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Beautiful manicure makes the image of the girl irresistible. Well-groomed and neat hands and nails will never go out of style. Each new season in the world of nail fashion and design, its own unique novelties and special trends appear. In order to be in a trend next year, a girl certainly needs to get acquainted with what nail design 2020, photos, new items will become the most relevant and interesting to use.

Fashion trends of manicure on nails 2020

In the 2020 season, the following options will become the most popular directions in manicure:

  • Fashionable manicure with inscriptions.. A similar version of nail art is suitable for young girls who are bored with traditional French jackets and classics from several color schemes. The inscriptions can be taken from well-known comics, or you can create your own logo. For especially creative personalities, this option for nail design will provide extraordinary opportunities for imagination.
  • Cool "eye see you" design - a novelty of the next season. The design of nails in a similar style is that an image of the face or eyes is applied to the plate. This version of nail art looks really provocative and unusual. Manicure in the style of "eye see you" is suitable for a freedom-loving girl who lives by her own rules and does not look back at the opinions of people around.
  • Nail Design with Wells. The classic version of the nail cover, which is suitable for a calm and very feminine look. A manicure in this style is suitable for a woman of any age and occupation. There are no restrictions on either clothing or the female bow in general.
  • Ombre manicure. The direction for decorating the nail plate, which remains relevant and in demand for more than a year. The only condition for the 2020 season is that now the ombre option involves the use of colors in more contrasting tones. If you want to be in an absolute trend - choose a manicure in the style of linear ombre.
  • The image of the May beetle or "chameleon". The manicure style of 2020, in which special rubs dominate, and, as a result, the overall tone of the nail plate becomes iridescent.
  • Holographic rubbing. This version of nail art will appeal to fashionistas who love metallic colors and extravagant style in the wardrobe. With this unique spraying, an unusual hologram appears on the plate, which is very similar to a rainbow.

Trendy news for a beautiful design for short nails in the season 2020

Short nails in the last few years confidently occupy a leading position. Firstly, it is very convenient, and secondly, world fashion designers from the catwalks show us collections of clothes on girls, whose manicure is often very short. Therefore, in 2020, a short manicure will not only become a possible option for well-groomed hands, but also quite relevant.

Novelties for manicure for short nails, which will become trends in 2020:

  • Luxurious scarlet manicure. This option is always relevant and suitable for almost any image. The shade of red can vary from a bright scarlet shade, to a deep dark red color. In the 2020 season, red manicure will become an absolute trend for short lengths.
  • Laconic design in white. The shade of tenderness and innocence is suitable in the next season not only for brides and young girls. A similar version of nail art in 2020 will become appropriate and popular for creating a female business image. If you doubt the color preference for manicure, feel free to choose the snow-white option.
  • Cool manicure for short nails with stones. The use of decorative elements in manicure 2020 will be a real trend. Stones and rhinestones occupy a leading position in nail art.
  • Manicure technique "marble stone". This unique version of the nail design is characterized by the use of special decorative elements that give the manicure brightness and tenderness at the same time. We are talking about drawings based on natural minerals. Nail art in this style resembles the appearance of valuable rock or quartz.

The best ideas for winter DIY manicure 2020

When winter comes, many girls begin to feel sad that the time when you can dress up and decorate yourself has passed and will return only with the arrival of the first spring heat. In fact, this is completely wrong, and you can look wonderful and attractive in any season. About which trends in manicure will dominate next winter, the selection below:

  • Winter manicure with snowflakes. This option can be called the absolute leader in nail art for three winter months. Also, a similar design will look great as a New Year's manicure. The choice of color here can be very different, the main thing is that the shade of snowflakes and the general background of the palette correspond with the appearance of the woman.
  • Manicure in the style of "geometry". An excellent design for nails will create a stunning look. With such a manicure, the girl in the winter of 2020 will certainly meet the most fashionable trends.
  • Style using images of birds and animals.. This unique and very popular direction will appeal to extraordinary personalities who choose unusual elements for a wardrobe, which means that the manicure in this image should be appropriate. Nail design with figures of birds and animals can be made in different color combinations. The main condition - do not forget about balance and moderation.
  • Nail Design with Rhinestones. This design is perfect for New Year or Christmas manicure. Use all your imagination when doing this design option for nails. New Year's Eve can and should be bright!

