Psychic Predictions for 2020

Predicting the future for entire states is not an easy task facing the most powerful psychics. Not only ordinary citizens listen to their forecasts, but also politicians, experts who make their bets for the future and try to choose the right course. Predictions of psychics for 2020 cannot be called objective, since contemporaries interpret them differently. The level of responsibility to the public is so high that mediums try not to focus on specific personalities, events, cities, countries. They create an overall picture that everyone perceives in his own way.

Predictions of psychics for 2020 literally for the world at large

Leading psychics are inclined to believe that everything that happens in our world can be predicted. So, Vanga and Nostradamus are sure that in 2020 Russia will receive the championship all over the world. That she will have the mission of unification of all nations. The Russians, despite the aggression from Europe and the United States, will be able to resolve global conflicts. All this will happen so quickly that it will even be difficult to trace the chain of events.

Today, Russia is in tense relations with the West and America. Trump cannot reach an agreement with Putin, which is why international disagreements are emerging. The conflict in the Donbass remains unresolved. A similar situation is with Syria.

In 2020, the economy, astronomy, and high-tech developments will rapidly develop. Along with new discoveries, all countries will try to win the championship. You should also be afraid of natural disasters. Serious earthquakes in Asia, drought in Russia are expected. Africa will be covered by waves of an epidemic that could result in human loss. All this together will cause depression and constant fears of people for their lives.

Prediction for Russia from the strongest psychics: what Wang was talking about

The Bulgarian clairvoyant has repeatedly spoken out about her fears and visions for Russia for 2020. The soothsayer rarely spoke directly, so contemporaries had to decipher her predictions. Based on Vanga’s statements, it was possible to come to several important conclusions for Russia for 2020:

  • the people of Russia will be reproached for a long time due to the annexation of Crimea. The whole world will unite and rise against the citizens of a great country. Wrong steps by the authorities will result in persecution, sanctions and other difficulties for ordinary citizens. Crimea will be very expensive, so you should prepare for decisive action on the part of America and the West;
  • Russians will need to hold out for 4-5 years after 2020. The era of well-being for them will come only after this time has passed. You should not wait for leniency before;
  • global warming will force us to reorganize to a new rhythm of life. Many Russians will experience poor health, depression, and distraction. Climate change will affect every person;
  • Wang believed that in Russia there would be an awakening by 2024. This year will be a turning point, because new personalities will be in power. To resist aggression from other countries, it is necessary to come to their terms. It is better for the government to abandon the tactics that they have been trying to adhere to for several years;
  • will there be a war - Wang was never able to accurately answer this question. If you literally convey the whole meaning of her predictions, there is a high probability of internal confrontations that will not go beyond the borders of the state;
  • 2020 will be poverty. People below the poverty line will rise. Before their eyes, officials are increasing capital, and they have to make do with the promises of the authorities. All this will lead to ruin in the heads.

Predictions from the strongest psychics for Ukraine: will there be a war

It cannot be argued that the prophecies of mediums should come true. To perceive them is also objective. If we talk about Ukraine, the year 2019 was the turning point for the country, when citizens managed to elect a new leader. The newly elected president, who has just assumed office, inspires confidence among Ukrainians. His politics and tactics are perceived positively. Will the president manage not to lose ratings and live up to the expectation, time will tell.

According to psychics, Ukraine is so far connected in making its decisions and actions because of leadership from above. Most likely, mediums mean the subordination of the IMF, which dictates its own rules. Ordinary people suffer from this. Rising utility prices, poverty, and the lack of decent jobs continue to oppress. Ordinary people have to pay for politicians who plunged the country into debt. Here are some key predictions for Ukraine:

  1. By 2020, it will be possible to abandon the foundations that have been formed over several years.
  2. The dollar is stabilizing against the hryvnia.
  3. Salaries and living standards may increase, but most will remain below the poverty line.
  4. There is a chance to avoid economic failure in connection with the coming of new people to power.

There will be no war as such in Ukraine. Mediums disagree on this issue due to the fact that many see the conflict in the Donbas as a war.

Coup in Venezuela: predictions from the strongest psychics

The situation in Venezuela, due to which civilians are suffering, is gaining momentum. The distant dictator Maduro is trying to gather more fans of his politics. In order to change power in the country, he is ready to take any measures.

As many mediums foresaw, the situation by 2020 will not be resolved. The whole problem is that other countries that are trying to help resolve the conflict are pulling a blanket over themselves. The United States is seeking its own benefit in what is happening, therefore, are active.

Predictions of mediums for all signs of the zodiac literally: who awaits luck

Aries psychics are advised not to neglect their own health. 2020 can be a turning point for people with chronic ailments.

Taurus It’s worth the patience to realize your ambitions. Career growth is guaranteed if you manage to surpass yourself.

Twins it's time to take care of yourself and create home comfort. Your family has already forgotten how delicious you bake pies, and how to have a great time with your family.

Cancer year promises new beginnings. You will meet a soul mate or find inner peace. A time of accomplishment and new desires will turn your life upside down.

Lions it is better to avoid conflicts that turn into disappointment. You can lose real friends who are willing to do anything for you.

Virgin remain unconvinced. The stable position of the representatives of the sign will give them new acquaintances and implemented plans.

Weights will have to survive several waves of change. They will bring not only positive emotions, but also make you reconsider your priorities.

Scorpionswho are accustomed to expressing their opinions sharply will face criticism from the outside. Listen to others so you don’t regret your actions later.

Sagittarius Year will bring a sea of ​​positive emotions.

Capricorns will be at the crossroads of two roads. Choose your path with your heart, relying on intuition.

At Aquarius there is every chance to find love.

Pisces it is better not to change the place of work or residence. This will turn into a psychological shock.

Various mediums predicted the future for 2020 - from the world-famous Vanga to contemporaries who became famous in the Battle of Psychics. Also, do not forget about pseudo-seers who try to present their fantasies as a look at the future. If you take it literally, 2020, according to the predictions of most psychics, will be the beginning of global change around the world. The task of mankind is to adequately accept all twists of fate and stay afloat, overcoming difficulties on the way.

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