Student Day 2020

Every year on student day, thousands of university students celebrate a "professional" holiday. Funny faces, parties filled with noise, din, laughter, expanse and freedom - all this has been accompanying this holiday for over a decade. In Russia, it goes back to the 18th century, associated with the glorious traditions of Moscow State University. Although students often pass exams on this day, it is still celebrated in a big and fun way, like in the old days. Various signs are also associated with the holiday, as it happens, which we will discuss in this article.

When will Student Day be in 2020

In Russia

One of the most striking, iconic Russian holidays is Student's Day. He is known in different countries, and in every his appearance is associated with special events, traditions, dates. In Russia, the student holiday coincides with Tatyana's day. For many years, on January 25, a cheerful, happy student brotherhood turns its life into a real triumph of freedom, communication, pleasure.

In 2020, Student Day in Russia will be celebrated on Saturday, January 25.

In the middle of November 2020, on the 17th, another holiday will be celebrated - International Student Day. Its roots go back to 1939, when the Nazis, who captured the Czech Republic, dispersed the demonstration of students and their teachers. One of the students was killed, more than 1200 were arrested, and exiled to concentration camps. The organizers of the action were executed.

In other countries

In February 2020, US students celebrate their day. Harvard organizes a carnival with Hasty Pudding costumes. Only young people participate in it. There is an opinion that the tradition is connected with the fact that earlier only male representatives studied at the university.

Finnish students celebrate their day (Wappa) on May 1. Every year, those who graduate from the university receive special caps. The obligatory part of the holiday is the laying of caps on the statue of Zavis Amanda.

Greek students celebrate Polytechno on November 17th. In 1973, student protests were brutally suppressed on this day, as a result of which more than 20 people were killed.

Students at Portuguese universities celebrate their day in May. Its name is Keima, it is filled with beautiful traditions. On this day, burn ribbons, sing serenades.

A bit of history

The foundation of the holiday dates back to 1755. It was then, in accordance with the decree of Empress Elizabeth, that it was decided to establish the Imperial Moscow University. Today it is known as Moscow State University. Initially, it was the birthday of the institution, but in the mid-19th century it was transformed into a celebration of all students and intellectuals.

The date coincided with the day when the martyr Tatiana was honored. He is also known for the fact that on that day the mothers of the famous statesman, philanthropist Ivan Shuvalov, who turned to the empress with the idea of ​​opening a university, were named after. Some time after the opening of the university, a chapel dedicated to St. Tatiana was built here. In 2005, in accordance with the presidential decree, the holiday received official status. Since then it has become known as the “Day of Russian Students”.

Traditional events

Almost from the very beginning, the day of students was celebrated noisily, cheerfully. At first, Moscow alone walked, but the whole city participated in the celebration. Formal events were held. Students often drank, but the gendarmes, seeing this, tried to help. The event was noted so brightly that the addresses where they live were signed on the backs of revelers, so that later they could be helped to return home. But Chekhov wrote that on this day only water from the Moscow River is not drunk.

The holiday has lost its relevance after the revolution. Many remembered him, but, if noted, then quietly. At MSU, he came to life after in 1995 the temple dedicated to Tatyana was reopened.

Other cities also host various landmark events. Vladivostok is famous for the fact that it annually records student victories in the Great Book of Records. The Technical University of Belgorod on Tatyana’s Day organizes a royal ball. Volgograd - an exhibition in which the work of Tatyan. In Tver, students participate in winter games. In many clubs parties, quests, master classes are held.

Student omens

This day was not without special signs:

  • The most famous is that on this day, you must definitely lean out of the window with a gradebook and call a freebie. People passing by should answer: "Already on the way." If at least one person answers this way, the session will be able to pass.
  • Another sign of the student is to sketch out the image of a simple house on the last page of the test book. It should have a pipe on it. Smoke rising high is considered a symbol of easy study.
  • Set-off allows you to fulfill a desire. To do this, students climb with her as high as possible, turn to the sun and make a cherished desire.

In different cities, monuments promise good luck and a good session if you rub them in different places:

  • In St. Petersburg, this is the Bronze Horseman. To rub on luck you need a causal place on the horse.
  • In Moscow - "Border Guard with a Shepherd Dog". To the paws and nose, the dog was touched by the transcript, probably already a million times. At least today in the sun they shine simply dazzlingly.
  • Tula is famous for its lizard. At the monument "Khvostov.NET" it is presented without a tail, but with an offset. It is believed that students must hold the rest of the tail to successfully complete the session. You can protect your diploma if you rub your gradebook.
  • In Togliatti stroking the head of the "Hurrying student." This will allow you to pass all exams on time.

There are signs that do not allow you to do anything. So, if the exam falls on Tatyana’s day, you can’t re-read the material before passing it. If you do this, you can fail.

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