on New Year's days or on Halloween. Also, such a dress would be appropriate for an informal corporate party with colleagues. A trip to a night club in an outfit woven from shiny threads will make your evening unforgettable!

The only condition is that when choosing an outfit with lurex and sequins, keep harmony and balance. Make sure that the outfit does not look vulgar and go. And for this, trust the advice of professional stylists.

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