All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren 2019 - 2020

The state’s attention to Vseros is bearing fruit: participation in this educational event is becoming prestigious. All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren 2019-2020 this will not be an exception this time. As always, she will be a chance to enter the best universities in the country without exams. We will find out the details of VOSH at all stages and the possibility of using the results.

Stages of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren

Information about the stages of the Olympiad, tasks of past years with answers, the results of competitions in subjects is not so easy to find. All-Russian still has no official site. To bring organizational information, to collect data, to conduct an analysis, the resources of the Ministry of Education, which oversees this event, are used. In the regions, local departments and ministries are involved in this: here is a list of sites by constituent entities of the Russian Federation

A site for methodological assistance on Vseros was created, organizational issues are also solved on the forum, there is information and an analysis of the results of past olympiads:

And officially VOSH is engaged in the Ministry of Education, which publishes news on its portal: // and on a single federal education portal: It should be noted that the olympiad movement clearly lacks its own website, where it will be possible to find everything you need and interesting for preparation, organizational issues and legal issues.

Schedule of VOSH sends to schools of the Ministry of Education. The school and municipal stages are adjusted by local authorities. At the initial stage, the Olympiad movement covers almost 60-80% of schoolchildren, depending on the region. You can participate in the school stage starting from grade 5, but the results are presented for students from grades 7 to 11, and only students in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 go to the municipal stage.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the students are waiting for the familiar 4 stages of Vseros:

Name of the stage of VOSHScheduleTour participants

starts on September 1

September October5 (Russian language and mathematics from grade 4) - grade 11

lasts until the end of December

November DecemberGrades 7-11 (winners of the previous round and winners and prize-winners of last year)

lasts until the end of February

January FebruaryGrades 9-11 (winners of the previous round and winners and prize-winners of last year)

ends April 30

March, AprilGrades 9-11 (winners of the previous round)

School Olympiad tours are held not only in state, but also in private educational institutions, if there is accreditation.

Any student from the 5th to the 11th grade can express consent to participate in the first school round. The written consent of the parents or legal representatives of the child to participate in the event and to work with personal data is required.

Ideally, participation is strictly voluntary and informed, and the document “Procedure for holding the All-Russian Olympiad” is also being introduced, but in practice, everything is not so formal yet. Children are informed about the school stage, parents are asked for written consent, where they indicate in which subject tests the child wants to participate.

School stage of VOSH in the 2019 - 2020 academic year

The school stage of the Olympiad officially starts on September 1. To the horror of many subjects, the beginning of this tour for their subjects begins almost from the first week of the school year. In total, the Ministry of Education approved a list of 24 school subjects. It is on them that tests will be conducted and competitive tasks will be prepared.

List of subjects for the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren:

Name of school subject
1English language
5Informatics and ICT
6Art (world art culture)
9Italian language
14Social Studies
15Life Safety Basics
17Russian language
20Physical Culture

The tasks of the school tour are developed either by local subject-methodological commissions (PMC) of departments and ministries, or by regional methodological associations (RMO). Tasks and scanned works of school participants are sent to local authorities and posted on their websites.

Participation is strictly voluntary, about which 10 days before the event, with the written consent of the parents, students must express their desire. This tour is conducted by the school itself and school teachers who organize classes for the Olympiad. Tests begin at 10 in the morning.

Difficulties and problems of the school stage:

  • too early start of the test is fraught with distortion of the results, because children are not yet ready to learn, they have forgotten a lot over the summer;
  • the entire volume falls on the shoulders of the subject;
  • the most gifted children are forced to participate in many competitions;
  • it is difficult to combine the full implementation of the VOSH school tour with the current educational process (often students are simply given homework);
  • verification and processing (scanning) rests with school teachers.

Municipal stage of the school Olympiad

This tour starts from mid-late October. It is conducted in the basic schools of the districts. The tasks are lowered from above, often they come from other regions to ensure honesty and objectivity. But in fact, the level of complexity in districts and regions may not be comparable. Sometimes the tasks of the municipal tour are more difficult than the trials of the regional stage.

