Nurse's Day 2020

International Nursing Day is celebrated annually in many countries around the world. This day is celebrated by a professional holiday by medical personnel, without which life in hospitals, clinics would have simply stood up. Every day, nurses come to the service of maintaining health in the operating, therapeutic, dental, cardiology departments. They give out medications, give injections, take tests, prepare patients for surgery. Someone estimated that 80% of all work in medical institutions falls on the nurse.

When will Nurse's Day be in 2020

The date when the Nursing Day is held is unchanged. Every year in May, the 12th, millions of owners of this difficult profession accept congratulations, gifts, participate in seminars and other events.

In 2020, the professional holiday Nurse's Day falls on Tuesday, May 12th.

Despite the fact that May 12 is the official date, this day, like all professional holidays, is not a day off. Not only that, many nurses will have to work that night, too. Nurse is one of the most humane professions in the whole world. Its owners spend days in clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, medical centers, saving people, helping them survive hard times. Nursing Day is a tribute to understanding the relevance and importance of the profession for modern society.

A bit of history

It is believed that the first nurses appeared in 1853, when, at the very beginning of the Crimean War, F. Nintingel created an organization of charity nurses. All those who wanted to provide assistance to doctors and provide care for the wounded could enter it. Because At that time, there was an opinion that women from birth possess the gift of mercy and the ability to provide assistance, they became sisters of mercy.

Sisters of mercy

However, the Crimean War is only a step in the history of the development of the profession. Historical data indicate that back in the 11th century in Europe, girls, women served at the church, helped children, women, and wounded. The first nun care seminars for patients began to be held in France in 1617. Then the expression "sister of mercy" appeared.

If we talk about Russia, the first mention of the profession appeared back in the time of Peter I. It was he who owned the decree, according to which the nuns were appointed to the hospital as sisters of mercy. Later, this decree was repealed by Catherine II. The sisters returned in 1860, when the surgeon M. Paltsev asked for help. After some time, the nurse became an indispensable staff in hospitals, which received wounded soldiers, and after the revolution, in newly organized medical facilities.

Holiday traditions

Despite its rich history, a day dedicated to nurses was officially established only in 1974. The first proposal for a holiday was announced in 1953, exactly 100 years after the organization of the first headquarters of the nurses of mercy. Celebrating it unofficially began in 1965. In Russia, Nursing Day has been celebrated since 1993.

Every year, the best nurse receives a medal as well as a prize to them. F. Nintingel. On one side of the coin is a woman carrying a lamp in her hand - a symbol of hope, light, good. On the other are the words of admiration for the care of the nurses. Every year, the International Council of Nursing voices a topic that will be devoted to conferences and special occasions. On holidays, seminars, forums, meetings are held. Owners of the profession are presented with pleasant surprises. Concerts and events are organized at which warm speeches are made.

Interesting Facts About Nurses

The profession is associated with many interesting facts and stories:

• In the capital of Great Britain, London, the Florence Nightingale Museum is open.

• Despite the fact that International Nurses Day is associated with the name Nightingale, an Englishwoman by birth, and celebrates it on her birthday, in England nurses are honored on May 21. This day is associated with the birthday of the reformer of the UK prison system - E. Fry.

• The founder of the nursing service placed on a hill above Balaklava, near Sevastopol, a white marble cross. It serves as a reminder of doctors, medical personnel, and all those soldiers who died during the Crimean War, which lasted three years - from 1853 to 1856.

• The nurse is also remembered in the monument on Mamaev Kurgan. It symbolizes respect for all those participants of the Second World War who gave their lives for the sake of victory.

• According to statistics, in Finland there are 2,162 nurses per 100,000 people. This is the largest indicator. The smallest is in Haiti. There are 5 nurses per 100,000 people.

• In the United States there are about three million medical nurses, while, unlike many countries, their salaries are quite high - 41,000 dollars. in year. Many have higher education.

• In many civilized countries, the duration of a nurse's shift cannot exceed ten hours a day. It is believed that a more intense schedule can harm the quality of her work and, ultimately, patients.

• According to statistics, more than 35% of all nurses are single mothers. Husbands are not satisfied with the hard work schedule of wives.