Best manicure for spring 2020

Spring is a great time of the year when everything around comes to life. In these magical and rainbow days I want to shine and shimmer together with nature and the world around us. An ideal spring manicure is, of course, tenderness, radiance and extraordinary attractiveness.

A stylish manicure that is worth using for yourself in these amazing three spring months can have many original directions, forms and combinations.

  • Spring Gradient Manicure. This direction of nail art is very popular with young girls who keep pace with the times. It welcomes the use of a variety of colors and combinations. The main condition for the gradient direction is the contrast of lines and colors. For the spring season, stylists advise choosing warmer and more gentle palettes.
  • Classic French. Women love this style of nail art for a long time, and it always exists in manicure trends. The color palette for the jacket may be very different, but the most popular is pale pink and white.
  • Manicure with floral elements.. Spring and flowers are inseparable concepts, and therefore, in the design of nails, images of flowers will certainly occur in the 2020 season.
  • Almond shaped nail design. This trend will be an absolute novelty for the manicure of the coming season. This design allows a variety of colors. For example, coral, cobalt blue, aquamarine, lemon, sky blue and many other shades of color for the nail plate will become the most popular in spring 2020.

Stylish nail design for the summer of 2020

In the future warm and sunny season of 2020, a variety of style solutions and trends will really please fashionistas who adore unusual manicure options. Next summer, a flight of fancy and creative inspiration open the way for girls to choose a variety of opportunities in the design of nail designs.

  • Gentle Pastel Style. An incredibly attractive combination of delicate and stylish shades for manicure makes this style very relevant and in demand.
  • Moon manicure. Amazing style that suits any age and wardrobe. Shades for this trend can be very different, the main thing is to follow the correct technique of applying varnish to the surface of the nail plate.
  • Express bright manicure for summer 2020. What summer is without bright and rich colors? And even if during the whole year you didn’t especially like bright and defiant shades for manicure, in the summer you can afford to shine with different colors of the rainbow!

The best ideas from stylists for autumn manicure 2020

Autumn is a special time when nature gradually moves away to a long sleep. But, also, these days the world around us, literally, is replete with a variety of colors and tints. Therefore, this is absolutely not a period for sadness. In unison with nature, a woman should look diverse, bright and attractive, and autumn manicure will help her with this.

  • Manicure in yellow and burgundy colors. There is nothing better than focusing on nature and its amazing beauty in choosing a color scheme. For autumn manicure, shades of autumn foliage are best suited. Use colors from the autumn gamut, both independently and in a variety of additions and combinations.
  • Matte manicure for autumn 2020. The absolute leader in nail design for the fall season next year. Color options may vary. Choose muted tones that blend in perfectly with your surroundings. So, in the fall of 2020, the most relevant colors for the matte finish of the nails will be - coffee, wine, blue, brown, dark green.
  • Broken Glass Manicure. Another current trend in nail design, which will be especially popular with the advent of September 2020. This design option looks pretty festive and unusual. In terms of colors in this style, the dominant areas will be metallic, silver and gold.

Trends and Innovations in Nail Art

In modern fashion, the trends of unpredictability, minimalist chic and contrast prevail. These directions can also be seen in the formation of the main fashion trends of manicure 2020. A unique technique that demonstrates the whole variety of possible styles and options, combined with the limitless possibilities of color solutions - all this affects the fashionable design of nails very effectively and originally.

Actual directions of nail art, characteristic for the coming 2020:

  • Stamping. The wizard uses a special stamp to complete this technique. A certain pattern is applied to its surface, which is imprinted on the nail plate and keeps on it for quite a long time. Today in the world there are a huge number of different patterns and engravings to perform this technique.
  • Slide design. This technique involves the use of small stickers with a design from a cartoon or comic strip for design. The ideal option for such a manicure is suitable for girls and girls.
  • Painting. If you like acrylic drawings and the variety of colors that they demonstrate, then this version of the manicure technique can be safely called yours.
  • Dot drawing. To perform this type of manicure, the master uses a device called dots. By the way, a similar design option is typical just for Indian manicure, which appeared several years ago.
  • Monogram drawing. Such a design of nails is most often used by specialists in manicure design for painting nails in brides. Wedding manicure is the main direction in which this technique is used.
  • Wet Gel Polish. The technique of applying varnish to the nails, which involves the creation of a spreading effect. As a result, the nail plate looks very unusual and spectacular.

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