The schedule of the olympiad tests is being drawn up. In each subject, they begin on a certain day at 10 am, and the tasks themselves, answers and assessment criteria are sent to local education authorities 2-3 hours before the start of the competition. At this level, delays are often encountered due to a lack of normal office equipment and paper in schools, discrepancies between the declared and arrived number of participants. After all, not only the winners and prize-winners of the school stage come, but also the winners and prize-winners of past years.

In some regions, there is still a rule introduced several years ago to tighten the selection of winners, according to which, only those who have correctly solved more than 50% of the tasks can apply for prizes. There is no single picture with this clause 5 and clause 48 of the Procedure for the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated November 18, 2013 No. 1252 in the current version of clause 5 and clause 48), therefore there is a situation of inequality among the winners and prize-winners of the municipal stages depending on the region: somewhere the most points pass, and somewhere else you need to cross the threshold for the percentage of completed tasks. Based on the results of the stage, a ministerial order is being prepared on the passage to the next round of VOSH.

Regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad

This stage begins after the New Year holidays and receives more attention from the Ministry of Education, whose CPMK, together with the regional authorities, prepares tasks, organizes organizing gatherings, and oversees the placement of the winners and prize winners of the previous round and the jury. It is the region that must take care of the moments associated with accommodation, food, excursion support.

The complexity of the stage is that it is necessary to choose one representative of the region for each item, the winner must still pass on points. The minimum threshold for points is calculated by the Ministry of Education. There are situations when the current winner could not overcome this bar, and then the winner of the previous year goes to represent the region instead.

The jury is very strictly controlled by the Olympiad Committee of the Ministry of Education, because there are so many contentious issues on the ground. Since the “faces of Vseros” are selected, the Ministry is trying to the maximum to get an objective picture of the trials and the level of participants. When the winners are selected, the Ministry of Education publishes its order on their passage to the final round of the Olympiad.

The final stage of Vseros 2019 - 2020

The final round is not held in bulk. Only about a dozen regions will have the opportunity to receive approval of their application for the final stage of the subject Olympiad from March to the end of April. This is a very prestigious event. The lion's share goes to Moscow. It is in the capital that many trials in the most popular school subjects are being completed.

The Ministry of Education carefully prepares all tasks and tests, regulatory documents, selects a jury, arranges accommodation and events for the time of All-Russia. The May finale of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren in cities hosting All-Russia is turning into a real grandiose celebration for the participants, and especially for the winners.

How can I use the results of VOSH

Diplomas of winners and prize-winners of VOSH are now valid for 4 years. Victory on the All-Russia - access to the university on a budget. This brilliant result must be confirmed by obtaining a certificate, and for MSU also 75 points and higher in the profile exam. But the winners get 100 points on the subject where they won the Olympics, and enrollment without exams on the budget to the best universities in the country.

Prizewinners can also benefit from the diploma: their participation in the final stage of Vseros will be evaluated by the university entrance commission with some amount of additional points for individual achievements. Teams for participation in the international stage of subject Olympiads are also formed from winners and prize-winners. Russia is preparing national teams in several subjects.

List of subjects of the international school Olympiad:

Name of school subject
8International Natural Sciences Junior Olympiad

Since 2018, a system of financial incentives for winners of international trials has been operating:

"Establish annual prizes of the President of the Russian Federation to winners of international olympiads in general educational subjects - members of the national teams of the Russian Federation, formed in accordance with paragraph 1 of part 4 of article 71 of the Federal Law of December 29, 2012 No. 273-FZ" On Education in the Russian Federation ", and the trainers who trained them. "

Amount of cash reward:

Prize placeThe amount of cash payment from the Russian Federation
1st place "gold"1 000 000 rubles
2nd place "silver"500 000 rubles
3rd place “bronze”400 000 rubles

Attention to All-Russia and the victories of our teams in international subject Olympiads, the material benefits of the winners - all this increases the prestige of VOSH and similar intellectual achievements among schoolchildren. Of course, the olympiad movement still has a lot of shortcomings and problems, ranging from the lack of its portal to the problem of the quality of knowledge of winners who can not always pass the profile exam above 75 points. But the Ministry of Education is ready to seriously engage in the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren for the sake of selecting the best minds, identifying talented and gifted youth.

Watch the video: This is what an International Physics Olympiad exam looks like (December 2019).