The script for the New Year 2020 for corporate parties with jokes, fairy tales

The last weeks of the old year expire. In the bustle associated with the submission of annual reports, days flicker, fatigue accumulates. Many people are waiting for the holiday, feeling like a real squirrel in the wheel, and even a festive corporate party does not always cause pleasant emotions. Meanwhile, there is nothing better to avoid depression than a properly organized holiday: with jokes, songs, contests and dances among colleagues and colleagues! Even if in your team, as usual, only toasts and congratulations sound, it does not matter - the old foundations can be eliminated. Use the ready-made fabulous script for the New Year 2020 for corporate parties and let the jokes and sonorous laughter pour all evening!

Leading evenings, their costumes, props

Rat Award of the Year: Golden Tail

Costumes: standard outfits for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

For Remy:

  • pink ears and nose, cheeky protruding antennae (possible from cardboard)
  • gray suit, you can classic, but better plush, baggy with a white breast;
  • bow tie, white gloves.

For the rat king:

  • gray rat costume;
  • crown;
  • White gloves.

For Mickey Mouse:

  • black and white suit (trousers and a jacket like a black tailcoat, white shirt);
  • gloves are white;
  • round black ears.


No New Year can take place without souvenirs and gifts, so they need to be stocked well in advance, counting all those present and collecting all the necessary funds. No party guest should leave empty-handed. What can be used as mini-gifts for winners of competitions and for those who won the lottery:

  • figures with an animal symbol of the year (soft toys, key rings, etc.)
  • bright pens, notebooks and other stationery, preferably corresponding to the New Year theme;
  • gift soap;
  • sweets in the form of an animal symbol;
  • Christmas fridge magnets;
  • mini bottles of alcohol.

The names of the nominees must be written on beautiful sheets of paper (or printed) and distributed on envelopes. Winners in the nominations need to give out the same figurines in the form of an animal patron.

In order not to confuse the prizes, you need to sort them into bags, for example, put the figures for the winners of the nominations in blue with a snowflake, put all the presents for the contest participants in red with a cone, and for those who won the lottery in white with a Christmas tree.

Holiday in honor of the year of the Rat. Start

Sounds the same music on stage goes Mickey Mouse and Remy. They take off to represent each other:

“The evening of rats is conducted by the name of Remy - an Oscar-bearer and the best culinary specialist in the entire rat world, according to everyone who tried his signature ratatouille!”

“And also Mickey Mouse, famous and unsurpassed.”

We begin the New Year's Eve Golden Tail ceremony. Following the results of the year and the opinion of the entire rat world and your team, the best workers will be awarded with prizes and tails! Before you name the first nominees, we offer to call on those personalities without whom not a single New Year's party can be held.

The chorus of the song Balagan Limited - This New Year, under which Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden go. They greet all those present, congratulate them on the upcoming holiday and announce that this event is held in honor of the Rat year, so all guests must follow the mandatory rules: it is allowed to eat cheese, move your mustache, eat, climb the mink. Forbidden: rattle, run away from a sinking ship and bite. Be sure to have fun, sing, dance and participate in all competitions. Presenters must make sure that all guests have learned the rules, so a competition is announced!

The host says that songs will now sound. It is necessary to continue each at the moment when it stops. All participants are given microphones. The list of songs should be recognizable enough, for example:

  • “Five minutes” by L. Gurchenko;
  • “At the edge of the forest” by E. Gil;
  • "Three white horses" L. Valley;
  • "Three white horses" In Tolkunov.

The midst of fun, nominations and competitions for adults

Leading and announcing nominees must be done after each competition.

Do not forget to make long dance breaks and invite everyone to the dance floor.

The list of nominations should be thought out in advance, based on the type of activity the organization, firm or company is engaged in. You can also conduct a poll in advance to find out which of the team can be nominated for and who should receive the award. An approximate list of nominations may be as follows:

  • main ringleader and entertainer;
  • the fastest employee;
  • the strictest boss;
  • the largest neat;
  • best producer of super ideas;
  • prosperous womanizer;
  • inveterate coquette;
  • first fashionista;
  • super macho.

Competitions and competitions. How to announce and how to spend

Competitions must be announced by different hosts alternately, for example, the first are Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, the second are Remy and Mickey Mouse, the third are the rat king and his assistant.

New Year's round dance

The competition can be announced as follows: “Dear friends, without which not a single New Year can do? Of course, without a round dance! Let's organize a round dance according to the new rules. ”

The host divides the guests into teams and each group, quietly announces the topic:

  • show how they dance in a psychiatric hospital;
  • demonstrate how they walk near the Christmas tree in the police;
  • portray a dance in a hospital;
  • show a round dance in the army;
  • show a round dance based on a fairy tale.

Some time is given for preparation, after which the teams are invited in turn to the stage, where they must show the mini-scene in a fun, witty and picturesque way, cutting circles under the Christmas tree. Allowed to sing, exclaim something as a clue. All those present should understand what kind of characters are in front of them and where everything, in fact, is happening. Prize for those who show the best artistry.

Throw a ring

Everyone wants to celebrate the New Year well and helps us in this different miscellaneous. In this competition, the most adroit participants will be able to get hold of good drinks with varying degrees of strength!

It is necessary to prepare rings with a diameter of 10 cm from thin cardboard. Participants are given the same number of rings. At a distance of 3 meters from people bottles are placed with different drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and empty containers. Everyone takes turns tossing their rings. The prize is the bottle on which it was possible to throw a ring.

What to do

The host invites participants to find a way out of difficult situations and those who voiced the most original options will receive memorable prizes for their inventiveness. So what to do if:

the chef in the morning is out of sorts and has already fired two employees, and you need to go to him and hand over the annual report, in which you probably messed up?

the whole team took off and you were instructed to organize a holiday with this money, but instead of this you accidentally drank them?

the new chef is actively seducing you, and you are married or married?

you scandalized an unfamiliar aunt in the elevator and threw her handbag out the window, and after a couple of minutes it turned out that this was the new CEO of the company?

New Year's lottery. How to spend, what rhymes to read

They hold such an event when guests are already on a fun and funny and sometimes ambiguous questions can give funny answers. They stock up in advance with identical pieces of paper on which riddles are printed in which the last word is both a guess and a prize. The presenter asks the audience to pull out one piece of paper for each participant and read out the verses, of course, without concluding the last word-answer. Anyone who has taken a piece of paper should say a clue.

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