Uraza Bayram 2020

Uraza Bayram (Arabic: Eid al-Fitr) is a large and long-awaited family holiday, which among Muslims marks the end of the most severe and longest fasting in the month of Ramadan. What is known about this celebration? When did it arise and how is it celebrated now? What date begins Uraza Bayram in Russia in 2020 and how many days do it last? What obligations do each Muslim have during the celebration and what should the Islamic faith refuse?

How the holiday came about: a brief history

Uraza Bayram is also called the Feast of Conversation, and its history began in 624 AD, during the life of the Prophet Muhammad - the founder of the Islamic faith. Already in those distant times, this celebration became a symbol of the revival and increase of the spiritual level of all the faithful of this religion.

Uraza Bayram in its importance among Muslims is in second place after Kurban Bayram. Interestingly, depending on the country, it is called differently. In Turkey, this is Sheker-bayram, in Kyrgyzstan - Orozo Ait, and in the east (in Tajikistan) - Eid al-Fitr.

It is worth recalling that the basis of Islam is the five pillars (actions) that every Muslim must fulfill. Here they are:

ShahadaThe principle of monotheism (monotheism), faith in only one god of Allah
NamazA compulsory prayer that is performed daily five times a day by all adult members of the Muslim faith
FastComplete and absolute abstinence from eating during the daylight hours of the month of Ramadan
ZakatA kind of tax in favor of the poor and the poor, which every wealthy Muslim must pay annually (up to 2.5% of available property)
HajjPilgrimage to Mecca, which at least once in a lifetime should be done by every Muslim

When is celebrated in 2020?

You can determine when Uraza Bayram is celebrated using the lunar calendar. It is he who will determine the beginning and end of the triumph in the coming year.

In 2020, it begins on Sunday evening May 24th and ends with the onset of night on Tuesday May 26th.

In Russia, this holiday is celebrated one day, which local authorities declare a day off, that is, not a worker. In some countries of the world, such as the UAE and Qatar, Uraza Bayram is celebrated for three whole days.

Customs and traditions of celebration

Preparation for the holiday begins a few days before the celebration. A clean house, a clean courtyard, updated furniture, buying new clothes - these are the most important customs and traditions that must be followed in every family.

In addition, it is worth stocking up gifts for all family members, taking into account relatives who live far away, but on this holiday were going to visit their native nest. Preparations of dishes, which are supposed to be served on the table, are also prepared ahead of time.

On the morning of the first day of the holiday, men, washed, smart and smeared with incense, go to the mosque for a common ritual prayer. At the end of the service and sermon of the mufti or imam, everyone goes home and sits down to eat. After the feast, Muslims go to cemeteries, in order to visit the graves of deceased relatives, as well as places that are the tombs of saints. When the obligatory rituals are completed, the time for real celebration begins.

Festive table

Due to the fact that the post is over, in Muslim traditions, a rich table is served on this occasion with an abundance of hearty and high-calorie dishes. There are no gastronomic bans on this day. The main dishes on the table are:

  • Lamb broths and soups.
  • Roast, pilaf with the addition of beef or mutton.
  • Fish meals.
  • Snacks and salads with meat.
  • Pancakes and sweet pastries.
  • Fresh fruits.

Each country has its own culinary priorities, but alcohol intake by tradition is everywhere limited only to red wine and in moderation.

As noted in Russia?

Despite the fact that representatives of the Muslim faith throughout Russia will celebrate Uraza Bayram, this holiday received official holiday status in Russia only in those regions where the Muslim communities (ummahs) are the largest. It:

  • Chechnya
  • Dagestan
  • Adygea
  • Bashkortostan
  • Tatarstan
  • Crimea
  • Kabardino-Balkaria
  • Ingushetia

The celebration begins at sunrise, when, after complete bathing, Muslims in clean clothes go from the mosque to the solemn service on the occasion of the end of the fast.

Events in Moscow

The capital of Russia does not lag behind the regions in terms of meeting and celebrating the holiday of Uraza Bayram at the proper level. The Cathedral Mosque in Moscow on Mira Avenue is the main venue for all Muslim holidays. The morning prayer after the adhan (call to the obligatory prayer) is also performed in the following places of worship:

  1. Memorial Mosque on Poklonnaya Hill.
  2. Historic mosque on the Big Tatar.
  3. Yards in Otradnoye.

Every year, not only the chief mufti of the Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia Ravil Gaynutdin, but also Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s measures Sergei Sobyanin turn to the Muslims for congratulations on this day.

The total number of participants in the celebration of Uraza Bayram in 2019 amounted to over 250 thousand people.

Duties and prohibitions of Muslims on holiday

Ramadan, the month preceding Uraza Bayram, which lasts 36 days, is also called the trial period for believers in Allah. The following actions are prohibited at this time:

  1. Alcohol and cigarette consumption.
  2. The use of drugs in the form of tablets or powders.
  3. Marital proximity in the daytime.
  4. Abuse of food.

From the moment of the holiday, all previous bans are canceled. But immediately there are responsibilities, among which are the following:

  • Repentance and rethinking your life path.
  • Reconciliation of offended and warring parties.
  • Visiting elderly relatives.
  • Visiting cemeteries.
  • Mandatory charity (sadakat or zakat al-fitr).
  • The offering of the guests to all the guests in the house.

Visiting the graves of deceased relatives, it is not customary to greatly grieve and cry, because Uraza Bayram is a joyous holiday, and not a day of sorrow.

Holiday greetings

The main greeting of all the time while Uraza Bayram lasts is: “Eid Mubarak!”, Which in Arabic means “Blessed Feast”.

Modern holiday greetings adapted to the realities of life. They have both a poetic form and are expressed in prose. As an option:

Uraza Bayram has arrived, congratulations

May Allah hear your prayers.

I wish you health, good luck and happiness,

And in your heart you miss love.

May the holiday table be full

Your apartment will have light and comfort.

Let your family stay healthy

And in the house, good and wealth live.

The main essence of the holiday of Uraza Bayram for many centuries is a prayer expression of gratitude to Allah for helping to sustain a person for a long post, which is the third pillar of Islam. Allah is also grateful for the opportunity to perform charitable deeds, for atonement for one's sins and life mistakes. This celebration is also a time of mercy and help that every believer must go so that his fast and all prayers will be accepted by Allah ...

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