Writers and poets anniversaries of 2020

Any reader, literary critic at least once found himself on the fact that the work he reads affected his deepest feelings. There is an interest in the writer, his work. Gradually, the author becomes a true friend. His birthday turns into a date that cannot be missed, when it is important to remember the beloved author, to touch deeper into creativity, to learn something new. This article about writers and poets anniversaries of 2020, as well as the literary calendar, will help you not to forget about such days.

Anniversaries of Russian writers and poets

Like any calendar, literary begins in January. This month is rich in several anniversaries at once:

• January 2 marks exactly the century since the birth of the science fiction Isaac Asimov. The writer is famous for the stories "Three Laws of Robotics", "I, Robot."

• Literally after 2 days, lovers of A. S. Griboedov’s work will celebrate his 225th birthday.

• The famous master of stories A.P. Chekhov was born on January 17, 1860. In 2020, he will be 160.

February will be marked by anniversaries of various award-winning writers. Nobel laureate Boris Pasternak was born on February 10, 1890. The holder of the USSR State Prize, F. A. Abramov, on the 29th would be 100 years old. He is famous for trilogy "Sparrow."

On the International Women's Day, the centenary will be celebrated by the author of the stories of the war, I.F. Stadnyuk. Yu. M. Nagibin, who was born on April 3, 1920, would have overcome the century-old.

Rich in anniversary dates on May 24th. 80 would have been fulfilled by a surprisingly deep poet, whose work is permeated with loneliness, to I. A. Brodsky. Soviet writer M. A. Sholokhov was born on the same day, but 115 years ago.

Among the summer anniversaries:

  • In June 1910, A. T. Twardowski, the writer who introduced Vasily Terkin, was born. Literary scholars will celebrate the 110th anniversary of June 21.
  • Next month, L. A. Cassil will be the hero of the day. The creator who created the novel Conduit and Swabrania saw the world on July 10, 1905.
  • August will be marked by celebrations in honor of two other outstanding authors. A. Green was born on 23.08. Thanks to his work, romantics around the world are waiting for the appearance of a ship with red sails on the horizon. Arkady Strugatsky, who co-authored with his brother wrote "Stalker", "Picnic on the Sidelines", 08/28 will be 95.

Several Russian poets will immediately celebrate their anniversary in October 2020 .:

  • Nobel laureate, poet and prose writer I. A. Bunin, was born on October 10.
  • 15 years older than Sasha Cherny. The creator will celebrate 140 years on October 13.
  • On the 10th, S.A. Yesenin was born. The hero of the day who managed to describe in words the beauty of Russian nature will turn 125.

At the end of November, the 28th, fans of V. Blok's work will meet his 140th birthday. On the same day, K. Simonov will be the birthday person. The poet who created the unforgettable lines “Wait for me” would have been 105. The most famous Russian birthday of December is A. Fet. The poet will be 200 - 5 December.

Foreign writers-anniversaries in 2020

Round dates await many foreign writers:

• April 2, the French author of genre stories Emil Zola will turn 180 years old. On the same day, the famous novelist Daniel Defoe was born. The person who presented the readers of Robinson Crusoe will be 360.

• In the first summer month, it is impossible to miss the anniversaries of Thomas Mann and Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The deepest writer of the 20th century. T. Mann was born on June 6. He wrote the novel Buddenbrooks, Lotta in Weimar. Without another hero of the day, Antoine da Saint-Exupery, born on June 29, we would not know about the Little Prince. A terrific kind man traveled to different planets and finally came to Earth. During his wanderings, the reader begins to appreciate purity, friendship.

• At the end of summer, August 22, American science fiction writer Ray Bradbury came into this world. His "Martian Chronicles," "451 degrees Fahrenheit," led readers to another world. In 2020, lovers of the writer's work will celebrate his centenary.

• 09 was born the master of the detective genre - Agatha Christie. In 2020, the writer, who gave birth to more than 60 detectives, will be 130 years old.

• On the last day of November, the anniversary of the founder of American literature, Mark Twain. Since the birth of the person who gave the mischievous boy Tom Sawyer, exactly 185 will pass.

• December jubilee - author of "Kigi the Jungle". December 30, Rudyard Kipling will be 155.

Anniversary dates for modern prose writers

Many modern poets and writers will celebrate anniversaries in 2020. Among them:

• Gennady Kanevsky (02/11/1965) and Timur Kibirov (02/15/1955).

• Zakhar Prilepin, known for the novels “Sin,” “The Abode,” will be 45 July 7th.

• A beautiful date awaits on August 7, Vladimir Sorokin. Playwright and screenwriter will mark 55.

• In September, the anniversaries - Larisa Rubalskaya and Grigory Kruzhkov. Both will be 75. The poetess will receive a round date on the 24th.

Children's authors

Without storytellers and inventors, the world would be sadder.

• Fantasy by V. M. Garshin, born February 14, 1855, gave the world a “Travel Frog”

• In March, the birthday will be P. P. Ershov. Fans of the creativity of the man who invented The Humpbacked Horse will recall his works on March 6.

• The world became acquainted with the Little Mermaid, the ugly duckling, the snow queen thanks to the work of Hans Christian Andersen. The famous Danish writer will be 215 years old on April 2.

• Gianni Rodari, who turned the bulb into a boy, was born on October 23. In 2020, he would celebrate the hundredth anniversary.

Anniversary Events

The memory of recognized masters of the pen lives in the hearts of their admirers to this day. No matter how many years have passed from the date of their birth, events organized by fans remind of their life and work.

On the anniversary dates of poets and writers in 2020, will be held:

  • Meetings
  • Round tables;
  • Concerts in which poetry and prose passages are read by famous actors.

Modern life would have lost its depth, history, if it had lost the memory of great poets and prose writers. The authors of many great works in 2020 could celebrate anniversaries if human life were longer. However, the memory of them is alive, which means that the heroes of the day are also alive.

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