What to give for the New Year 2020: gift ideas

It is very nice to give gifts, even much nicer than receiving them! But choosing the right present is not an easy task. After all, you can present a person with a completely unnecessary thing, or even offend him by chance. The right gift is the key to a good mood for the whole coming year 2020 of the Rat. But how to get something valuable and not very expensive? What will children like? In general, there are many questions, it is worth trying to find answers to them.

New Year's gifts to a girl or boyfriend

New Year's Eve is a very romantic holiday, and it is worth buying special gifts for it. In order to please your loved one with cute tokens on New Year's Eve 2020, you need to think about what he loves.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is impractical to give very expensive presents, it is much more important to show imagination, surprise, and subdue with care. A creative idea should not meet the requirements of practicality, but is designed to evoke vivid emotions.

It is possible that these things will simply become an interior decoration, but will remind you of a joint celebration of the holiday.

Original gifts will be tickets to a concert of your favorite group, a subscription to a pair visit to the gym, a ticket to a sanatorium. Real gifts should be chosen from among souvenir T-shirts, trinkets, cups or other things with personal photos. You can pay for dance lessons, and go to them with the second half. It is very important for lovers to do everything together, therefore, acquisitions should provide relaxation for two. Board game is a good choice, it will help to get closer, invite friends to play. Particularly noteworthy are hand-made items. People who value practicality should take a closer look at useful gadgets.

What to give to children

Of course, kids are waiting for the New Year 2020 stronger than the rest! They expect gifts, like a fabulous miracle, and often write their wishes in advance. Caring parents will always familiarize themselves with the letter to Santa Claus in order to know exactly what their child dreams of. This is not a secret that the joint preparation of a holiday letter will bring pleasure, simplify the process of selecting joys for children. In the first place in the gift rating, as usual, are toys. For the smallest, dolls and cars are ideal, for those who are older - designers and sets, and for teenagers - tablets or smartphones.

If the boy is fond of collectible cars, he will be pleased with the completion of the collection. Fans of the girls' animated series will be delighted with the characters of the adored cartoon. But, if the toys will appreciate only the crumbs, then for middle-aged students it is worth buying goods for their interest category. For example, a scooter, laptop, game console. If the family does not have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on electronics, you should discuss this issue in advance. So that later the disappointed child does not cry over a set of felt-tip pens instead of a brand new telephone.

Husband or wife

The need to earn money does not give a man a chance to enjoy a hobby. But women have the strength to please their breadwinners for the New Year 2020, with pleasant trifles or devices connected precisely with their hobbies. If the missus is considered an avid fisherman, he will be inspired by fishing gear, spinning, a rubber boat or other fishing gear. The hunter will thank for a convenient hiking suit, binoculars, a set of skewers or beautiful glasses. A tourist should get a compass, a thermos, a tent or other tourist joys. The motorist will like things for the car: a new radio, a mirror with a DVR, a radar detector and others. The master man loves to repair, tinker, so he should put a set of tools, branded screwdrivers, a laser level under the Christmas tree.

It is important to make the celebration itself cozy and satisfying, then the gift for the New Year 2020 will be received more favorably.

Despite the years spent in marriage, the spouse needs to show how she is loved. You can surprise your wife with something creative, for example, her full-wall portrait. If a beauty has a hobby, really be puzzled by acquisitions for him. Does little wife love to embroider? Buy thread, new patterns for embroidery. Support culinary talent with cookbooks with rare recipes. Elite perfumes, branded accessories, unique items of clothing will be a generous gift. It is much more important for a wife to feel that she is valued. Therefore, cleaning the house, preparing a festive dinner, and other help will be more advantageous than the most expensive decorations.

Gifts for parents

Moms and dads do not expect expensive investments from children, they are more pleased to receive care and attention. If the whole family has not gathered together for a long time, it is rational to organize a general gathering, preferably in the form of a surprise. If parents have dreams of acquiring household appliances, you can chip in and purchase the coveted washing machine or food processor.

Do not give older people ultra-fashionable gadgets if they do not understand them! Modern pensioners can get involved in computers and know about the achievements of technological progress. But this must be known for sure. Medical devices or drugs should also be relevant. But it is not worth reminding of old age and ill health, otherwise the mood will be spoiled. It is more important to remind mom that she is a woman, and dad to inspire a brutal gift.

Choosing a gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend

The choice of friendly gifts for the New Year 2020 depends on several factors. First of all, how close are the relations between comrades? Does a friend have a sense of humor? Who does she or he work? Knowing all the features of life, it is possible not to lose with a gift. But you must observe the fine line that exists between friends. It is unnecessary to give anti-aging cosmetics, hinting at the abundance of wrinkles, the approach of old age. A girl should not give something romantic to a male friend unless a transition to love is planned instead of friendship.

Colleagues and business partners

New Year dictates the need to present colleagues, at least with small souvenirs or postcards. Otherwise, the atmosphere in the work team may become too serious. Fortunately, the symbol of the year - the Rat - will appear in stores in the form of figurines, figures, piggy banks. A good option would be stationery, elegant notebooks, stylish diaries, thematic calendars. Sweets with company symbols are a creative way to celebrate all employees.

Under the ban are any personal hygiene items, underwear, perfumes. Guessing preferences is almost impossible, allergies can occur, the aroma will not work.

Doing business with partners involves encouraging colleagues. But the status of the recipient must be emphasized with prestigious presents, and not cheap souvenirs. Let it be a branded pen, premium diary, solid alcohol. It is important not to cross the line, and remember: deals are made with this person, he is not a bosom buddy.

There is no such person who will not be delighted with a long-awaited gift. But dreams need to be clarified in advance, otherwise incidents are possible. If you correctly approach the issue of presentation, you can take relations to a new level, strengthen them. By inappropriate gift, on the contrary, everything is easy to destroy.

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